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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 538: Forever Dreamer -- Synopsis and Review

Synopsis: Maria: I gonna call it quitz
So beautiful... although, that dress shouldn't be clinging to her butt so tightly like that unless she wasn't wearing any... (you figure out the rest)

Hayate: Yameru te... ojou-sama no... nande? Nande? Doushite?

Maria: You said it yourself too, didn't you, Hayate?

Maria: Our roles are over.

Hayate: Over...

Maria: I've noticed it since the doujin showdown with Ruka.

Maria: She gave it her all. During that time when her heart was broken.

Maria: She would always come to me to be consoled. I thought that she would never be able to stand on her own.

"However... a hero, even when on a broken knee..."

Chiharu: Never gives up! (flashback to Nagi's moment of awesome in Ruka's arc!)

Maria: I was shocku deshita!

Maria: Her growth, I had underestimated it.

Maria: She was always relying on me...

Maria: She had been relying on me like a mother.

Maria: Whatever I thought was bad or whenever I said no.

Maria: I think, that was where my existence was heading.

Maria: I didn't care anymore about her growth.

Maria: Her growth is also thanks to you, Hayate.

Maria: Ever since you appeared, her world has been opened.

Maria: She has been through lots of challenges and experiences... and gained...

Maria: Irreplaceable friends.

Maria: You think she has changed as well, don't you, Hayate? 

Ah yes, this is one of the reasons I fell in love with her. My ideal heroine... and ideal waifu.
Hayate: :'( She... hasn't changed... right now, she can't draw her manga without any choco, right?

Maria: She will draw...

Maria: With or without choco... that girl... with her own power...

Maria: Perhaps if I were with her right now....I would just have cleaning and cooking to do, like a real maid.

Maria: She is steadily growing up. I can't even catch up to her anymore.

Maria: This is unpleasant for me.

Maria: This may just be self-indulgence, but I want to be special to her.

Maria understands... she really does!

Maria: This is why my being a maid ends here.

Hayate: B-but...

Maria: Hayate-kun... do ya remember?

Maria: I'll be turning 18 soon, right?

Maria: It's graduation.

Maria: So won't you please smile?

Shift to Chiharu and Nagi

Chiharu: Here, I've bought enough choco, amirite?

Nagi: Meh, why is it this kind of choco nanoda?

Chiharu: This is probably delicious (blibble blah blah some bleeped out reference)

Nagi: This is not the choco from blah blah blah reference that I do not get

Chiharu: Stop talking and making those baku baku sounds while eating.

Chiharu: Anywayz, howz the drawing going? Lemme have a look.

Chiharu: Ah, it's progressing very well.

Chiharu: Think you can make it in time for the awards?

Nagi: Hmph! Of course nanoda!

Chiharu: Btw, where are Ayasaki and Maria?

Nagi: Saa... they'll be back soon anywayz

Back to Hayate who is alone outside the Violet Mansion now reflecting on Maria's words with a sad look on his pitiful face.

Maria: Keep this thing a secret from Nagi, ok?

Maria: I haven't decided on a specific date yet.

Maria: At the latest, it might be around my birthday.

Hayate: Maria-san is quitting... Maria-san was always with ojou-sama.

Hayate: The ruins of the royal garden.... the last game...I should get the key, right?

Hayate: There's also the matter of mini-athena. And Housen is a maid...and wtf is up with these King's Jewels and the Royal Power?

Hayate: Anywayz, these are the keys to opening the Royal Garden but... I need an explosion of negative emotions to open the road.

Hayate: KUSO! WTF DO I DO?

Machina: Guaaaah!

Housen: Really...

Housen; This snake gatekeeper

Housen: Royal Family servants really give me a hard time.

Review: Well, I'm definitely quite happy with Maria's assessment of Nagi in this chapter.

Hayate thought that Nagi would end up in the poorhouse and die if she didn't have her inheritance but Maria is now putting some doubt in his head as to his mistaken beliefs.

Also, I totally called it in the previous chapter as to Maria's reason for quitting being a maid. At least this proves that there are indeed times wherein Hata-sensei foregoes unpredictability for the logical outcome of the plot structure. Maria even makes a callback to the time in Ruka's arc wherein Nagi first demonstrated independence to her.

Such a feisty little cutie~
It's quite funny that while Maria has maturely accepted that Nagi is growing up, Hayate seems to be the complete opposite and had a very disturbed look on his face when Maria mentioned this. He even goes as far as to deny it for a flimsy reason such as Nagi being Nagi and asking for chocolates. Fortunately, Maria rebuts him quite firmly.

It would seem to me that Hayate has an unhealthy obsession of being "needed" by Nagi and that is why he is total denial mode once Maria mentions Nagi's growth and independence. It would most likely be because he has anchored the worth of his existence to being needed by Nagi -- pretty much like Maria herself, except he's not mature enough to accept that it might not be the case anymore. Really, it's been a long time coming. He should just realize that Nagi does indeed need him, but not to protect her nor perform mundane household chores for her. Calling it now, this will be a future development in the series.

