Sunday, March 29, 2015

Drawing My Female (Anime) Self

Here's something fun that I came across via a facebook post that appeared on my wall feed. I saw this image that syllabicates your name into something that sounds vaguely Japanese, so I decided to try it out using my first name.

I have two first names, so using them both would make the Japanese syllabication too long, so I just went with the first one, "CYMARK." When syllabicated using this table, it turns into Mifurin Kashime.

So my first thought when I did this was, "whoa! That kinda sounds like a cute girl's name... unfortunately, I am not a girl -- although I do have a rather deceptively boyish prepubescent face."

Anyway, I thought about taking this a step further and actually drawing myself as "Mifurin," so I took a pic of myself as reference.
Ok, not the most girly pose in the world, but it's a nice, neutral stance that I can work off of. Also, the accessories I have help me to create a female version of this outfit much easier. Anyway, here's the first sketch.
This sketch seemed ok, but I wanted to do something about the hair since it screamed too much "Nagato Yuki" from Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu to me. Anyway, as you can see, I gave Mifurin a skirt instead of the jogging pants that I'm wearing... coz I thought it'd be more girly that way.

And here's the final version of Mifurin complete with a character profile/bio. I decided to give her longer, frizzy hair to make her more girly. I also made her shoes match the outfit better. At first, I was thinking of giving her twin-tails and a shorter skirt with zettai ryouiki, but then I thought that wouldn't suit "me" in the least. I'm going with a simpler cel-shaded coloring style that doesn't rely on gradients these days. Here's a final pic with me and Mifurin side by side.

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