Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Farewell To The Radical Dreamers 2002 Archives

I've been thinking of getting rid of my blog that archives all of the visual novels as well as other creative works that I've done through the years for quite a while now. 

I'd been trying to think of some deep pseudo-philosophical reason behind my motivations for doing so, but in the end, nothing really came to mind. Thus, I can say with all honesty that this was a purely selfish decision on my part -- just as it has always been with me and visual novel development in general. 

I'm getting rid of the blog because every time I see it, I am flooded with 
bitter memories of all the time that I wasted in the world of English Visual Novel Development or OELVN, if those active in the community must insist on forcing their self-made conventions upon everyone. That's the long and short of it. Nothing more; nothing less.

As for my VNs, while I believe that they were ultimately worthless, I must admit that I still cling to some degree of vanity (if I am allowed even that much) and will try to preserve them if only for old time's sake and nothing else. Thus, I've decided to make it my little side project to slowly create voiced "Let's Play" versions of them for personal video archival purposes, which will all be uploaded on my youtube channel as they are completed. For now, I have made private only to myself. Once I am satisfied that I'm done with making these LP videos as well, the blog will silently deleted.

So anywayz, I'm long past the point where I feel the need to say something sappy and/or sentimental because quite honestly, the only feeling I harbor for OELVN in general is a bitter, unquenchable thirst for retribution. 

As a parting message, for all those who've read my works, who've pretended to be touched by them, who've made nit-picky blog posts about them for no apparent reason, and for those who'll poke fun at this post and call me a drama queen, fag or (insert derogatory label of your choice here) thanks for nothing and If you want to give me a punch in the nose for something you think I did to one of your lovely little online friends, please come here to the Philippines and try -- do try.

I leave ya with a tangentially related Miku song.

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