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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 551 --- Review and Synopsis

So cutieful mai waifu! Nagi may only have those tiny bumps on her chest, but look at that arch on her back. That s-curve stands for sexy~
Synopsis: Hayate wakes up and Maria is there to greet him. Nagi arrives and Hayate has a traumatic flashback about Himegami saying that Nagi will lose everything because he's weak. Hayate huggles Nagi from out of nowhere because he's oh so PLATONIC and everything else you want to believe if you're a hater.

Athena sure is short. Seems the height difference between her and Nagi is quite negligible. The same goes for Ruka, btw.

Anywayz, Athena is at Sakuya's but she goes to the Violet Mansion and Hayate meets her by the entrance and confirms that she and Isumi are ok. Athena is all business as usual with Ayumu, Chiharu, Kayura, and Hina and is totally unaware that she's now in her big form whom most of them have never met -- until she takes a bath and notices that the faucet is too low. End of CHAPTER!
Some would say this isn't so far-fetched. Believe what ya want~
Go here for the long version.

Review: Right-o. So after the big battle things are slowing down a bit again with this chapter -- understandable. So there are various things in this chapter. Let's talk about em.

Big Athena: Athena's back now and she's still as funny as ever when she's interacting with the others because she's so straightforward. Also, she seems quite obsessed with losing the stones.

Hayate hugging Nagi:
Hayate hugged Nagi in a PLATONIC way again this chapter. Yeah, yeah. Anywayz, that's three significant times now. Shimoda arc, golden week arc, and now this final arc. This has to mean something considering that this particular scene, including Nagi's reaction were throwbacks to the previous two unprovoked hugging incidents.

Can you STILL blame Nagi for what enters her head after THIS?
Nagi looks as cute as ever.

One thing I've noticed about the art style. Athena while she's in the bath totally looks like Nagi except for the boobs and ringlet curls. Pretty sure this is intentional on Hata's part. He's definitely trying to get some kind of message across here -- of course, you'll totally handwave this and pretend to ignore it if you're a hater.

Setting Up The Bomb Between Them: From the way it looks, I'm almost 99% sure it's going to be Nagi who is going to be the candidate and open the path. We've got everything all set up here. We've got big A-tan causing all kinds of mayhem and her own brand of misunderstanding with her "violent night" with Hayate. We've got Nagi who secretly has a stone that Hayate is unaware. We've also got Hayate being himself -- which is always a recipe for disaster. Also, we've got Maria who has been plotting something for a while now... we just don't know what exactly.

Totally looks like Nagi here. Just ignore the boobs and ringlet curls.
Finally, daayum! Nagi looks super cute here with her reactions. It's worth noting that she's got pure intentions. She wants the inheritance for herself and Hayate's sake. Meanwhile, Hayate might be doing it for Nagi's sake, but he's still keeping it a secret from her and also, there's the "why is he going this far for her?" thing, which he himself probably does not understand.

In any case, chapter 549 was definitely Hayate's dream. No two ways about it. I'll leave the implications up to your imaginations -- but you have none if you're a Nagi hater.

Anywayz, that's that. This chapter was kinda funny but not much really going on. Next chapter will be out 12/7 but I'mma gonna post on 12/3 for mai waifu's birthday.

Fanart Corner: Did a quick sketch of A-tan on a whiteboard for her birthday today. Seems Hata liked it. Scored another retweet! Thank you, Hata Kenjiroh-sensei Of course, wait till ya see what I'm cooking up for Nagi's birthday coming this Saturday! See ya!


  1. did hayate just received brain trauma

  2. Awww...atan is so cute with her bed head.

    this chap was funny.ayumu and her train of thoughts and atan ignorant of the growth spurt she had previous night. i am sure hayate will explain *cough* screw everything as usual.
    btw maria's reaction was hilarious when hayate hugged nagi.

    i feel that himegami still cares for nagi. i dunno his reasons for doing this but it might somehow be related to nagi's parents. i wanna see nagi's dad.

  3. Athena is about ten cm shorter than Hamster, but ten cm taller than Nagi. I think that Athena is standing in the place where you change your shoes, that is why she looks so small compared to Ayumu.


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