Friday, April 18, 2014

Hayate The Combat Butler Extra Chapter: Investor Y - Synopsis and Review

I wonder how Hata draws those backgrounds
Synopsis: Yukiji spends her million yen summer bonus on lottery tickets and got absolutely nothing for it. We flash back to a scene where Yukiji is asking Aika for advice on how to get rich inside the Hakuo student council room. Aika explains that the very basics of economics is that “you lose the money that you spend.” Anywayz, Yukiji says that she’ll find the richest man in the world and ask him instead. Aika tells her that it’s someone named Warren Buffett, the world’s #1 investor who’s written a whole lot of books. We get a little trivia on him courtesy of Aika. At the end of the little autobiographical economics lesson, Yukiji decides that she’ll be an investor. She pulls out some kind of book on Security Analysis and proclaims that she’ll learn how to get rich by reading it, but it turns out it’s too complicated and she doesn’t understand a thing. She decides that the book is too hard for her to tackle and pulls up some kind of cockamamie Buffet quote that justifies her actions. She then realizes she has no money to start investing and pulls up another Buffet quote and decides to call Hina to borrow some money, but apparently, she was amazingly angry. Yukiji tries calling Hina again and somehow, she blurts out that Aika told her that she could get rich with stocks – which ends with Hina getting angry at Aika too.

Left with no choice to start her investment scheme, Yukiji decides to get an advance on her salary and bonuses. So anyway, one more Buffet quote and she’s got some kind of get-rich plan going. So she looks for something that everyone will still want in 50 years… and this is how she ends up buying the lottery tickets… because everyone will still want to get rich even in 50 years time – brilliant!

Review: Well… this chapter made me chuckle, but it obviously had nothing to do with the main plot. After all, this is the kind of manga you (we) are reading… nuff said.

Speculation corner: Hayate will eventually end up with Nagi and if I had to give a reason, it would be because…

By the way... why do Yukiji and Ikusa have that same chakra thingy on their foreheads?

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