Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hayate Reflections: I Need To Get This Off My Chest (Also, first VLOG!)

You know, I have a bone to pick with some of you shippers -- especially the lot of you who seemed to have just disappeared (or pfft... do we call that "moved on?") since the release of the final chapter of Hayate -- and after finding out that volume 52 did not sink the HayaNagi ship but in fact, solidified it even further.

Anyway, it seems to me that some of you were quite dishonest and disingenuous about your dishonesty. What I mean is that some of you were backing a ship that was sunk long before the final two chapters and therefore, I believe that you decided to jump from one ship to another all in the vengeful spirit of hoping that the Hayate x Nagi ship would be sunk. In fact, I can remember some of you in particular commenting on various imageboards and blogs about how you proudly spent years making fun of the Hayate x Nagi ship and how you were so sure that it wouldn't happen -- and then you became super salty because it did happen.

For example, I've said it over and over again about how Athena was sinking her own ship, but some of you thought "Athena would never do that, it was Hata who made her do that," as if the author of the story could be possibly separated from the story itself.  THEN, when you saw that Athena did really sink her own ship, you jumped ship right? You had a new ship every 1-2 weeks.

First of all, it was Hinagiku... but oh wait, she seems to have given up pretty early, so let's jump ship. Logically, it was Ayumu next. After all, she was the one whom Athena chose in order to wake Hayate up from his dream. Of course, that ship sunk pretty quickly. Then you turned to Maria. Of course, Maria has to be the one, right? Of course, it had to be anyone but Nagi but... YOU DON'T HATE NAGI, DO YOU? Nope, you don't hate her at all even though you are aware that she won't be truly happy unless she is with Hayate and of course, that she does indeed love Hayate. Nah, you had to go and impose your own standards of what romantic love is and should be based on your personal 1st, 2nd, or 3rd-hand experience (don't even ask me how that works).

Of course, your own personal standards of logic on romantic love (note the irony) and feelings is obviously superior to that of the author, which is why Hayate x Nagi just can't work. Hundreds of other like-minded people agree with you -- hundreds of people this vocal can't be wrong!

You know what that sounds like? Flat Earth Theory. The writing is on the wall. The evidence is there for you to see -- but of course, this evidence isn't "strong enough" for you.

But you know what, I may not believe in the Flat Earth, but I think Zetetic Philosophy at least has some merit. I do agree that it's the most natural method of discovery. Observe, ask questions, experiment and discover -- but don't make up false generalizations and instead, just note things down as they actually are. I think the hypothesis (which the Zetetic method avoids) is pretty overrated, but then again, it does have its place -- just not everywhere.

Anyway, this got off-track pretty quickly. I'm trying out a video recording right now. Might buy a better microphone for next time. See you next week for sure~

Fanart Corner

It's been a while since I guess he's pretty busy with Tonikaku Kawaii, but Hata retweeted my fanart today. It's the acrylic painting from last time. It really underwent quite a few changes since the first draft. I also have a fanart based on chapter 567 (where Nagi's most beautiful look was captured, I'd say) but this time with Nagi taking a selfie :D.

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