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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 461: And Sometimes See a Movie -- Review and Synopsis

Unfortunately, no one really cares that much.
Synopsis: Chiharu points out the obvious that despite the happy-happy ending that Hayate got, he still didn't get the King's Jewel required to win back Nagi's inheritance. Alice chimes in to say that she knows where another King's Jewel could be found, but is quickly interrupted by a scream from Nagi.
This is a matter of monumental importance!
Hayate rushes over to see what's up and it seems that a manga that Nagi was reading went with a bad ending. Alice tries to continue from where she left off about her important info regarding the King's jewel; she is dead-set on advancing the plot at all costs! However, Nagi is totally uninterested and says to just send her the info on Line because she wants to watch the new Godzilla movie. Hayate and Maria conclude that with all her delaying tactics, Nagi just wants to procrastinate instead of actually doing something productive -- even if it's something as important as getting her inheritance back.
Lookit the number of ***** Nagi gives for your King's Jewel story.
Chiharu and Kayura react to this bit of info because... they want to watch the movie too, of course. Alice tries to get her bit of info about the King's Jewel through once again, but no one seems interested. Maria has to go and do the laundry, Hamster has to work, Hina has to go attend to some student council affairs, and Chiharu and Kayura want to see Godzilla. Alice sulks and tells them to go see Godzilla or Gamera or whatever. Chiharu suggests they go to roponggi and to watch the movie and sample the shaved ice while they're there. Alice gets angry and Nagi suggests that they go watch the movie, eat shaved ice, while discussing the King's Jewel business at Roponggi.
Alice: King's Jewels story NAO!
Hayate tries to pacify Alice who is on the verge of exploding from anger. She says that she might as well see Godzilla and Hayate adds to her torment by asking her if she's going too. She responds by asking why she's not allowed to see Godzilla because he's the friend of all children.
Poor A-tan and her serious business.
The group arrive at the Roponggi Hills and Nagi's got a nice print on her shirt again.The place to be quite luxurious. Nagi notes that she had a movie theater at home so this is actually the first time she's seeing a movie with friends.
Bawww! See what you've done, everyone?
Nagi is deciding on whether to go for 2D or 3D and Hayate insists that it must be 2D and offers a fussy, long-winded explanation as to why.
Godzilla is A-tan's friend! Got that?
Inside the theater, Alice wants some snacks but goes about it in a roundabout way telling Hayate that he needs to purchase some. When Hayate calls her out on this and asks her if she wants it, she gets all flustered and shows a bit of her tsundere streak. 
Haha! Tsundere Alice.
Finally, the group get into the movie house and Hayate has chosen seats in the first row after the aisle for everyone because he's all fussy about movies and offers a long-winded explanation as to why these seats are the best. The movie finally begins and Hayate asks Athena if she's actually seen Godzilla and she seems to have the wrong idea about the movie. The chapter ends here.
Review: The Athena fans might really love this chapter. In fact, Athena really stole the show with how naturally funny her character is in her child form and when put into funny situations. Basically, this entire chapter was all about A-tan's flustered reactions when no one really cares about her serious business regarding the King's Jewel - and it works really well for the comedy factor. A-tan x Hayate shippers might also notice that this is the most amount of interaction between the two in quite a while and Hayate even sits next to her in the movie theater while Nagi is in the company of Chiharu and Kayura.
The art of misdirection by Kenjiro Hata feat. Chiharu
In a way, it's also quite a bit about Hata projecting his thoughts onto Nagi by using delaying tactics to forestall the actual introduction of the next big story arc. As a dedicated Nagi fan, I found her expressions here really cute and funny. The new character designs actually seem to suit her quite well.

Over-all, there's not much to talk about regarding this chapter as there are no new hints about the next story arc yet except for the obvious one that it's going to be about Nagi getting her inheritance back by finding a new King's Jewel. It seems that Athena will play a role in this arc again as well.

Anyway, it's a nice glimpse as to how movie theaters operate in Japan. Here in the Philippines, it's first-come, first serve as far as the seats are concerned. There are no seat numbers, just a ticket to get into the movie house and you're on your own as far as seats are concerned because the movie theaters are rarely ever packed. The top half of the theater might be full for some blockbusters, but there are usually still quite a few dozen empty ones scattered all over. 

Fanart Corner: Here's a little bit of Nagi fanart. I had it turned into a raglan sleeved shirt along with another fanart of mine via a local T-shirt printing service here. The shirt comes with the print for about 7 USD each. 
And I'll wear it too!

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