Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Hero Appears! Red Mask!

By all appearances, the young man was nothing more than just another lackadaisical individual shamelessly sporting an anime shirt with a giant mugshot of some 13 year-old blonde, hikkikomori, sometimes tsundere, loli otaku with matching headphones to boot.

Girly anime shirt FTW

Suddenly... from out of nowhere, a masked hero appears!
Wa-ta!!! Bruce Lee would be proud

Just call me "Mask The Nagi" ... err... Sanzen'in Mask... that doesn't sound right... okay, let's just go with Red Mask.

Haha! Just bought this red hero mask from Saizen (a chain of Japanese novelty stores here similar to actual 100-yen shops from Japan) and wanted to try it on for size.

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