Friday, July 10, 2015

Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 500: You Can Make Another Anime If You Want -- Synopsis And Review

That's the way it's done, Hata!
Synopsis: This chapter is all about indulging Nagi and finally showing her manga like Hata promised her.

Anyway, she shows a new manga starring Britney called "Love Important." I can't make sense of the story at all. It's all about Britney from Magical Destroy who lives in a castle and then she encounters someone who looks like Maria who talks about peppers and then Britney sees a cursed laptop and talks about Katanas? Then she encounters someone who looks like Chiharu and they have a little conversation and the Chiharu character says that she likes Katanas and then Britney decides to make some vague yaoi reference

Everyone else's faces look too long with the exception of Nagi
Chiharu then smacks Nagi on the head and they have a little argument about the manga. Maria says that this was a pointless chapter, but Hayate says that such a story is also important. End of chapter.

Hata sure loves those triangle lips.
Review: I actually read the Japanese raws first and didn't bother adjusting my review for the English release... so pardon any inconsistencies in the synopsis.
Ah! What a glorious, Nagi-tastic chapter this was! That's more like it, Hata! It should be all Nagi all the time!
Surely I can't be the only one who finds this pic of Nagi sexier than the magazine cover, right?
Anyway, while this does nothing to advance the plot, I'm just happy to see lots of Nagi in it -- oh and she looks great in that school swimsuit, by the way.

I was amused to see her reaction to Sore Ga Seiyu's anime and her lackluster response to the 500th chapter release.

Nothing to review here, unfortunately. Nagi's manga is still as incoherent as ever and she should really stop using Britney.

With that said, it seems volume 45 of the manga comes with Nagi's practice manga -- Good. Also, Hata will apparently be launching a new series that will run alongside Hayate no Gotoku! Not sure if I'm really all that interested, to be honest. No Nagi no like.

Also, it seems the level 5 competition is coming to an end soon. This should be interesting. I'm expecting a lot of things to happen, but I won't say anything about it here yet, or I might jinx it. Truth be told, my luck is just as bad as Hayate's.

A little note on the art, I still don't like the elongated faces, but Nagi looks just fine because of her child-like facial proportions. Also, anyone noticed that Nagi's not looking so flat anymore in that magazine cover? Anyway, next chapter will be out on the 22nd, so watch out for that!

Fanart Corner: Ah, got quite a few today. Some sketches and one complete CG. First off though, senpai noticed me! I got a reply from Hata on twitter. It's not much, really, but I have to admit that it's a great feeling to be acknowledged by someone whose work you admire.

I still plan to line and color Supergirl Nagi there.
Next up, this one is related to real life. I've started graduate school recently because of REASONS. Anyway, I'm using a sketchbook instead of a regular notebook so there's a sketch of Nagi on every page. 


Finally, this is the crossover sketch from last week featuring Nagi x Keima and Hayate x Haqua. I've made a few errors here and there and the shadows could use a lot more work, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it looks over-all. I changed Hayate's expression a bit.
Also, I'm very envious of Keima right about now.

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