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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 566: What A Wonderful World 18 -- Beyond The Time -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hayate confronts dream Maria and his feelings overflow and he starts crying --- his feelings of sadness and a little bit of blame over Maria's sudden departure that led to Nagi's depression that is.

Anywayz, dream Maria tells him that things can never go back to the way they were no matter who helps him anyway. She gives him the letter that Nagi never opened and then tells him to give her a wallet as a birthday present -- a really expensive one and that she'll find him no matter where he goes just to get said wallet.

Hayate thanks her and rushes off to where Nagi is.

They have a conversation wherein Hayate first makes her a crown of flowers and then he finally tells Nagi about the circumstances behind the misunderstanding. Hayate is all calm while Nagi gets really angry. She tells him that this illusion is better and that even Hayate can make a wish because he has a stone too. He says that ok, he'd make a wish that would make him happy.

Mai waifu was extremely beautiful this chapter.

His wish is to undo Nagi's wish. He gives her Maria's letter, which is actually the picture of the three of them from chapter 177, I think. On the back of the picture are the words: "eternity is here." He then tells her that even though it was all a misunderstanding, the days they spent together, the feelings they experienced in that one year was not all a misunderstanding so she shouldn't replace them with an illusion. He then points at the king's jewel which he hid in her crown of flowers and asks her if she's ready to go home. 

Nagi agrees but they only have one king's jewel -- which Hayate was well-aware of. Isumi snatches Nagi away to safety but Hayate is left behind smiling. He remarks that he has no regrets because in the end, he was able to protect Nagi. The chapter ends there.

You'll notice that there's no transcript this time... well, that's coz the spoilers had just about everything and I just scanlated everything here ya go: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b1y7bcqb18473bc/566+spoilers.zip

Wait for DKThias scanlations for professional quality and accuracy... they should be out soon together with 565 anyway, I think... but if you can't wait... have fun~

Review: You know, prior to reading the full chapter, I'd written a few paragraphs on why Maria can't win... but this chapter just did a better job at that than I ever could. Karma for the 4chan trolls/pseudo Maria shippers who are probably just bitter coz their actual ships already sunk. Who's Hayate's savior again?

Anyway, I only have a few things to say about this chapter:

On Hayate's Wish

Hayate took back Nagi's wish with his own. Basically, he's saying that his happiness is taking Nagi away from her dream world where there is a dream Hayate who loves her romantically -- why? Is he saying that his so-called "platonic love" for her is better than the romantic love that dream Hayate can give her? Well, whatever... we don't know the full answer to this yet. He can't plan on living on together with her as her butler in a sibling-type relationship -- that's for sure.

What a Wonderful World

I don't think Hata chose this specific title for the Finale just because it's a nice song.

Remember that young Hayate couldn't save young Athena 10 years ago -- that scenario was called "End of the World."

However, stronger, more mature Hayate was here for Nagi -- a girl who was put in a similar situation to Athena. Truly, it's "What A Wonderful World."

What I Didn't Like
Well, the one thing I didn't like was how Hayate managed to convince Nagi to come back home with him while still not being definite about what he really feels for her. I mean, so what if they had spent those days together and it wasn't a lie? What does that imply for the future? Nothing... we don't know. Sigh... oh well, let us be patient and see what happens next. 2 chapters to go. See ya next week.

Sorry, no fanart for this week. I do have one that I wanna show you... but I'm saving it for the finale.


  1. I just read Hata's blog... and this puts a huge smile on my face~

  2. Why? What he said?

  3. Assuming that Hayate needs help getting out of this alive -- the one in the best position to help him out would actually be Hisui.

  4. Thank you for the synopsis. So it seems like Hata is rushing up the remaining plot points which makes ojo-sama accepting the reality over the illusion really fast.

    Was actually expecting this to be Maria-centric chapter like hamster did but yeah

    1. It's all good.

      Here's what Hata said on his blog. (ran it through google translate coz I'm lazy... but it's very positive for our ship)

      For Hayate's last choice
      Both the castle and the structure of the castle were born.

      I have been thinking forever.
      One year since I met a girl,
      Finally the boy can choose, and.

      Immediately after starting this series of cartoons
      At the end of the story
      The boy would say to the girl
      There are words that I had assumed.

      I finally finished this week
      I was able to draw.

      "There is not what I want,"
      There are things I do not want to lose. "

      Piled up
      Thinking of important days
      Surely a boy says.

      And when you say it with a smile
      Surely a boy will choose.

      Hayate the combat butler! What's
      That's it.

      For someone,
      I can do something.

      Such a story
      It took nearly 13 years
      I drew it.

      Two remaining talks.
      What is there next to that choice?

      Please keep company with me until the end.
      Well then.

    2. >Please keep company with me until the end.
      Well then.

      Considering we wasted a decade of our lives with this series, obviously we will accompany you till "End of The World"

    3. I like what he said there though. It gives Hayate's words to Nagi in this chapter a lot more impact. The boy has made his choice... now it's just a matter of knowing where that choice leads to.

