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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 472: The Schemer Drowns In Her Schemes -- Review and Synopsis

Hata really loves this kind of pose, doesn't he?

Synopsis: We start off with the Hamster working her part-time job in Wataru's store. As the day ends, she notices that Saki watching over a sleeping Wataru makes them look like a married couple and wonders when they're getting married... and actually asks them. This startles the couple (lol!) and Wataru promptly changes the subject to Ayumu and the person she's in love with and then tells her to get out.
Just ask them directly, why dont'cha?

Ayumu returns to the Violet mansion and is greeted by a hard-working Hayate and his casual kindness as usual... but then she sees a grumpy Hina and wonders what's up. Athena simply states that Hayate is spreading the usual disease again... moments before Ayumu sees Konoha doing the laundry.
Looks like Hata still remembers that Wataru is alive.

She quickly asks Hayate who she is and Hayate explains that he's trying to find her a job because of circumstances. Ayumu realizes that she can't just let this one slide since she's already got enough competition from the other girls. She promises to find Konoha a job, which puts the other girl in tears since she's being so kind.
Konoha is the new Ruka -- Confirmed!

Hamster takes them to the area where Wataru's store is located and Hayate finds out she's in fact working for Wataru. Furthermore, Wataru is shocked to find out that Ayumu was in love with the indebted butler all along... which is a big reveal to everyone including Konoha.

Review: Well, it looks like Hata wasted no time at all in getting Konoha to interact with the other girls -- the whole Violet Mansion crew minus Nagi, in fact. 
Hina: Grrrr.... I ANGRY!

Honestly, I have no idea where this storyline is going, but at least it's clear that it's part of the main plot and not a one-off side story like the Segawa arc. 

I was amused at Hina's grumpy expression coupled with Athena's "ho-hum, here we go again" nonchalant reaction. These two really make a good foil for one another.
Hamster's beginning to doubt her ulterior motives right about now... She's too nice that way.

I'm all for Saki x Wataru, btw. Who cares about the age difference? I found it funny how straightforward Ayumu was and just asks them directly when they were getting married. 
LOL Ayumu's expression

As a side note, it's good to know that Hata still even remembers that Saki and Wataru exist.

On another note, today/yesterday is/was Hayate's birthday depending on your timezone. I did have some fanart lined up, but I haven't gotten around to drawing it yet. I might update this post later with the fanart.

So over-all, a rather amusing chapter that actually does advance the plot a bit. This is the first time that Wataru finds out who Ayumu's crush has been all this time after all. Of course, there's no telling if/how this bit of info will actually affect the main plot.

Speculation Corner: I got nothing. As I said though, I might update with fanart later.


  1. My guess is that ayumus crush on hayate is being made so hayate can stop pretending to be oblivious to it anymore, and make him outright talk about it.

    1. Someone else did mention that this week's chapter will include a sort of "silky heart" moment, so it might be Ayumu's indeed.


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