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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 523: Whom The Star Says -- Review and Synopsis

Doughnut Gunso noted in his previous review that the art style was changing again. He's correct. Also, Nagi looks really beautiful here. Like a slightly more mature version of her usual self and a lot more feminine/attractive. Amazing what a skilled manga artist can do with a half-body portrait style picture.
Synopsis: Chiharu: Eh? This is pretty interesting.

Nagi: Really?

Chiharu: Yes, it's really interesting

Nagi: You know, this is the first time I find you cute.

Chiharu: Wait, whut?

Chiharu: Oh fine, whatever. Anywayz, you'd better get started drawing this. I'll help out too.

Chiharu: By the way, where's Ayasaki?

Nagi: Ah, Hayate is...

Scene switch to Mikado's mansion with Maria:

(I skipped parts but...)

Maria: Sorry, sorry...You ok, grandpa? Is your body doing well?

Mikado: Ah, I'm so useless.

Mikado: Could it be that I am about to be put out to pasture? (closest thing I can guess as to what he actually said)

Maria: Hayate-kun, WTF is he talking about?

Hayate: Eh well, it's very popular. It's from Sayou-san's Radio show.

Maria: Anywayz, he's fine, right?

Hayate: Yeah, more or less.

Mikado: I am not fine! There's nothing interesting to do here!

Maria: Really! Making me worry and all. Screw this guy and his dramatics. Let's go home, Hayate-kun.

Hayate: Ah, okay.

Mikado: WAIT! A little bit more! Worry about me a little bit more, will you?

Hayate: But really, the Sanzen'in house is really amazing.

Maria: Is that so?

Hayate: Yes, there's tons of maids and butlers and lots of work to be done for everyone.

Hayate: By the way, are all these people really necessary?

Maria: Dunno, but the Sanzen'in family really is big. (proceeds to tell im all about the rich, rich Sanzen'in clan)

Hayate: And Ojou-sama is the heiress to all of these?

Maria: It shall be so.

Hayate: Thinks of the three King's Jewels he has.

Hayate: Sorry, but I have something to talk to with Oji-sama, k?

Maria: awright, sure thing.

Maria: Looks like I'll be eating dinner alone.


Mansion Staff: But however...

Mansion Staff: gossiping

Mansion Staff: Hurry up! We don't have much time!

Maria: ?

Hayate: Oji-sama, got somethin to talk to ya about.

Mikado: fu...I thought it was about time you arrived.

Mikado: You wanna talk about Yukarin from now on, right?

Hayate: Er.. nope

Mikado: WHAT?

Hayate: Actually, I want to talk to you about the inheritance and the final game.

Hayate: Will you indulge me?

Mikado: Fine, let's talk.

Hayate: This place is...

Mikado: Basically, this is the control room of all the Sanzen'in family's assets.

All the assets from the Sanzen'in house are controlled here!

And this... is my last will and testament. (Scroll and pen inside some locked lid)

All the Sanzen'in's assets will be transferred through this item with my consent.

Like if you were to write your name here, all the Sanzen'in's assets would be transferred to you.

Hayate: but the key?

Mikado: Right, without the key, this container can never be opened.

Therefore, the key to this lid is what's at stake in the final game.

To become the Sanzen'in family's successor.

Hayate: But why go through all this? Ojou-sama's inheritance is at stake.

Someone who is probably Sakuya: Oya oya... you were here in this place, pops?

Whoops! Wrong guess! It's  teh final boss!

Hisui Hatsushiba and her battle maid appear.

Hisui: To think we'd meet here of all places.

Hayate: You are...

Housen: Ara ara... long time no see, Ayasaki-kun.

Hisui: >) WTF, Housen... you've met?

Housen: Yup, this is Nagi ojou-sama's butler.

Hisui: Oh, so you're... Himegami's REPLACEMENT?

Review: Well, I was bracing myself for a big reveal and some bombs going off, but no dice.

This chapter was all about the Sanzen'in family subplot and Mikado's ongoing game for his own amusement (probably has some kinda DEEEP reason for it) regarding the Sanzen'in family's inheritance... 

Also, I don't get why Hayate's involving himself in this. Clearly, Nagi is not interested in the inheritance and she's financially capable enough to take care of herself without it... sure, she's a little helpless with housework, but that's where YOU come in, Ayasaki-kun.

Anywayz, so after 30 years, we finally know what Hisui Hatsushiba looks like. She doesn't seem to bear a family resemblance with Jenny and it looks like my drawing from 1-2 years ago wasn't too far off. OBSERVE!

Dat scar, though.

Close enough, I'd say... given that we've only seen her from the side and behind until now.

Although Hata's design comes with a scar and speaks of all kinds of "EVIL BITCH."

Anyway, so-so chapter. At least Nagi's happy for now and Chiharu doesn't seem to suspect a thing.

Also, Hayate's forestalling his moment of reflecting on his relationship with Nagi yet again... I hate that. You know what? If only Nagi wouldn't be unhappy, Hayate should totally get the forever alone with his debt ending. He totally deserves it after inadvertently leading everyone on throughout this manga.

Well, I don't really hate Hayate.. THAT MUCH... but he has to stop being so effin ambiguous and indecisive. Nagi's no longer even a tsundere around him, why is he still such a vague little depressed emo kid?

Also, he should really stop involving himself in this King's Jewel's business. It's not good for him, not good for Nagi and definitely bad news for everyone around him... oh wait, except some ringlet curls blonde who will apparently be the end girl because people did not read the end of her arc and the follow-up in Wataru's mini-chapter where he confesses to Isumi.

So anyway, not enough info to speculate on anything for now. I'm just waiting to see what Hayate does now that he understands Nagi's feelings for him... or I hope he does.

Fanart Corner: Got two, actually, but the other one needs some digitizing. Anywayz, the colored one is based on Orca Toys' Nagi Sanzenin Cat version and dayuum! She's cute and sexy in this figure. Can't wait for my preorder to arrive. AUGUST! GET HERE SOONER!
Proportions are a bit different from the figure, but I think I got her best assets just right, if ya know what I mean.
I'll definitely color this one. Got the urge to draw it while playing Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection.



  1. The new art style is definitely better around the eyes and more detailed.
    Nagi's manga might be very decent as Chiharu also approves it. her manga has basic plot of every romantic story, but, I will add that, it is not essentially a bad thing if she can present it properly. Her new manga also reflects on her character growth, she sees faults in her approach and has the audacity to change it.
    But Hayate on the other hand, has shoved her inadvertent confession in far reaches of his memory,and for the time being wants to focus on the sanzenin inheritance.He may deal with the whole thing after the bomb goes off and that is not so far off. I still feel we will have a time skip, there are a lot of days left, it is still October.
    finally Hisui's debut.
    fan art looks nice. the wings suit her present pursuit of becoming a better mangaka.

    1. I'm a bit disappointd that Hayate's not taking Nagi's feelings as seriously as he should be, but he's still got time to rectify himself.

      Meanwhile, I'm also worried that Nagi's just going to be going the "I'm drawing manga" route throughout most of this arc while Hayate fumbles around with King's Jewels business. I think it's high time that Nagi got involved a lot more in the supernatural side of things.

  2. I did take a quick glance at the raw. Looking forward to reading the chapter. I'll have to pay attention closer to the art.

    1. One thing I noticed is that Nagi looks a bit more slender and a lot more mature than usual. Her face is slightly more oval-shaped and more reminiscent of Hata's original art style from 11 years ago. Of course, the hair is still simplified/streamlined, but it looks great IMO. I could get used to this... well, I suppose I like looking at Nagi no matter how Hata chooses to draw her anyway, so moot point. :P


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