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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 484: My Summer Vacation (Is Over) -- Review And Synopsis

I approve of this cover... as well as the Hakuo summer uniform.
Synopsis: It's August 31st and it's the end of Summer Vacation. Nagi spends three pages lamenting this, which Maria does not fail to point out while breaking the 4th wall. We also get a nod to Heaven Is A Place On Earth.

Anyway, Hayate suggests that they make some summer memories and Maria and Nagi tag along.
Nagi is quite expressive.

Hayate's idea of a fun time is participating in some kind of big parfait eating promo from Cafe Donguri wherein the parfait is free if you can finish it all within 30 minutes. Up to two people can share in the parfait, so it's no big deal.
Maria breaking the 4th wall like a boss.
Inside the cafe, Ayumu informs them that since it's the last day, you also get a 500 yen coupon if you finish off the parfait by yourself. At this, Hayate quickly orders three parfaits, one for each of them.

The parfaits arrive and they are huge. Hamster starts the countdown. While Maria and Nagi discuss how good the parfait tastes, Hayate has already gulped down his share.

Maria asks Hayate for help and they look as if they're flirting with each other so Nagi gets agitated and points out that they're here so she can make summer memories.

Ayumu points out that there's only one minute left. Maria tells Hayate to finish her share off. Meanwhile, Nagi also asks for help with her share.

Hayate manages to finish off Maria's parfait, but Nagi's isn't even halfway done. Maria says that it made a good summer memory and that she'd take the 2000 yen cost out of Hayate's pay.
Hata sure loves dem triangle lips.
Nagi declares that it's time to find their next summer memory and so off they go. Ayumu bids them farewell but she can't help but be bothered by that scene between Hayate and Maria.

Review: A fun little chapter, but there's really nothing big going on here. It's worth noting though that it's similar in style to the camera episode, which was actually the precursor to the Mykonos Arc, so don't get too relaxed.
Clearly a nod to HIAPOE.
Also, Hayate pointing out that they'd been to Ayumu's countryside home is a clear nod to Heaven Is A Place On Earth -- although, I suppose Kayura's mere presence in this manga is enough to ensure the canon status of the movie.
Hmm... no. Just no.
Also worthy of note is that we get a little bit of Maria and Hayate shipteasing, but this time, it appears as if Hata might be setting up Maria to be a possible real rival for Hayate's affection if the . Not sure I like this development given how Maria hasn't really shown any particularly strong interest in Hayate.

Finally, it's a bit strange how Nagi's adventures with Ell-chan went seemingly unresolved as well as that cliffhanger with Hina from the previous chapter -- or perhaps it wasn't really a cliffhanger and we'll revisit at least one or both of these unresolved plot threads in later chapters.

Speculation Corner: I think we're finally heading into the final stretch of this manga if Hata is setting up Maria to become a truly significant character now. Furthermore, the new school term will be starting, which means that it could be a good time to re-introduce Hisui and Housen into the mix.

Fanart Corner: Made quite a lot of new fanart since this manga was absent last week. Check em out.

Drew this for 3/3

This is based on a description from Doughnut Gunso's facebook page.

Saving the best (girl :D) for last. Ain't she cutieful?

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