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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 541: A Story of Blooming In The Shadows -- Review and Synopsis

Mai waifu is not in this chapter, but it turned out to be pretty sweet.
Synopsis: Date is 10/20
Lessee now... Izumi has some kinda school paper in hand. Something about her future career or somethin... yeah, that's it... probably.

Izumi: I dun give a fudge about the future... I've thought about goin ta university kedo...but that kind of future is kinda unlikely

Izumi: Yo, idiots! Ya ever thought of yer future career?

The Two Other Idiots: Future career?

Izumi: Yeah yearh, anythin?

Miki: Yearh, I have thought about it.

Izumi: eh? Nani? Nani?

Miki: I wanna be a politician... like no one ever was!

Izumi: WTF face

Miki: My family are all politicians so I'll be one as well

Risa: You're gonna become an idiot, eh?

Miki: You're bein rude!

Miki: I'mma narrate my life as a future politician (which I dun feel like translating)

Risa: You serious?

Miki: Yearh (blah blah blah!)

Risa: Anywayz, I'mma continue the legacy and take care of the shrine at home meself.

Izumi: Ah, souka

Miki: I seez. Somehow, our parents have a big influence.

Someone: Izumi, you gonna inherit your company, right?

Izumi: Nah, Kotetsu will succeed it. I ain't interested in electronics biz dakara...

Miki: I see, you gonna be a NEET in the future.

Izumi: :o

Izumi: EH? My future is to be a NEET? NEET?

Miki: yeah, right?

Miki: You're an incompetent idiot so you won't be able to get a job, right?

Izumi: You're one to talk!

Miki follows it up some more

Izumi: Just because you said that... I'mma find mah dream!

Risa: yume?

Izumi: Dunno what it is for now, but I'll definitely find my dream for the future... in order to avoid my future as a NEET!

So she consults with Aika... who has Hayate with her for some reason

Aika: dream for the future? Ain't that a bit too late right now?

Izumi: It is?

Hayate: So desu. You mada 2nd grader now

Aika: What's your dream, Ayasaki-kun?

Hayate: 3LDK (that apartment flat thing he's been dreaming about since he was a little idiot)

Aika: But anywayz, your life usually gives you a hint about your dream, amirite?

Izumi: Eh?

Aika: Like fer example, what do ya spend yer money and time on the most? You can get the answer from taking note of those.

Izumi: Naruhodo...

Aika: btw, Ayasaki-kun. Go monitor Izumi for 24 hours until she finds her dream.

Hayate: WTF I'm busy bitch!

Izumi: Sorry for making ya tag along with me, Hayata-kun

Hayate: s'awright, dreams are important.

Hayate: Demo, whaddaya do in your free time, Segawa-san?

Izumi: Well... lesseee....ah, sou da. Recently, I've been going to this place when I'm alone

Izumi: This be me dad's. Coz no one's using it, I've been raising some weeds here.

Hayate: What's with this giant playground? Anywayz, why the fudge you raisin weeds here? Usually, you'd grow beautiful flawahz

Izumi: Strange ain't it? How moss and grass grow in building and road gaps.

Izumi: I wanna know why moss grows in the shade without nutrition

Hayate: eh... sorewa... as expected...It survives in a harsh environment becoz it's strong.

Izumi: Boo! That's what YOU think!

Izumi: In a fertile land with plenty of nutrition, a moss will lose to healthier plants and wont' be able to live.

Izumi: that's why it doesn't grow in a fertile environment with strong plants. It evolved to thrive in harsh conditions with little nutrition. It's weak therefore it lives for a hard life.

Izumi: Weeds are also the same.

Izumi: It has grown up without any love. It doesn't have anything special, so who would even care about raising it?

Izumi: Grass grows on not so nutritious ground at first, but when it withers, it leaves its nutrients for other grass to sprout up.

Izumi: It's a bit like life if you think about it.

Hayate: Segawa-san, you're a really sunny individual.

Hayate: You spread fun wherever you go. For example, no matter how sad something is, you manage to slowly engulf it in your world of brightness.

Izumi: That's a nice thing for me, isn't it?

Hayate: hai

Hayate:That's why you can live in happiness.

Hayate: Someday, could you teach me how to be happy?

Izumi: Hayata kun?

Aika: WTF is up with this proposal?

Hayate: Uwaa? Wai are you here?

Aika: I got a bit worried and wondered what kind of dream ya found and here you were flirting.

Hayate: I wasn't flirting. Segawa-san really is a sunny person and I felt bright and sunny from listenng to her story!

Aika: that aside, did ya help her find a profession?

Hayate: Well, that's a bit difficult.

Izumi's mind: It's definitely hard with just that... but I'm happy that Hayata kun looked my way.

Izumi: This place...I love this place.

Izumi: Ah...I've found my dream.

Hayate: Eh?

Aika: What izzit?

Izumi: That even if we get separated someday, I want to keep watching over everyone.

Izumi: Like the sun, when you look up, I'll be there. That's the career I want.

(writes down Galactic Pilot as her career choice)

Izumi: I don't know what I want to be in the future just yet. I don't really know what I can do right now. That's why let's go and dream big, ok?

Well, this doesn't move the plot forward in any way except maybe giving Hayate some food for thought about his own actions.

At least she's happy about it, right?

In any case, this turned out to be a really nice read. Especially the last part when Hayate realizes that Izumi is a really nice, kind person. Also, Izumi's narrations were really good. Hayate underestimates her often and he was quite taken by surprise at her profound and honest words.

Nice chapter about blooming in the shadows too. I think what was said about Izumi in this chapter also applies to Ayumu since they are very similar "nice girls."

Anywayz, who knows? Maybe this will get Hayate to think about someone else who is nice and kind and always there for him... right? right?

Not much more to say about this chapter. See ya on Miku's birthday.

Fanart Corner:
Yeah, got some digital art fer ya today. I needed the practice.

Been watching New Game lately. Expression and pose stolen from there. Btw, Aoba looks a lot like Nagi.


  1. As the translation goes, that was one quite straight proposal, defused just in time...

    I guess Aika might suspect something after that. As I recall, she was for the same same job as Maria, so she is surely not a 'just looks, no brains' girl.

    1. That was just Hayate being Hayate though. Really, this guy needs to learn his lesson about running his fool mouth off already.

  2. Izumi really had some profound and poignant dialogue in this chapter. I loved this chapter.


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