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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 505: Please Read Ad Astra Per Aspera -- Review and Synopsis

Nagi Cover FTW!

Nagi cover! Yes IEEEYESSU!


Hayate: Have you gone nuts again, ojou-sama?

Nagi: Listen, stupid! The author has a new series, see?

Hayate: Oh it's AD

Nagi: Yeah, it's AD!

Maria: What a stupid title eh? LOL

Nagi: Finally, the time has come eh? For this manga to be censored

Maria and Hayate: ...

Hayate: Nah

Maria: Yearh, it hasn't been decided yet

Nagi: TAKE THAT! Here's the effin evidence!

Words on magazine: The serialization of the manga will leave this magazine

Hayate: Ahh...

Nagi: This is us, isn't it? This is definitely us!

Hayate: Everything will be daijobu. It's been more than ten years and it seems this manga is not that good.

Nagi: Whadja talkin about!?

Maria: More imporantly

Nagi: WTF are you babblin on now, Maria?

Maria: Where do you think this new series is going?

Nagi: Where do I think?

Hayate: Btw, Ad's first chapter has like 83 pages

Nagi: 83 peygeeee?

Hayate: Yearh, and full colors and stuff!

Nagi: Blah, blah, stuff about Ad Astra Per Aspirin

Maria: Didn't we start out that way too?

Stuff happens and they all agree that Ad Astra's success is actually good for this manga

Anyway, they start talkin about Ad Astra's stuff. Like that there's a robot there, so is it sci fi?

Maria: It's an effin futuristic world!

Nagi: The author used that once in Masterpiece Theater

Nagi: speculates about the robot

Suddenly, 8-kun and Fumi appear

Maria and Hayate: WTF?

Fumi: You summoned this guy with that remark

Hayate: Why was this piece of junk born, anyway?

Hayate: Anyway, we've decided that this manga is good for our manga, k?

Fumi: Of course, and I have a stupid idea for making it popular quickly!

Maria: OOH, such groundless confidence!

Fumi: It's gotta be erotic, gross and violent!

Nagi: eh...

Fumi: Yes, Fumi loves ero, guro and violence! ... That's why we should have some of that too!

Hayate: lolwhut?

Eight: :)

Nagi: Whoa, I haven't seen this in ten years

Eight: C'mon, c'mon! It's been years since we last fought!

Hayate: Look, what is more important right now is the new series...

Eight: STFU and fight! (shoryukens Hayate)

Nagi: Uwaa

Maria: Now we're getting some violence huh?

Eight: Well, do you remember?

Hayate: Now I angry... Hayate smash!

Fumi: Yes, yes... this feeling!

Hayate: (hokuto shinkens Eight) Here's some guro for ya!

Fumi: Yeah... that's the stuff!

Nagi and Maria: ...

Fumi: and now everyone... for the finale!

Fumi: ERO!

Shot of Sharna in a fanservice pose with only a bikini bottom on.

Sharna: Fumi chan...

Fumi: Phew, with this, the manga will be DAIJOBU!

Sharna: Here's some more violence for you!

Nagi: Ah well, let's do things at our own pace.

Maria: I know, right?

Review: That has to be the most appropriate title in the world. Anyway, this is a Hayatesurrance filler chapter wherein Hata teases us a bit about his new series. Ad Astra Per! I guess it's fine... but there's nothing to review here, so like, see ya next chapter.

I don't think I'll be covering Ad Astra, but I might give it a read sometime. Also, Sore Ga Seiyuu's anime is surprisingly good. I recommend you give it a try. It's not all MOE MOE cutesy stuff... although it is quit a bit of that too.

Also, the ERO portion should have been Nagi.

Fanart Corner: Hehe... I've been wanting to color this fanart for a long time and now, here it is. I've also included a version with text just for fun. Anyway, See ya next chapter. Still have some pending fanart that I need to color and one I've been wanting to draw for some time. This is based on Kotobukiya's Nagi swimsuit figure. Just in case you didn't know that already. I added a blush to her mouth and changed the mouth a bit.

Nagi is laifu! Nagi is best waifu!
You sure are, ojou-sama. Sexy and cute!

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