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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 524: Kiss of Murder -- Review and Synopsis

Couldn't get a screenshot of the raw cover, but this face is so much better to look at than that biyatch Hisui anyway. Synopsis: Hayate: Eh? You are? Hisui: Been a long time, pops. Have you been doing well? Mikado: You dun have to worry about that, Hisui. Hayate: 0_0 Hisui? So... Hayate has a little flashback to stuff Nagi and Sakuya said about Hisui. Hayate: So this kid is... ojou-sama's rival for the inheritance. Hatsushiba Hisui. More flashbacks about Sakuya sayin stuff about Hisui bein greedy and how she must be stopped. Hayate: But wait... that scar on her face. Hisui: Now then pops, you were talkin about having a problem deciding who would be the Sanzenin family fortune's successor? Of course, Nagi is the main successor to the inheritance. Blah blah some drama about not being interested in the inheritance does a cute little pose. Mikado: Stop it, Hisui. I won't let you take part in the Sanzenin Inheritance. Hisui, you're greedy -- therefore, you're not

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 523: Whom The Star Says -- Review and Synopsis

Doughnut Gunso noted in his previous review that the art style was changing again. He's correct. Also, Nagi looks really beautiful here. Like a slightly more mature version of her usual self and a lot more feminine/attractive. Amazing what a skilled manga artist can do with a half-body portrait style picture. Synopsis: Chiharu: Eh? This is pretty interesting. Nagi: Really? Chiharu: Yes, it's really interesting Nagi: You know, this is the first time I find you cute. Chiharu: Wait, whut? Chiharu: Oh fine, whatever. Anywayz, you'd better get started drawing this. I'll help out too. Chiharu: By the way, where's Ayasaki? Nagi: Ah, Hayate is... Scene switch to Mikado's mansion with Maria: (I skipped parts but...) Maria: Sorry, sorry...You ok, grandpa? Is your body doing well? Mikado: Ah, I'm so useless. Mikado: Could it be that I am about to be put out to pasture? (closest thing I can guess as to what he actually said) Maria: Hayate-kun, WTF is he talking

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 522: Serialization Break 11 Years. From Now On -- Review And Synopsis

Beautiful as always~ Synopsis: Nagi: Ika-chan is ending Talks with Chiharu for a while about it and how she is sad about it. Some breaking the 4th wall stuff about long serializations being hard. Also, we see Ashibashi sensei being used to illustrate this. Nagi goes on a monolgue about long serializations and the climax of the story and about how the ideal is Urusei Yatsura with the climax also being the ending. Chiharu: With that said... have you drawn any manga lately? Nagi: Ma-manga? Chiharu: Yeah, you said you'd submit one to Sunday Nagi: Ah yes... yes, I should draw, shouldn't I? Nagi: But ya see, I dun have any interesting ideas lately. We just came back from America yesterday after all. (Calendar shown... we're still at the final days of September) Chiharu reminds her that she's still got that competition with Ruka after ten years. Nagi: Yosh! I shall now devote myself to Ika-chan. Chiharu: That's devotion to selfishness, isn't it? She then goes off

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 521: The End Of The Long Journey -- Synopsis And Review

Today is Hina Geeky's birthday, so... happy birthday! You fictional character, you. Synopsis: Everyone's going home on the same plane and they talk about the happy memories they had during the trip. I couldn't care less what they're talking about.... especially with Aika and her butler-lover. Hina's afraid of planes as usual. Nagi talks about how fun the trip was and how they went to the Jungle and Las Vegas. Next up will be Hayate's birthday, her birthday and then... Christmas (big smile). Hayate: (sorta sad, meaningful smile). Everyone's asleep later on, Hayate and Hina have a short chat coz she can't sleep and stuff. Hina congratulates Hayate for being free now since he chose to be a butler all his own. She also says that this is going to be the start of his new life. Meanwhile, the masterminds behind the King's Jewels plots are placed into dramatic panelization (Mikado, Himegami effin AOI, and Mikoto Tachibana) LOL! Also, the nar