Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Sight of Autumn - Old OELVN Review

This is an Original English Language Visual Novel and technically not a game, so to dispel any prejudice you might have, please read this before continuing: I'm a bit biased regarding this "game" because it's in the genre that I prefer.

All done? Good. The Sight of Autumn is a non-branching visual novel in 3 chapters (meaning linear story with no choices) made in flash. The story is about a protagonist who is slowly losing his(the gender of the narrator is not made clear) sight both literally and figuratively speaking and his fated meeting with a blind female counselor. The story is told in the contemporary first-person present-tense style from the protagonist's perspective.

From the introductory logo, it's easy to see that the author put a lot of effort into his creation. I won't mince too many words on this VN nor write a detailed review, since in my opinion, it doesn't deserve that kind of treatment of being analyzed and taken apart piece by piece like some uninspired research paper. While being in essence a semi-animated short story, from the exposition and style of writing, one can tell that this is a very emotional piece meant to impart an experience. This experience should be very different for each individual.

While the individual elements are far from perfect, the art works well for this VN and even features some limited animation.The music is near-professional in quality and has a sad, nostalgic feel to it. I love the instrumental and vocal versions of the main theme. Some might compare this work to japanese doujin such as Narcissu and Red Shift, and while it cannot match up to them in terms of professionalism, the indefinable cathartic quality of The Sight of Autumn does not pale in comparison.

Read this free VN with an open heart.


Unfortunately, all the online links for this game are no longer available at this point in time. In respect to the author, whom I was acquainted with online when I wrote this review, I've chosen to refrain from publicly sharing any links to this VN.
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