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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 546: Spiral Mirror Bliss Theater -- Review and Synopsis

Synopsis: Hisui: Mataku, why'd you come here in the middle of da night?

Hisui: You're a bit lacking in common sense, ain't ya?

Hayate: Sorry, didn't have time to push the intercom.

Hisui: So, ya lookin for this? (shows em the stone)

I gotz ya stone right here~

Hayate: Are wa!

Athena: Watashi no ishi

Hisui: N?

Hisui: Yozora? Who da shrimp?

Yozora: Eh?

lovely, isn't she?

Yozora: AA... are wa Tennousu Athena desu

Hisui: Tennousu?

Hisui: Could this be the old man's favorite, Tennousu Athena? But I thought she was 17 or 18.

Yozora: yearh....

Hisui is crazy... I like her.
Yozora: She used the royal power with da king's jewel or somethin and then lost her memories.

Yozora: To cure the illness of death, Tennousu Athena used the royal powah 10 years ago. (I dunno whose death she's talkin about. Seems to be Athena's or it could be Mikado's)

Yozora: Father assigned the Tennousu House to protect...

Yozora: Anywayz, various things happened after that and she got confined in the Royal Garden for a few years.

Yozora: So like Mikado somehow turned her into a kid and stuff (wait for the proper scanlations lol)

Yozora: Anywayz, it's a big wonder. Could it be your purpose is to destroy the  Royal Garden and the Royal Power?

Athena: Yearh, good thing you got that! I'mma destroy everything!

Yozora: Well ain't that a shame? What can you do in that form?

Yozora: Careful, Hisui. Her purpose is to destroy that jewel.

Hisui: She wants ta regain her true form by destroying that jewel.

Athena and Hayate: We're screwed

Yozora: Anywayz, without destroying that stone, you a helpless liddle kid.

Yozora: Ain't that a shame? With the stone here you gonna be a kid foreeeeever~

Hisui: There's no forever, biyatch

Yozora: Eh?

Hayate and Athena: Eh?

Yozora: Hisui WA YA DOIN?

Hisui: move yo ass, Yozora

Hayate: It's BROKEN BAKA NA!

Hayate: Wait, but this is to our advantage.

Hayate: A-tan!

Athena: I'mma powerin up~


Hisui: 0_0....

Hayate: A-tan!

Hayate: A-tan daijobu!?

Yozora: Fudge... I'm screwed

Yozora: Hisui anata doushite?

Hisui: kuaaaa kukkukukukukuku

Hisui: Ahahahahahahahahaha!

Hisui: I see, so this is the real thing.

Athena: Shh... my power level is about to exceed 9000~

Hisui: It really exists huh? The castle, the power

Yozora: Masaka... anata...

Hayate: Ascertain it with your own eyes?

Hayate remembers what Sakuya said about Hisui being troublesome coz she just DUN CARE!

Yozora: B-but da friggin stone!

Hisui: Dun worry bout it

Hisui: We got a stone right in front of us.

Yozora: Eh?

Hayate: Do-doushite?

Hisui: The stone may be destroyed but jez take a good look in front of you.

Hisui: This is...

Hisui and Hayate: advantageous

Hisui:  Well then, shall we go?

Watcha gonna do now, Hayate?
Hisui: This is my battle~ flies at Hayate

Hayate: stands there like an idiot

Athena: Hayate!

Hisui: Ha? Very good~

Hayate: This kid... is really serious...

Review: Lots of stuff happening in this chapter but the most important thing of course is that big A-tan is back! Huzzah... for those of you who care about that sort of thing. Go ahead and have a field day with this chapter.

Hisui: I just broke the stone and I'm all casual about it, yo~
Anywayz, she is back due to Hisui being a crazier biyatch than even Yozora thought she was. Seems she just wanted to make sure that all this crazy BS that Yozora has been presumably feeding her is all true and so, she just put it to a test by restoring Athena's true form. Can't help thinking that Hisui breaking Athena's stone so whimsically like that was pretty much an antithesis to Nagi's breaking the stone for Hayate's sake. Can't be a coinc

Just to make sure that you all realize that she's still a villain, she then proceeds to go and attack Hayate for his remaining stones coz ya know, they still need a stone to get into da Royal Garden and stuff. I'mma thinkin Yozora and Athena won't just be standing around, either so we got a battle goin in the next chapter, I suppose.

Personally, I'm quite interested in seeing more of Hisui in action. Also a good thing that Athena is now back into her teenage form more or less permanently. Time to settle some loose ends with her ship and all.

Fanart Corner:
Yeah, I got some today. Here ya go~ I drew this for a friend


  1. Hayate's fighting style is a contradiction to common shounen protagonist, most protagonist fight with might instinct and come up with a plan latter on. Hayate seem to fight like an old man letting his opponent strike first then conservatively evade and then when his opponent show fatigue he finds an opening and then finish the fight with one decisive strike. when that doesn't work he'll just go all-out

    1. I get the feeling he's still holding back a bit against Hisui since she is still a kid within Nagi's age group even if she seems dangerous AF. Besides, the only time we'll see him pull out all the stops is when he sees his precious ojou-sama in danger.

    2. Or if Kotetsu pissed him off


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