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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 508: Even Tonegawa Would Hesitate -- Review and Synopsis

Maria-san, Maria-san! Cleaning stop!
Synopsis: Hayate blackmails Kananiwa into letting him decide what the final orientation would be since he has a recording of her collaborating with those wannabe terrorists. Also, she's just 28. Wait... I'm older than her? Umm... nevermind... moving on. So Hayate calls up everyone except Nagi (who is still fast asleep) and has everyone play cards in order to decide the winner -- since it's Las Vegas and all. Anyway, Izumi has an awesome poker face and Hina's good at everything... including cards. She declares that she CAN NOT LOSE! Anywayz... end of chapter. 

Am I the only one who likes Kananiwa? I think I'll do some Kananiwa fanart next time. Btw, this scene is totally doujin bait.
Review: After last week's excitement, things are moving slower in this chapter. I guess that "there is a bomb between them" thing was just a setup for something that'll become important later... or buried in obscurity. Classic Hata style. Also, mai waifu is not present so Iyam disappoint.

Also, once again, Hayate affirms Nagi's "amazing luck," while Hayate himself has terrible luck... no, I'm totally NOT implying anything here ;).

Anyway, Hayate was rather amusing here, but there a few things that have me wondering:

1. Why'd he choose a game of chance? He either wants to lose really badly or he's got a fail-safe plan for winning -- and he'll still lose anyway.

2. Why is he interested in Kananiwa's King's Jewel and why did he ask her to participate?

3. He was totally lying when he said that Nagi didn't want to participate given the determination she's shown to win. For Nagi, it's Hayate's life on the line after all (even though that was a really stupid reason Ruri gave her.)

Anyway, with that aside, let's move on to the next chapter in a hurry, shall we?

Not even interested in guessing who is being hinted at in the cliffhanger. Hata might just decide that it's time to bring in Ruri Tsugumi again.

Fanart Corner: This one is a request. It's not quite finished yet, but the colored pens version has color at least.


  1. There is a brilliant theory on the internet: Hayate will just assume he is playing the regular "Old Lady" game and he will get the Joker because of his invincible bad luck.

    1. ZOMG! That really IS brilliant. His bad luck is one of the universal laws of the hayateverse after all. With that said, we'd have to assume that Hayate's bad luck is based on his personal perception.


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