Just Some New Art - You've Probably Seen These On Twitter

 Yeah, I usually post on my twitter (@violent_cloud) or PIXIV (lordcloudx) account first. Anyway, here are some new digital pieces from me.

Frankly, I'm quite proud of the wetness of the bikini on Nagi's DAT ass

This is the entire pic. It's a redo of an older CG

This one was rendered for Valentine's Day. Pretty simple stuff.

Chinese New Year thing. Detail shots included.


  1. Jaded can you please send me a link of Mystic Arts game by Compile(Now Compile Heart)?,we are waiting for that obscure Disc Station Game for a very long time!!!

    1. I don't have a copy of it anymore. Try searching for the game on youtube. Somebody has a playthrough of it as well as an upload.


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