    4. Considering the amount of foreshadowing he made from way back in the first chapter, he already planned it out in the long run

  5. Literally no other ship remains. There's a lot of platform for hayate x nagi. It's very nerve racking because hayate now reems resolute but we only can guess the direction his decision will take. Now onto the next chapter. At least this chapter didn't set sail the Maria ship that never actually existed.

    1. Believe! Hata won't betray us... and we still haven't seen Nagi's redemption and shining moment of awesome in this chapter. He hasn't even talked about Nagi yet in his backstage.

  6. i hope 3 more chapter are worth of Hayate x Nagi

    1. We've only got two left, actually. But this is ok, This means there's no room for anyone else except Hayate and Nagi... and maybe Hisui escaping from the RG collapse and Yukariko helping out Hayate somehow.

    2. it's 3 y'know. still wait for 567,568,569 xD
      if there's a time skip after chapter 566, i'll be glad cause i want to know what Nagi look like when she grew up

    3. The series has been announced to end on april 12. There's only two left. Check the countdown playback: https://www.sunday-webry.com/events/201703hayatenogotoku/ Check Maria's pic.

    4. oooh i didn't know xDD

      i hope 2 more chapters are worth of both of them

  7. I thought maria had been excluded from the harem after hiapoe,where she could not play nagi's role in hayate's life. This shows nagi is far different even from maria. Hayate had a crush on her from his very childhood and declared her to be more beautiful than atan. Though they went to pseudo-dates few times, their relationship never turned that way. She always advised hayate, protected from the whimsical orders of nagi and sometimes even rebuked him. She was a guarden for him.
    If you mix blue and yellow light, it will become white, as those are complementary colours. And here, blue is the colour of hayate's hair and yellow is athena and nagi's. Athena is his PAST, so nagi is most suitable for him now.
    Nagi was with him in the worst position of his life, without even knowing who he was. She restored the humanity inside him. So through protecting her, to me, he also protects his hope and humanity. Maybe that's why his choice is important.
    While the possibility of their separation arrived, hayate always had chances of brighter future while nagi had the only option to go back where she was before the christmas. So nagi understood well about the meaning of loosing him while he had a vague idea before the path opened. But noticably, he still rejected each chance gladly and prefered to be with her. Probably now he has the clearest idea about the importance of life-enderchan and mask-the-money.
    And words are insufficient to describe their bonds ,as nagi said after breaking the king's jewel. Their meeting after bidding farewell to ruka too, was so spontaneous and normal that it seemed to be predestined. I thought through their conversation back then,nagi could convey a hidden message of trust and sympathy to him which cheered him up. That may be the case this time too. Their trust and bond are beyond misunderstanding. Although hayate still did not gave the name 'love' to that relationship, no doubt it is treasured by both of them.

    1. Very well said. I think their hair colors aren't that important though. I mean, there are all kinds of hints that they complement each other and were basically made for each other not including their hair colors.

      And yeah, they really treasure their bond/relationship even if it hasn't been labeled as "love" just yet. But if this bond holds firm and they stay together -- then it can only lead to love anyway.

  8. Oh my godd!! This is the first time im seeing a Hayate×Nagi Shippers!! You know? Cause my friends is all about Hina is gonna win. Hina is the perfect waifu. Hina is our princess. Maria can win too because she is sweet. Ayumu win cause it's her love since a long time.


    But finnaly i found your blog and here we are. Reading all the spoilers. You know i never be this excited to wait a shonen manga after the disappointment from BLEACH. Ya ya ya.. but, i had a ray of light for nagi!! GANBATTEEE NAGI-CHANN IM HERE!!

    Im becoming hayate no gotoku lovers when i was in 4 grade and now im in 2 year of highschool. Time sure flies.

    And you know? My first love is Nagi chan!! Because she is so cute and so relateable. LoL

    And btw, where can i send my fanart for cutie nagi and hayate??

    Thanks 😀😀😀 (sorry for my bad terrieble english because of excitment)

    1. Welcome! And glad to see another Nagi shipper. Just no negativity for the other ships or negativity in general in the comments, please.

      Anyway, as for your fanart, Hata Kenjiro himself loves to see illustrations from fans. You should tweet it to him here: https://twitter.com/hatakenjiro

      Also, send me an email at lordcloudx at gmail dot com if you want to join our group chat on FB.

    2. What's your FB?? 😊😊

      Sorry i was so raged all along LOL 😄

      Okay, is he still taking all the fanart??

    3. I can't tell you my FB publicly so send me an email at lordcloudx at gmail dot com.

  9. "He then tells her that even though it was all a misunderstanding, the days they spent together, the feelings they experienced in that one year was not all a misunderstanding so she shouldn't replace them with an illusion."

    Reminds me of Shinkenger :)

  10. is there a web of some fan art short doujin about Hayate and Nagi? haha xD

    i already open pixiv but there's not many of them

    oh yeah, sometimes i found some of your fanart xDD

    1. Pixiv is just about the only place I know of. I wish there were more, but our ship isn't that popular... and unfairly hated in the English speaking circles

  11. are chapter 567 spoilers already out?


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