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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 471: That Is His Ability -- Synopsis and Review

Yeah, I still kinda prefer Maria's current design. It's a lot more anatomically sound despite being less detailed
Synopsis: So, Hayate wants to borrow 128,500 yen from Maria because as you might remember, he owes it to Makise Konoha for letting him have the key to deactivate the Super Mario-esque level inside of Mikado's deathtrap dungeon.

Maria is reluctant at first, but then agrees after hearing the whole story from Hayate. Nagi suddenly barges in and wants to play around a bit. She snatches the wallet containing the money from Maria and gets on top of a couch -- goading Maria and Hayate to come up there and get it. 

Hayate simply grabs her and Maria takes the money and gives it to Hayate since they're both serious, mature adults who don't have time to play around and all. Poor Nagi :*(

Aaanyway, Hayate goes off to Konoha's house (presumably, she gave him instructions to get there off-panel) and he finds what appears to be a dying old woman inside. He tries to help her out and eventually discovers that she's Konoha's mother and she's just 42... and has a thing for young men. Konoha's little brother Kanta comes in and instantly believes Konoha's mom's story that Hayate will become his new daddy.

Finally, Konoha comes in and tells them to knock it off. She and Hayate have a little chit-chat outside wherein Hayate reveals that they might have something in common -- naturally, this just serves to deepen Konoha's crush on him. 
Is it just me or did her twin tails get longer?
Of course, Kanta takes this opportunity to reveal to Hayate just how much of a crush his sister has on the indebted butler.
Hey! Hey! Watch where you're touching, Hayate... unless you mean it.
Anyway, Hayate offers to Konoha find a new job since it was all his fault that she lost her job with Mikado in the first place.

Review: Whoo boy! Looks like our butler boy is at it again. He's gone and triggered the Makise Konoha flag. I actually wouldn't have expected Hata to actually make use of Konoha again, but here she is back in this chapter.
Konoha flag triggered!
Anyway, we have no effin clue as to where this is going just yet, so let me just say that Nagi's appearance was my favorite part here... coz y'know, I'm a lolicon (that's why) and she was just so cute in this chapter despite the fact that she only appeared for a few brief panels as comedy relief.

Speculation corner: Okay, I'm calling it now: Konoha is the new Ruka. Yeah, given how she's been revealed to have a similar past with our indebted butler (according to Hayate himself), I doubt that we've seen the last of her. The only question would be whether it's going to become an epic arc just like Ruka's with Konoha interacting with the other characters or if it's just going to be a one-off mini-arc like the Segawa arc. In any case, I'm sure we'll still get bits and pieces of the main King's Jewels storyline as this arc progresses... with that said, looks like Hata's not sprinting towards the finish line just yet.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Suirenji Ruka

On another note, do you guys think Konoha will become a legitimate love rival for the other girls? Hayate has been known to be able to claim to "fall in love" quite easily after all (I'm looking at you, Ruka) and Konoha seems to be the type of cute girl (with matching breast size AKA "mature woman's charms*) that he thinks he's into. With that said, I'm also calling it now that whatever the case may be, this relationship isn't going to go anywhere, so don't get your hopes up. Nagi will win... or perhaps that one other ship that still hasn't been sunk or we shippers will hang Hata by his thumbs... right Nagi?
I wouldn't mind making a Hayate-themed VN if I had the free time for that nowadays

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  1. Oh yes! Cute Konoha will definitely become a new love interest, and she'll meet all the other girls that fell for Hayate, and a jealous Nagi! :*


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