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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 479: Rice Is A Side Dish -- Review and Synopsis

Nagi cover strike 2 this week.
Synopsis: It's a Fumi and Sharna chapter this week. On her path to becoming a "lifesaver" as per the Ikusa chapters, Fumi decides that she needs a robot assistant to help her, which means Hata has probably been watching Big Hero 6... which would not be too surprising given the Godzilla references a few chapters ago just when the film was showing on the big screen. 

Anyway, they run into Makimura-sensei and Eight who are on their way to Starbucks for some Latte. Fumi asks her to make her a robot assistant just like Eight. After buying her latte, Fumi and Sharna are taken back to Makimura-sensei's lab where she asks Fumi what kind of robot she's thinking of.

Fumi says that she wants a robot who can fly and that she can ride on top of. Makimura shows her a fat guy robot, which Fumi instantly rejects. She also says she wants a robot who can do karate chops and roundhouse kicks as a finisher and again, Makimura-sensei says that fat guy robot can do all those. 

Of course, Fumi refuses to take the fat robot, so Makimura shows her a prototype robot that looks like a Star Wars droid. She says it looks a little plain, so Makimura shows her the female version, which looks like a twin-tailed girl in a bunny suit minus the bunny ears and tail.
Umm... is this where I say, "based Makimura-sensei?"
Fumi says she's kind of lewd and Makimura adds that she can do lewd things as well. However, she can't fly or do karate chops since she's a girl. She's not quite the robot that Fumi wants, therefore, Makimura says that she'll just scrap her because she runs out of space if she doesn't scrap her creations quickly.
Makimura-sensei is rather sadistic.
After which, she scraps the prototype by crushing it to bits just like that. The lewd-girl robot grabs Fumi's shoulders with a "don't let her scrap me" look on her face, so Fumi reluctantly agrees to take her.
More "cute" than "lewd," really, although the two aren't mutually exclusive.
The robot doesn't have a name, so Makimura says that she's L-chan for lewd. Fumi says that she won't be lewd, but she will call her Elle-chan instead.

Outside of Makimura's lab, Fumi asks Elle-chan what she can do and she says that she can eat lots of rice and implies that she's hungry. Fumi whines to Sharna that the robot is trying to extort food from them and Sharna calmly replies that she wanted to be a lifesaver anyway, so there's someone who needs her help right in front of her.

Fumi can't argue with Sharna's logic and agrees to get Elle-chan some food -- at that, Elle-chan wastes no time asking for a sea-urchin and salmon roe bowl on sasanshiki rice.

Review: Nagi cover is deceptive, but oh well... this was a pretty enjoyable Fumi and Sharna chapter.
Dem reactions... lol!
Flying part aside, I'm pretty sure that Fumi's perfect "care robot" would be Katsura-sensei. I'm pretty sure if you pay her the right amount that she'll Zamnato everything (FFX reference).

Not much else to say about it, but it does have me wondering if Elle-chan will become a recurring character in this manga given the number of already underused characters that Hata has introduced so far.

No fanart nor speculations for this week, but I'll try to make up for it in the succeeding chapters. For now, allow me to repost an old piece... make of it what you will.

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  1. "Not much else to say about it, but it does have me wondering if Elle-chan will become a recurring character in this manga given the number of already underused characters that Hata has introduced so far."

    I suspect this will be the case.


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