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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 524: Kiss of Murder -- Review and Synopsis

Couldn't get a screenshot of the raw cover, but this face is so much better to look at than that biyatch Hisui anyway.
Synopsis: Hayate: Eh? You are?

Hisui: Been a long time, pops. Have you been doing well?

Mikado: You dun have to worry about that, Hisui.

Hayate: 0_0 Hisui? So...

Hayate has a little flashback to stuff Nagi and Sakuya said about Hisui.

Hayate: So this kid is... ojou-sama's rival for the inheritance. Hatsushiba Hisui.

More flashbacks about Sakuya sayin stuff about Hisui bein greedy and how she must be stopped.

Hayate: But wait... that scar on her face.

Hisui: Now then pops, you were talkin about having a problem deciding who would be the Sanzenin family fortune's successor?

Of course, Nagi is the main successor to the inheritance. Blah blah some drama about not being interested in the inheritance does a cute little pose.

Mikado: Stop it, Hisui. I won't let you take part in the Sanzenin Inheritance. Hisui, you're greedy -- therefore, you're not worthy to possess this power.

Also, Mikado is damn short.

Mikado: This is why I have decided not to pass the inheritance onto you.

Mikado: If you understand this, then GTFO now, biyatch!

Hisui: Izzat so? THen... (grabs a sword from the room decors)

Hisui: Why don't you just die right now?

Actually swings the sword at Mikado (fudge... this biyatch means business)

Hayate: *Parries the sword with considerable effort* Hey, you'v done enough, right?

Hisui: Heh, fine...

Hisui: I just have to get the key and write my name on this will, right?

Hisui: See ya later, pops.

Hayate: Ya awright, pops? (Notices that his sword is still virbrating)

Hayate: Just now, that kid was really trying to...

Mikado: Something about the power of the inheritance being a threat to the world blah blah

Mikado: That's why you should definitely watch out, Hayate Ayasaki. Their eyes are on you. She is the worst kind of woman.

Hayate reflects a bit about how he knows how money makes people evil, but this person he senses... (referring to Hisui)

Hayate: I'm home!

Nagi: Welcome back, Hayate. That storyboard isn't quite done yet but..

Nagi: What's with that face? You hungry?

Hayate: No, it's nothing.

Hayate: (thinking to himself) I'll protect ojou-sama's future... even at the cost of my own life.

Ok, so just in case you don't get it yet because Mikado and the flashbacks can't get enough of repeating it, Hisui is apparently very greedy and that's a bad thing. Also, she's quite violent. She swung that sword with real killing intent to the point that even mister omnipotent combat butler was shaken by it.

Anywayz... SCREW YOU, AYASAKI!? Protect her future? The only future she cares about is the future that involves you. She doesn't need her effin inheritance and she certainly doesn't need to get involved in this little family feud.

Why aren't you reflecting on her inadvertent confession, man? Reflect on it nao! REFLECT! Or better yet, just take a good long look at her and realize just how beautiful she is inside and out, you IDIOT!

Ok... rant aside, this is a setup chapter for something that I have no idea where it's going. I just want Hayate to stop forestalling and tell us how he feels about Nagi's confession already.

Also, why does he think that protecting Nagi's future = winning her inheritance? BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! BAKA! (Listen to that in teh Rie's voice.)

Lastly, Nagi looks so angelic in contrast to Hisui. I think I'm likin Hisui's character already~

Fanart: No speculation for you. Have some fanart instead. Still haven't finished some of these. I also included a video of me showing you how to draw a grumpy Nagi easily btw.

Guess which game I've been playing recently.

Still need to add angel wings and color this.


  1. Hisui is quite similar to how she was described by Saku. the scar and sword swinging makes her more intense.
    Hayate is being ignorant. I did not expect much from him either. I mean he was not sure if Athena was his girlfriend; a girl he kissed over 500 times. I guess he will reflect on his feelings when Nagi finds out about this, and he is left with no other options.

    1. Good call... I guess he's waiting for someone else to break Nagi's heart for him so that then he'll finally start thinking about what she said through her manga.

      But dammit! I hate how he's so obsessed with the inheritance. I'm hoping Nagi doesn't become the heirress eventually. I mean, Hayate himself seems to understand how money is the root of evil here and yet he wants to win Nagi a whole lot of money. WHY, AYASAKI!? WAAAIIII?

    2. Hayate being so hung up on getting Nagi her inheritance, may have to do with the life he has led so far. He wants to ensure Nagi's financial security. It is a noble thought, but it should not have been his top priority.

    3. That's true. Still, it seems as if he's not even taking her feelings seriously if he can just set her confession aside in favor of his apparent obsession with that inheritance. I know he thinks that Nagi is a kid, but she wrote her honest feelings into that piece and she deserves to at least get noticed by him after all this time.

      Anyway, Ayasaki rant aside, people (including myself) have been saying that Hisui is an evil Nagi for years and I think this chapter serves to highlight that since we just saw Hisui being ultra-violent and apparently quite evil and then we get a panel of Nagi's innocent-looking, angelic face greeting Hayate afterwards. I'm liking the contrast and perhaps Hata actually intended that.


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