Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hayate The Combat Butler Fanart And A Little Shipping Talk

Say it, Ayasaki! Say it!
No new chapter for Hayate no Gotoku! this week, so I thought I'd do some fanart. This one was inspired by a similarly styled piece of fanart that I came across on some online image board. Let me explain the premise of the pic a bit.

Basically, I just realized that as a self-proclaimed Nagi x Hayate shipper, I haven't really done that much fanart shipping these two together -- so I simply had to remedy that and in a hurry!

I was thinking of a proposal from Hayate as the theme, since I'm pretty sure that's what most of us on the ojou-sama ship want to happen because Hayate has never really openly reciprocated Nagi's feelings for him. I can understand why Hata would delay this inevitability (lol :P) since it would mean "game over" for all the other ships if this does happen and he can't really afford to do that unless we're very near the end of the series since those other seafaring vessels are helping to keep the main one afloat after all.

In any case, It entered my mind that one angle of the manga that has been largely understated due to the lack of vocal expression by many of us in the Nagi fanbase and the abundance of vocal individuals (and population) from the other seafaring vessels who are more than happy to understate anything positive that happens in favor of our little blonde ojou-sama, is that little Nagi is very lucky.

Of course, this character trait of hers is not quite as pronounced in the manga as Hayate's bad luck, for example, but it has been a recurring assertion by various characters including Hayate himself as shown here in chapter 404:
I like Ruka too, btw. Just not together with Hayate
So I thought: "Extremely unlucky boy together with extremely lucky girl -- sounds like a good match for me." Note that I'm not even implying in the slightest that this is the only thing that this pairing has going for it (I've already discussed that elsewhere in this blog), but it was the theme that I eventually came up with for this particular fanart. 

It's been my personal observation since I started reading  this manga last year (over and over again) that Hayate's bad luck actually started to change when he first met Nagi. Ever since he met her, he has generally been living a much better life than he ever was with his douchebag parents and while his bad luck might still haunt him every once in a while, it has never done so again in a way that makes him miserable like when he was with his parents. So anyway, I thought... yeah, why not have him call Nagi his lucky charm?

By the way, note that the dialogue I've chosen to include in this particular fanart is actually quite open to sarcasm -- especially for those from other ships, or for irrational Nagi haters in general. So go ahead and hit me with those sarcastic comments you've got brewing in your head... if you don't I'll make something up myself within 3 days from making this post. See ya on Wednesday!

Edit: Already Wednesday (actually Thursday here) and still no sarcastic comments eh? Ok... lemme show ya how it's done:

Sarcastic Comment #1: I see, so Hayate sees Nagi as a tool for getting rid of his bad luck. (Paraphrased this one from some other Hayate blogger's blog)

Sarcastic Comment #2: They sure do look good together... as SIBLINGS!

Sarcastic Comment #3: That's a pretty roundabout way of saying, "I'm a lolicon," Mr. Ayasaki

...and I'm out of ammo.  By the way, I saw this really cute art style on some hair dye products being sold here. I might make a (lol) pastiche of this using Nagi as the subject this weekend.


  1. (Insert Sarcastic comment here)

    Okay, Joking and my own shipping preference beside, you pointed out some great points I haven't noticed before. The points about his luck were well thought out, and we're excellent points for the Nagi Shippers.

    1. Aww... no sarcasm. I really will do it myself on wednesday :D

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