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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 527: The Clutz Way of Thinking Or Something Similar -- Review and Synopis

A cute idiot... still an idiot.... also still cute.

Synopsis: So the search for the... err... Loto Key? begins.

We start with Izumi already lost.

We go to a little flashback just before everyone went into the Clock Tower. Hina remarks that it looks like a dungeon.
Nagi says that it looks like (the hard level?) tower

Anywayz, Nagi says that you could easily get lost in here so Hayate warns everyone to be careful (lol foreshadowing)

At this point, we check back in with Izumi who just conveniently got herself lost by straying off by herself.

Anywayz, she tries various ditzy things like crying out for help.

She then decides to look for the exit... and conveniently runs past an exit sign.

Back to Hayate's party, Hina remarks that it would be a lot of work looking for the key inside this place. Miki and Risa agree. Nagi remarks that this is a game so perhaps it's still too early...

Yukiji says that you'd usually move in after you get a hint from a villager.

They then all decide to regroup and think of strategy... in a family restaurant or go for ramen.

By the way, they left Izumi behind who is wondering if everyone is ok right now while getting cold and hungry (you so cold, minna-san)

Anywayz, she cheers up thinking that someone will come to rescue her eventually.

She tries to reassure herself that while it's dark, this is still the school... what can happen?

Suddenly, she spots a skull next to her... and proceeds to panic while screaming her fool head off.

Outside, Miki and Risa talk about how the old schoolhouse is a psychic spot and full of old ghost stories.

Back to Izumi, she's just abou recovered her wits and she decides not to give up. She takes stock of her current inventory.

She's got candies, cookies, lip gloss and wait... a smart phone!

She thinks she's saved... and then proceeds to use a flashlight app and promptly runs out of batteries. She then blames the phone for being useless.

She then starts getting all depressed and calling herself a piece of junk and thinks that she might die in this place.

She then remembers some quotation from some dead person about not giving up and proceeds to cheer herself up and proceeds to look for the exit once more.

Hayate asks Nagi if Yukariko was really a ditz. Nagi affirms this.

Nagi has grown a little bit taller, methinks (something I've noticed for a while now). She is almost 14 now, so it makes sense. Also, these two are totally in sync here.
Hayate wonders how such a clutzy person could have hidden the key so cleverly in the tower and thinks if she had an accomplice.

Nagi says that's bit far-fetched. (or maybe she said the complete opposite... ah, the wonders of Nihon-go!)

Nagi asks Hatsuho if Yukariko might have had a clever companion help her out. She replies with something incomprehensible about "Mikoniya." Anywayz, Isumi chimes in and says there is one clever person... and that is Klaus.

Nagi and Hayate are like... lolwhut? Klaus? Clever? LAWLZ!

Nagi decides to give it a shot anyway and calls in klaus... who is a bit busy right now being held hostage by Housen and Hisui. Hisui picks up the phone and Nagi is surprised.

Hisui says: Yo thar, care for some tea right now?

Review: Well... I guess there's some development going on here. Not the kind that I want to see, but I'll take it. Anyway, looks like Hisui and Housen are more dangerous than anyone could have predicted. They even took Klaus (who may be used for comedy relief but isn't a pushover) hostage.

Yup... Hisui is evil, arlighty. Also, I want to wipe that smug smile off of Housen's face.

It seems they're always one step ahead of Hayate and company. I'm sure Nagi could kick her ass in a battle of wits though. That'd leave Hayate to deal with Housen... good luck with that. Oh, speaking of Nagi. Ya remember that cover with Nagi using a rapier? I think that might have been a flashback and she could have been the one who gave Hisui that scar. Maybe some kind of sparring match. Alright, we know that Nagi is not good at physical tasks, but fencing is a type of swordfighting that relies more on skill and finesse than physical strength (unlike traditional Japanese kendo >:) zing! zing!). Also, she could probably use her amazing luck to be quite formidable at it.

Anyway, this chapter is 80% about Izumi being her usual clutzy self... the kind that we can't really hate because she's also trying her best despite being a clutz and is really a very cute, good-natured clutz.

Ok... so what else? Yeah, the way the group just went into the tower without a plan and then decided to just leave to form a plan seemed kinda forced. Also, really? No one ever thought of Izumi? I mean, c'mon... she's one of your best friends, guys? Why? Why? Sure, it's for comedy, but really? You so cold!

Anyway, not much to talk about, so I just rambled on. Time for the fanart.

Fanart Corner: LOL! Well? Is she big enough for you now, Hayate? You know, I'd kiss her quickly if she held me close enough to her face like that. By the way, the only difference between these two is the use of the black outlines. Which one do you think looks better? I'm gonna have this printed out on my new shirt... or maybe my new bag with the label "Hayate x Nagi!"


  1. This is not the first time the team left Izumi. It also happened in the school trip to the mountain. And I agree them leaving her like that is a bit contrived. Oh well at least Klaus got a comeback. But will he survive this? No, one cares either way.

    Fan art looks cute!

    1. Thanks (on the fanart). I actually don't find it all that cute myself but people keep saying it is... I guess it must be~. I wanna lick her face either way, but that's just me.

      Also yeah, Izumi doesn't really deserve the treatment she gets. She's the nicest of the trio after all.

      Also lol@klaus and that punch line. It's true, though. No one really cares. At least he gets screentime unlike Nagi's children (Tama and Shiranui.)

  2. I should have said this in the previous chapter but it looks like it was through the globe in the celestial room in the hakuo academy and the celestial mirror that Athena had known Maria and possibly communicated with her. That's how she came to know her. Also perhaps hisui wants the sanzenin inheritance for more than one reason. I've always felt that there is more to the sanzenin mansion than meets the eye. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that yukariko is actually trapped inside the celestial globe. Hayate being trapped inside a clock in season 3 and nagi also being trapped in season 4 finale somehow seems similar to being trapped in the celestial globe.

    1. Wow! That never occured to me, but you're right. Hayate did see Maria in the Celestial Mirror after all.

      In any case, I think Yukariko should remain dead -- even though your theory sounds plausible. It'd just feel a little bit cheap if it turns out that she was alive all this time and then she was secretly influencing things in the background.

      By the way, don't worry about making an error in the comments. I can trim/delete them easily.

  3. Thank you.
    I don't think yukariko is influencing anything in the background and if she is, I hope it's because she is being forced to somehow. I don't want her to be a bad person.

    1. I don't think she's a bad person at all, but there are all these clues throughout the story that she's always somehow involved in the magical side of things. There was the Shimoda arc wherein it was implied that the whole alien girl event might have been her doing. Currently, there's the key to the Sanzenin Inheritance box. Also, with all of Hayate's flashbacks involving her, it might have been her doing as well that Hayate met up with Nagi. If Hayate chooses Nagi in teh end (which he should), I'd like it to be his own personal choice and not something he chose because Yukariko asked him to in the past.

  4. Yes. Now that you mention it, I think it's possible. It'll be disappointing if it turns out that even the destiny of hayate and nagi's meeting was influenced by yukariko. But even then, I don't think it'll be that bad. Because if yukariko manipulated hayate into meeting nagi, then she did a good thing only. Hayate got a direction in his life and a new meaning. I hope if indeed yukariko is influencing such things, then there is a strong reason for her to do so.

    1. That much is true. Most people (other shippers mostly) will never admit it, but meeting Nagi was the best thing that's ever happened to Hayate in his entire life and you don't even have to include the shipping angle into this.


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