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My 4-Day Trip To Hong Kong: Day 3

The third day of our trip to Hong Kong was reserved for Ngong Ping and the cable car ride. We had seen some ads for the place on the way to HK Disneyland the day before and it was actually on the same route as HK Disneyland except instead of getting off at Sunny Bay on the Orange Line, we just had to take the Orange Line until the last station. Since we hadn’t visited the famous night markets yet, we also planned to stop by Mongkok, Jordan and the Shim Sha Tsui public markets on the way back. We also planned to go to Macau on the fourth and last day of our Hong Kong trip so we decided to spend the morning looking for the ferry harbor to Macau. I took a look at the map we had the night before and saw that it was actually just a few minutes away from the Chung King Mansion on foot. We set off at about 9:00 AM. Starting at the iSquare mall, we kept going forward or parallel to the mall and according to the map, we should just take a left turn when we couldn’t keep going forward

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 474: Kittens And Girls Are Cute -- Synopsis And Review

Aika is now officially the sexiest girl in the Hayateverse based on proportions Synopsis: We begin with Hayate asking for some advice from the love master, Aika. She doesn't believe Hayate would make such a straightforward declaration that he was becoming too popular at first, but he reveals that he had inadvertently made a girl fall in love with him. For some reason, Aika shows him a picture of her boyfriend and Hayate agrees that he is quite handsome. She continues her story and tells him about her trip to Tahiti with him wherein he never even once approached her -- in short, nothing happened on the trip except for him calling her "milady" for the entire trip. She also saw him happily speaking with a local girl. And you'd better not forget that, son! Done with her story, Aika tells Hayate that half-hearted kindness can earn great anger. We cut to a flashback with Hayate and Konoha together looking for a part-time job. She asks him if he is dating Ay

My 4-Day Trip To Hong Kong: Day 2

Day 2 of our Hong Kong excursion was reserved exclusively for Hong Kong Disneyland. I’d spent some time the night before looking at a physical map of the subway system to figure out how to get there. Of course, we were running a bit short on HKD due to the unforeseen expenses from the day before. Thankfully however, it was my sister who shouldered the ticket expenses for Disneyland. We’d also brought a few hundred USD with us in anticipation of the higher forex rates in Hong Kong when compared to the Philippines. We exchanged one 100 USD bill for 735 HKD and we were good to go. At this point, I’d already gotten used to the cool air in Hong Kong. First off, we had breakfast at around 9:00 AM at the Café De Coral inside the CKE mall, which was just beside the Chung King Mansion. It was a nice place with reasonably cheap prices. The menu mostly consisted of brunch-type meals including eggs, pancakes, ham, toast, spam, macaroni soup and a few other breakfast staples for about 20-26

My 4-Day Trip To Hong Kong: Day 1

My mother and I recently came back from a 4-day trip to Hong Kong. She celebrated her birthday on November 17 th there. We arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport about 30 minutes ahead of schedule – which was around 2:00 AM. The airport was rather big and noticeably, most of the advertising posters were in Chinese – that’s when it hit me that this was really Hong Kong. I also noticed the moving walkways/platforms that would become a normal part of the routine during our stay in Hong Kong. After going through the immigrations and customs check without a hitch, we had to decide what to do since the Marco Polo Hostel at East Shim Sha Tsui didn’t allow check-ins before 12:00 PM. We had a long wait ahead of us. We met by chance with a couple on vacation from Iloilo who were booked on the same flight as us. My mother had made small talk with them earlier during the pre-flight check-in. We learned that they were booked at Jordan just a few days ahead of schedule. An elde