Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hayate Reflections Special: Fanfic Reading of A Place of Beginnings

First of all, I want to start things off with a shoutout to Jimmie from MyArtLife and his amazingly informative art channel on youtube. Check out the channel especially if you're a Filipino and you want to learn more about the unique art supplies that you can buy from local places like National Bookstore. The videos are shot in high quality with clear, easy to follow narrations in English and sometimes in Tagalog as well. Jimmie also showcases his own art and talks us through his various techniques in mixed media on the channel. So yeah, go check it out and do like and subscribe to his videos -- he deserves it:

So we have something a bit different today. A fanfic reading of my old fanfic, "A Place of Beginnings."

Full credits are in the actual video page on youtube.

Fanart Corner
Got quite a few pieces today. I'm including a few non-hayate related fanart. I've been hooked on Sakura Koi watercolors lately. You just can't beat the portability of this watercolor set. It's not quite as nice-looking as the Gansai Tambi paints, but the field sketch set is so easy to use. Also, this is my first time using a waterbrush. I love it. My traditional art output was extremely high this week because of my Sakura Koi set. Except for the oil pastels drawing, all of these were done within this week.

Gotta love Kuro/Chloe Von Einzbern. Cute brown loli for the win.

Just shoot yourself already, Aya-chan.

This is the odd one out. This was actually rendered with oil pastels. The cheap kind sold by Pentel. Very vibrant colors though. Much more vibrant than my Prismacolor colored pencils.

When life puts you down... summon a spirit bomb!
Do I even need to explain this one?

Hata noticed this one. I included Tsukasa from Tonikaku Kawaii this time.

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