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The Teacup SWR Tourney is on hold for a bit while the players are busy with real life... so here's a brief intermission. About a month or so ago, mikey posed an interesting question about the accessibility of games or at least the experience that comes with our particular brand of games, visual novels, for future audiences as technology continues to evolve and games made on older platforms become obsolete. The full discussion can be viewed here: My initial response to this question was colored by negativity due to my experiences with the myopic mods, admins and general elitists of the VN community and their army of yes men/women/dogs. Now, I'd like to present a real response to this question with this set of videos. Basically, doing "let's plays" of the visual novel you want to preserve. If it's multi-path or too long, do multiple videos. The advantage of this format is that it's much simpler than making