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Play The Games You Want To Play To-day!

Nowadays, many video game enthusiasts are more obsessed with building up a library of games to play instead of actually playing the game, which is kinda missing the point of being a gamer. In fact, I used to be one of these people. I remember back when the only console I had was a ps1 and after getting a taste of Final Fantasy VII, Grandia and Legend of Legaia, I set out on a self-imposed quest to collect all ps1 (English) jrpgs in existence.    The Collector’s Syndrome Before long, I had quite a lengthy list of titles, many of which, I didn’t even have time to play anymore. My collection of unfinished titles include such classics as Breath of Fire III and IV, Final Fantasy Anthology (V and VI), Arc The Lad Collection, Beyond the Beyond, Guardian’s Crusade, Wild Arms (finished 2 nd ignition) – and a few others whose titles escape my head at the moment. Of course, this is only as far as console gaming is concerned. I still remember when I first discovered SNES, Genesis, GBC

The Teacup Invititational SWR Tourney Has Begun!

The first Teacup Invitational SWR Tourney has officially started! The match-ups can be viewed here . Video replays along with the actual replay data will be posted here as soon as they are available.

The Fine Art of Spamming in SWR Part 1: Patchouli

Ok, don’t let the title fool you. This is all about spamming, but it’s hardly an art. In fact, this strategy is sure to annoy players who like to use flashy, flamboyant limit combo chains and tactical zoning combined with advanced techniques such as border escapes. Anyway, in preparation for the upcoming Teacup Invitational SWR Tourney which our little community will be hosting, I’m going to be doing a series of SWR-related articles. Today, we’re going to talk about spamming, specifically, spamming using Patchouli. There are many ways to spam in SWR and some of these spam tactics make for excellent additions to your zoning arsenal. As far as Patchouli is concerned however, it’s quite a simple affair to spam even against advanced players. Basically, Patchy’s spam flowchart in SWR goes something like this: Start of match = C (homing fireballs) Enemy knocked down = C Enemy in the air = C Enemy standing in front of you = C Enemy away = graze up and C Need I continue? Basically

The First Teacup Invitational SWR Tourney

I talked quite a bit about SWR in my last post. This was actually a teaser for The First Teacup Invitational SWR Tourney. This is basically just a little tourney among our rather insular group that rarely lets anyone else in. Click here to view the rules for the tourney. I'll be maining Sakuya and probably using Yuyuko or Yukari as my secondary characters. Expect quite a few more SWR-related post in the next few days. Note to participants: Don't start the matches until the tourney table is published here.

A Little Intro to Touhou - Specifically, SWR (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)

Have you ever played any of the games in the Touhou series by ZUN? If you haven’t, then maybe you should spend a little time attempting to rectify this void in your gaming experience as soon as possible. The Touhou games are basically advanced versions of traditional arcade shooters known as “danmaku” in Japan. The generally accepted subgenre of these types of games is “curtain-fire shooter.” As the name of the subgenre suggests, curtain-fire or danmaku shooters are shooting games with a large emphasis on fancy bullet dodging. As such, you may find that the bullets in Touhou games move quite slowly when compared to more conventional arcade shooters. If you think that these games are easy-peasy however, then you’re in for a huge shock. Here’s a video of a high-level playthrough of a typical Touhou game. (not mine, of course) Hmm… if you’re thinking something along the lines of, “this game is awesome!” – then you wouldn’t be the only one. Although the Touhou games have never achieved m