One thing has become certain here: Hata-sensei is intentionally withholding Hayate's reaction to Nagi's manga from us. Hayate reflects on various things in this chapter and mentions in passing just about all of the current unresolved plot threads from mini-Athena to the king's jewels, but he never ever touches upon the meaning of Nagi's manga. So yes, something is up here. As one familiar anon commenter mentions in my previous review, it might not necessarily be a good thing -- but something is definitely up.

Lastly... whoa... ok, so Housen's power level is over 9000 apparently. She easily fought Hayate, Tama and Isumi all at once and now she's defeated Machina and taken his King's Jewel... although she did mention that it wasn't easy. Of course, you can see that she doesn't have a scratch on her while Machina is all beat up.

Anywayz, really awesome chapter and Nagi chomping on chocolates never gets old. SEE YA NEXT CHAPTER!

Fanart Corner: Got some new stuff this week.

Hata-senpai noticed me again~
The original pic. Eyes inspired by Prisma Illya.
Showing a little versatility and contrast of styles here.
Still unfinished. Nagi in Illyasviel's signature outfit.


  1. The last three chapters has a quite fine double edge.

    For one, it's likely that what Maria says about she planning to quit being a maid is true. The end of her motherly role was indeed hinted several times, and as her life recognized as 'grey' somewhere in the early volumes, it's just natural to set her a forward direction.

    However, as the only (?) person who knows the truth about the beginning, it would be also just natural for her to test Hayate for his real intentions before she quits.

    Especially since as a maid she most likely has some knowledge about the real depth of the whole romantic mess around Hayate.

    1. That's an interesting and definitely reasonable perspective.

      Of course, Maria has always had a hands-off policy as far as Hayate's romantic interests are concerned. She also has no knowledge of his involvement with Athena.

      Still, I wouldn't put it past her to try and put Hayate to the test, as you said. Maybe she was even giving him a few hints along the way in this chapter.

    2. Maria sure has some tendency to test/tease Hayate - check chapter 'Employee's Night'. Of course we won't know if this one is a test or no till it blows up, but the possibility is there.

      Just for fun, I've checked the comments for the last few posts.

      - Even if Hayate's obsession this time seems off scale, it's not without precedent. On the beach against his brother he also gone nuts, and had to be sapped hard to get back to his senses.

      - About who will open the path...
      a) My favorite is Hayate. Of course he'll screw it up. That's what this manga is about, and it's a comedy, not a tragedy.
      b) Hisui/Housen will set up somebody from the apartment. Less likely, but it's hanging around.
      c) Nagi will just solve the thing on some absurdly profane way, as she did it some times already way back - for example by burning a handful of money in front of the freshly broke (again) Katsura or so...

    3. Well yeah. Hayate goes to extreme lengths for Nagi's sake. This time, though... it seems his fanatical obsession is on a whole other level. It's going to backfire on him soon~ in fact, it's starting to happen right now.

      Agree with you that this is still a comedy manga after all. It's also the reason why I can't accept a bittersweet ending for Nagi just so Hayate can be completely happy with another girl (as other shippers would have it.)

      Well, it's definitely still a) for me, but you're right when you say that Nagi might just solve it by herself. Just like how she easily resolved that fight against a possessed Yukiji in the beach arc by bribing her to exorcise herself with spare change.

    4. One more for Nagi's hidden strenth: there was that case with the curse of the doll.
      That one was actually a bit on the trollish side against the readers.

  2. Maria is an awesome character as always. It is going to be quite emo when Nagi finds out about this but it will work out somehow as Nagi has come a loong way but Hayate is something is different story. Hayate is not even able to fully acknowledge that she has matured. Everything comes back to him.
    the last fanart and chibi Nagi is so damn cute!

    1. Yup. Lopsided development so far. Hayate has a lot of growing up to do as a character.

      That look on his face when Maria acknowledged Nagi's growth. It's funny because haters were all hyped up about Hayate mentioning that the day would come when Nagi wouldn't need him anymore and when Maria mentions that the day might be very near, he denies it outright. The irony... the contradiction... I dunno whether to laugh or bang my head against my desk.

  3. I think hayate has an intense need to be needed. And the person who has to need him must be nagi. That is why he has this huge obsession to be useful to nagi; he feels as long as he can be of use to nagi, he'll be able to stay as her butler. It's not just that Nagi wants hayate to be by her side, hayate wants to stay by nagi with equal desperation, if not more. Perhaps the reason why he's so driven to help her win the inheritance is because of the same reason; he wants to prove himself as a worthy butler. There's also another reason although this is just my opinion. As long as nagi has the inheritance, she'll be able to pay hayate for his services. I think hayate fears that if nagi loses the inheritance, she won't be able to pay him and might come to a decision of dismissing him eventually. And he's willing to do everything in his power to not make it happen.

    1. Yes. Being needed by Nagi has become the reason for his existence. I think I've mentioned this before myself. Your other theories about Hayate being so gung-ho about the inheritance is plausible, but I personally believe we don't have enough info on that yet... hopefully, Hata will give us more soon-ish.


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