Sunday, May 18, 2014

1000 Words - A Hayate The Combat Butler Photo Essay

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words -- so let's put this age-old saying to the test with this photo-essay.
Hayate is NOT happy being with Nagi.

"Passing the hat" is an insignificant metaphor because she said, "she might not return it next time..." OK?
This stone is the key to my inheritance and for whatever reason, you look troubled because of it.
Goodbye, my inheritance and millionaire heiress lifestyle
As you can see in this panel, this was clearly irresponsible and unreasonable of Nagi. I mean, it really doesn't show how much she loves Hayate at all... not at all! Also, that narration about seeing the future is absolutely NOT foreshadowing anything except an eventual Athena x Hayate ending, yup!
This too is NOT foreshadowing anything.
You got that, Hayate?
Can't Take My Eyes Off You contradicts the manga! It will NOT be canon! Hata just wanted to draw an apple there for no apparent reason.
NOT canon at all. Even if this manga was also shown in the anime. It's all circumstantial evidence and says nothing about Hata-sensei's true plans to completely deviate from Can't Take My Eyes Off You when the manga reaches September... you'll see, you'll see!
Everything that I am about to tell you is the absolute truth, ok? Hata hates Nagi... a lot!
Could this be the reason why Nagi was "blessed with luck?"
My reaction to this manga
Everything that I am about to tell you is still the absolute truth: The plot of the Golden Week Arc clearly tells us that Hayate will eventually abandon Nagi in order to be with Athena.
Yup, this was not a story about moving on from a tragic past at all. As you can see here, Hayate clearly plans to leave Nagi for Athena someday.
This does NOT count because Cuties 11-12 are also NOT canon for the same reasons that all of Can't Take My Eyes Off You is NOT canon!
Apparently, all chapter covers will have some significance in future chapters - even five-six years later... ok!
Again, this is the truth: This panel from the end of chapter 262...
And the entire story of chapter 263 says absolutely nothing...
Nothing at all about building up to this scene in chapter 448
I'm also not implying anything at all with this spoiler panel from chapter 450 edited into my fanart... nothing at all.
Clearly... Athena shall prevail! (not my screencaps)
More hard evidence that Hayate is NOT happy being with Nagi.
Well, that's it for now. I might do something like this again in the future. Maybe with a more coherent plan next time since the ideas seem to branch out too much with this initial attempt. See ya when the next chapter releases!

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