Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 509: The Chapter Title Is A Mouthful -- Review and Synopsis

Dat chapter title though...

Synopsis: Awright... real quickly, Hayate unleashes his trump card -- as correctly predicted by some smart person on the internet who is not me. He channels his bad luck to gain an advantage in the game of Reverse Old Maid. Everyone else follow suit, but eventually, it all boils down to Hayate vs Hina. Hina's final claim at "bad luck" is that the guy she likes won't ever notice her feelings, but eventually, it seems Hayate has won.. or so it seems. Cliffhata time!

Don't think she's actually lost just yet. This could have gone the other way based on ths cliffhanger... and Hata's track record.
Review: Hmm... interesting chapter, but still no sign of mai waifu... so meh! This looks like it might be the penultimate chapter to end the Level 5 arc -- as it's known in the manga. Still, there are quite a few things unresolved such as Ruri Tsugumi's involvement, as well as what's going on with Nagi? I don't buy for one moment that she just up and gave up on the competition since as I've mentioned before, it's "Hayate's life" and not the 150 million at stake for her.

Anyway, I guess there's room to throw out some wild speculations here.

Speculation Corner: Let's see... Hina's lose isn't enough to produce an explosion of negative emotions. She decides to confess to Hayate. Hayate is about to accept or does accept when Nagi storms in -- boom! Explosion of negative emotions. Final arc staaato!

I think this is consistent with the developments under chapter 413/Nagi finding Hayate hugging Ruka from behind and promising her happiness moment since I do not believe that event was really resolved.

Now there is a lot of room here to interpret the final panels of this chapter, but all of my interpretations might sound offensive to other shippers, so I shall refrain. It can also be interpreted in a positive way for Hina anyway.

Fanart Corner:
Had time to finish that request before this chapter was out. Kudos to RHS for getting this one out early.

Lady Wedge's outfit from Ayakashi Ghost Guild... whatever that is.


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