Saturday, April 22, 2017

HayaNagi AMVs based on the Finale

While many will always disagree with the ending (which can't be helped considering the ambiguous nature of Hata's writing. It'll always be a love-it or hate-it affair)  There are some of us who truly loved it.

In fact, it inspired quite a few awesome AMVs. I'll share some of the ones I've found here so far:

"What If" by Erica

Creator Comments:
Ahh time flies by, it's been 10 years since I was introduced to these two and I still care for them so much. Last week was the last chapter of the manga and I just had to edit this as a sendoff.

It's been a while since my "You're F*cking Perfect" MMV back in 2011 and I edited some MEP parts for these two, but this is basically my first AMV for them... although it's also partially an MMV for the manga spoilers....

I tried using voices to go with the manga panels to help create the mood and stuff. 

I'm so glad the manga ended the way it did. They deserved this happy ending after all the hate they get.

Totally going to preorder the last two manga volumes. ;w;

Those Nameless Stars by Magrace 
Ko No Me Kaze by magrace
Avenue by Stella


  1. I love all of them!

    1. Thank you for your comment. It's great to see a sudden influx of fanworks from both the Japanese and English communities for Hayate x Nagi ever since the beautiful ending to this story.

    2. No problem, hayate and nagis love development was slow and steady isn't rushed their love development it's so beautiful.


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