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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 550: What A Wonderful World (2) -- Review and Synopsis

Caption on cover: Their story began on that day. Now, this pair's final chapter begins!
Synopsis: For the long version, you can go here.

Anywayz, due to Hata's brilliant execution of the previous chapter which people complained about (they're complaining about this one too btw), we now get to what actually happened prior to that little scenario. (LOL~)

Basically, after some talking, it's Athena, Isumi and Hayate versus Himegami -- who comments on how it's going to be difficult for him. He attacks the weakest one in his opinion, Hayate. Hayate goes down, which prompts Isumi and Athena to stop their attacks temporarily.

You tell me what Himegami hit him with here? An awkward angled kick? A punch? A backhand punch?
Anywayz, Himegami tries to take Hayate's stone, but Athena and Isumi spring back into action. With this, Hisui decides to step in and reveal her trump card -- Yozora gave her powers to Hisui. With that, our yandere loli villainess unleashes a nuke type attack that takes out Hayate and company and almost hits Himegami while also totaling her own mansion.

With that, Hisui and Himegami take their leave with two King's Jewels in tow. Also, Himegami taunts Hayate about Nagi losing because he's weak -- which makes Hayate super angry and he goes for a desperation attack in one last burst of strength against Himegami -- which is easily blocked. With that, Hayate is ko'd. End of chapter!

Hisui has powered up!
Review: Several things worth talking about here. Let's begin.

Himegami's Power Level You'd think that old Himegami might be supah-powerful because of the previous chapter, but at least we learn he's not all that in this one. Yeah, he seems to be more combat-capable than Hayate, but that could have been just a sucker punch that only works once.

Note that in this chapter, he avoids engaging either Athena or Isumi directly and he notes how it was getting difficult fighting the two of them at once. To be fair, Yozora also had trouble holding off Athena and Isumi combined - which would lead me to believe these two are to the top tier of this series when it comes to combat -- probably alongside Ikusa and Yozora herself.

Himegami might be more or less just equal to or a little bit beter than Hayate at the moment -- despite Isumi's scared reaction upon seeing him. She didn't seem all that scared when she started whipping out dem talismans at him.

At any rate, Yozora's power combined with Hisui's combat ability, all-seeing snake eyes, and nerves of insanity (lol) probably puts her at the top of the food chain when it comes to pure combat right now.

It's also worth noting that Himegami puts his mask on when he fights. Might be nothing but it might have something to do with why Isumi thinks he's not the real Himegami.

Himegami and HisuiWhen Hisui asks Himegami to confirm her assertion that she is a better heir than Nagi, Himegami doesn't really directly agree with her. It's more like an "if you say so" agreement. So something tells me that Himegami and Hisui's goals don't necessarily coincide with each other. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

Am I the only one who thinks Hisui looks really pretty in this panel?
In any case, we are now left with the classic shounen situation. The good guys have just been soundly defeated by the baddies -- so now it's time for a training montage to power up. It's worth noting that Hayate's strongest abilities, his demon mode and Hayate no Gotoku! have not come into play yet. We all know both are reserved for Nagi, so let's see what's up with that.
How will you protect your kawaii waifu this way, Hayate? Gotta step up your game, son!

Finally, gotta love that chapter cover. BURN HATERS! This is their story! (二人) Futari is the word used in the Japanese text. Which literally translates to "two people." It can also mean "couple" or "pair" btw. OTP! OTP! HAHAHAHA!

Anywayz, next chapter comes out 11/30. I think that's A-tan's birthday, or somethin. Whatever. See ya next week!

Fanart Corner:Got a little something different for today's fanart corner. These are some quick doodles of bathing Nagi. They were drawn on a whiteboard. Hair down and twin-tails version included. I also really love this expression from her. I actually saw it inside a 4koma included in vol. 49 of the manga.


  1. Now you need the funds and you can start WW3

  2. wow probably itching to get ad astra to be weekly and in 4 years more or less giving tech improvements we could get an anime

  3. It sounds awkward but I think Hayate should know now about Hinagiku's feelings. Only then he can accept Nagi wholeheartedly. He must know about all his options before choosing his future.

  4. I have a feeling that now Hayate will apologize to Nagi and somehow will manage to tell her that he was to kidnap her at first. Though she gave her a new life, all he does only creates problem for her or something. This may cause the explosion of negative emotions.

    1. Very plausible. Knowing Hayate though, it's more likely that he'll somehow break Nagi's heart by accident.

  5. I'm going to be floating a theory on Himegami without saying too much. Man, I hope I'm right about it.

    >>It's worth noting that Hayate's strongest abilities, his demon mode and Hayate no Gotoku! have not come into play yet. We all know both are reserved for Nagi, so let's see what's up with that.

    Haha!! I'm reminded of Nagi's remark about Hayate having two more transformations. Knowing Hata-sensei's penchant for putting clues into comedy moments, I can see Hayate doing just that.


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