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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 551 Transcript (Review and A-tan Birthday Art later

Yo, lordcloudx here. Since I had this all translated and all on my desktop. I'mma dump it here. Review and art later~

Hayate wakes up from chapter 549. Yes, it was HIS dream. No two ways about it.

Anywayz, Maria is there to greet him and he's back in Nagi's mansion.

Maria: Last night, you were at Sakuya's place. Wazzup?

Maria: Could it be my fault?

Maria: Coz I talked about quitting being a maid.

Maria: OUt of desperation, you went on a rampage in a maid cafe.

Hayate: I won't go to that extent. Forget about it.

Maria: Is that so? Well then, that's fine.

Nagi: Oh, Hayate.

Hayate: Oh, Ojou-sama

Nagi: Are you okay? It seems that you had a rough time at Sakuya's house.

Hayate has a flashback of what Himegami said that Nagi would lose everything.

Hayate: Ojou-sama...

Nagi: Huh?

Hayate huggles Nagi from out of nowhere. Third time and mentally counting

(Shimoda, Golden Week, Final Arc... if this does not mean something, I'll eat

my nonexistent hat.)

Nagi: eh, wait... Hayate?

Hayate: You won't lose everything.

Hayate: Ojou-sama won't lose everything. I will protect everything that

belongs to ojou-sama!

Nagi: Ha-Hayate!

Nagi has a flashback about Chiharu talking about her marriage with Hayate.

Nagi: I see... you're thinking about such things for me.

Hayate: Of course! Whether it's the past or future, I will protect ojou-sama!

Hayate: Anywayz, I'mma goin out for a while.

Nagi: Sure, go on.

Nagi gushes a bit about what Hayate said.

Maria: -_-......

Sakuya: Whatever the case may be, healing the body is good.

A-tan: Yes, whatever may happen. It's good to take care of yourself.

Sakuya: Well, you might have lost the stone, but at least you got your body

back. So it's fine, right?

A-tan: However, the fact is that two stones were lost.

A-tan: Now the enemy can enter the Royal Garden.

Sakuya: Well, it's true that two stones were lost but... you retrieved two of

something else anyway.

A-tan: Please stop it with that vulgar talk!

A-tan: Anywayz, I'mma goin to teh apartment.

Sakuya: Ok, then I'll drop you off in the car.

Hayate: A-tan!

A-tan: Hayate!

Hayate: I'm glad. Nothing happend to you.

Hayate: Where's Isumi?

A-tan: She's doing better than us. Dun worry.

Hayate: However, Himegami and Hisui have joined forces huh?

A-tan: Yesh

Hayate: Any idea where those two are?

A-tan: Isumi's on it, niggah!

A-tan: Anywayz, the stones were taken, but it's not over yet.

A-tan: Anywayz, we can't afford to make hasty assumptions in this situation.

That is why everything will be settled at Hakuo Academy!

Hamster: Welcome back, Hayate ku... te...eeeeeeh?

A-tan: Oh, Ayumu. Why are you here on a weekday? Aren't you going home?

Ayumu: ...... 0_0

Note: This is her first time meeting adult Athena.

Ayumu: No, it's the midterms right now...

(Unaware) A-tan: Ah, so you're doing some late night studying huh?

(Still unaware) A-tan: Do your best and you'll get good results!

A-tan: Anywayz, Hayate. I want to take a bath. Could you boil the water


Hayate: Wakata!

Chiharu: Oh, Ayasaki, you're here.

Chiharu: Ehhh?

A-tan: Ah, Chiharu. You're here as well, eh?

Chiharu: ......

Note: This is also Chiharu's first meeting with big A-tan.

Chiharu: Eh? But wait... Why?

A-tan: What's up?

A-tan: Ah, is it about the morning trip? If that's so. Dun worry about it.

A-tan: I was just together with Hayate last night.

Ayumu: (Whut...)

A-tan: Well, it was a rather violent night.

Ayumu: W-with this beautiful girl... Hayate....

Kayura: So, the second question is.

Hina: (talkin to Kayura about sometin)

Kayura: Anywayz, father.

Hina: n?

A-tan: (Shining!)

Hina: Eh? Wtf? EH?

A-tan: Ara... Hina. Ah that's right. I have a little something to talk to you

about, will you indulge me?

Hayate: The bath is ready.

A-tan: Ah, thanks.

A-tan: Anywayz, later, Hina.

Hina: Ah yeah. got it...

A-tan: The stones were taken. Now it will be easy for Hisui to open the path.

A-tan: However, it's not yet time... eh?

A-tan: Why is the faucet lower?


Hina: Why is Tennousu san here?

Ayumu: And what was up with that "violent night?"

A-tan: Oh right... I have my original body back now.

Note: After this, she also noticed that she has no change of clothes or

underwear with her.

Next chapter is on 12/7

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