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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 534: Kiss to Kimei to Kiss -- Review and Synopsis

Hata sure loves to show off dat ASS! Nagi's turn next, ok?

Synopsis: Someone and someone: It's been a long time, hasn't it?
Someone else: It's nostalgic (probably Ruka and Hayate saying these)

Chiharu: Wait a sec, I'mma change clothes.

Ruka: yearh yearh watevs

Hayate: Imma prepare tea

Ruka: BTW, Hayate

Hayate: S'up?

Ruka: Ya remember that kiss?


Ruka: Eh? You've kissed me. So who else have you kissed since then?

Hayate: That's some strange talk... who else would I have kissed since... (remembers that Makise girl)

Hayate and Ruka: ......

Ruka:You have kissed someone else haven't you?

Ruka: It's only been two months but you've already kissed a different woman.

Hayate: Bah! How should I know? It was an accident ok? An accident!

Ruka: I see. You haven't changed at all. Still as popular as ever, I see.

Ruka: I mean, you even managed to hook this super kawaii idol-chan, didn't you?

Hayate: Like I said, whatevs! I dunno!

Ruka: You'r quite humble, ain't ya?

Hayate: It's true!

Chiharu who feels like a third wheel: Ayasaki really is popular, ain't he?

Chiharu: I'mma goin to Nagi's. How about u, Ruka?

Ruka: Oh, sorry. Gotta get back to work.

Ruka: Nagi's manga is due out soon, right?

The cuteness... it's overwhelming!

Chiharu: Yearh.

Chiharu: Watch out for it. It's really interesting.

At the Sanzenin's

Nagi: Being an idol sure is hard eh?

Chiharu: Rly.

Chiharu: by the way

Nagi: whut?

Chiharu: Do ya like Ayasaki?

Nagi: W-w-w-why?

Chiharu: Well... that is...

Chiharu: Well, this manga's hero and heroine are you and Ayasaki, amirite?


Nagi: Really, you otaku confuse fiction with reality!

Chiharu: You're one to talk!

Chiharu: So? What it is it really?

Nagi: That's right! I love him! Is there a problem with that?

Chiharu: No, no... there's no problem at all.

Nagi: Well, I didn't even start all of this!

Chiharu: Eh? Such as?

Nagi: Like a confession of love! These feelings all started from Hayate!

Chiharu: Eh, really?

Nagi: That's right! Hayate fell in love with me at first sight!

Chiharu: Is that so? I'm shocked. Ayasaki is a lolicon.

Nagi: Hayate fell in love with me, that's why I made him my butler!

So hard to choose! Too many cute reactions from mai waifu this chapter... dun worry, baby! You'll be just fine.

Nagi: What else do ya wanna know? I'll tell you everything!

Nagi: First of all, that time when Hayate confessed to me.

Flashback to Hayate's "confession.

Narration: It was actually a kidnapping.

Chiharu: Really? That Ayasaki?

Nagi: That's right! And he was really pushy about it!

Chiharu: He sure doesn't look like he's capable of that.

Nagi: Yeah, really.

Chiharu: So... are you two planning to get married in the future?

Nagi: Well, if all goes well, we'll get to that eventually.

Chiharu: I see! Good luck then. Do your best as a manga artist and to get the Sanzenin inheritance.

Nagi: Uh... why?

Chiharu: Isn't it obvious?

Chiharu: Other than money, you have no appeal as a woman.

Nagi: Shaddup! I do so have appeal as a woman.

Chiharu: Wait a sec, calm down.

Chiharu: What kind of man would find a woman who is an arrogant hikkomori mangaka appealing?

Nagi: Who're you calling an arrogant hikkikomori mangaka? You're being impolite!

Chiharu: That's why I'm telling you to calm down a bit.

Chiharu: Ayasaki kun is a lolicon!

Chiharu: He only has eyes for you and he's confessed, that's great.

Chiharu: But in 10 years time... do you think he'll still feel the same for you?

Chiharu: Definitely, that guy doesn't react to girls of the same age like Ruka and Hinagiku.

Chiharu: That's why money will be an important factor for the future of the two of you.

Chiharu: Without money you won't be able to buy anything. Money opens the way to happiness, don't you think?

Nagi: I see... well, you have a point.

Chiharu: Yeah, if the business fails. It will eventually end in divorce.

Chiharu: Eh, is that so? You haven't confessed yet?

Nagi: I'll confess ok! Now go home already!

Chiharu: Money is very important for your future!

At Ruka's studio.

Ruka: But I'm glad to hear that you're not dating anyone, Hayate.

Ruka: If you were to fall in love with someone, I'd be a little shocked, that's why.

At that time, a thought entered Hayate's head.

The path to the royal garden could be opened by feelings of unrequited love.

Through an intense love that suddenly becomes cold, surely the explosion of negative feelings that will open the path will come right?

Hayate: So whose love should I use for ojou-sama's sake? Whose love should I use?

Review: We've got a loaded chapter here. We're shown just what's in Nagi's or how she perceives things from her perspective. No surprise that she thinks Hayate's head over heels in love with her. She might have doubted it at some point, but the butler's own confusing signals left her with no other choice but to believe in the scenario that she already had a bias for in her head: that Hayate fell in love with her at first sight.

So was she wrong? Well, the manga definitely tells us that she's probably dead wrong, but how wrong is she really? Was there really not a single trace of love/romance on December 24 of that night? Again, Hayate's inner monologue would seem to indicate that the answer is yes, but because we have little reason to believe in the character's own monologue in the Hayate-verse, let's not be too sure here. Remember that Ruka also said she hated her idol career -- just before her own emotional breakdown and only to retract her statements later -- so let's not jump to hasty conclusions here.

He's still thinking of her... even while concocting a totally evil plan -- more evil than anything Hisui has done so far.

With that said, things seem to be leading towards the big "bomb between them" which will probably culminate when Nagi attempts to confess to Hayate just as he's thinking about an evil thought like using someone's love to open the path to the Royal Garden.

Which leads me to Ayasaki himself: seriously, what is he thinking? Why would he even go this far for Nagi's sake? Well, I do believe that he himself doesn't even realize why he is doing this because he's never reflected on his own actions before. All that matters to him now is winning Nagi her inheritance -- without taking her feelings into account -- AND this is his big mistake which will eventually lead to probably him triggering the bomb between them and causing Nagi's eventual heartbreak. Also, does he really think Nagi would approve of his actions? Of course! I forgot, he's not thinking of Nagi's or anyone else's feelings at all. Like I've said before, for all his facade of selflessness, Hayate is a lot more selfish than Nagi ever will be... wait! I didn't say that before? Well, I'm saying it now.

Let's not delude ourselves here, Nagi's heartbreak WILL happen. The plot demands it and to have it go in another direction wouldn't just be a shocking swerve, it wold be a big waste of the developments of the plot since the very start of this manga 533 chapters ago.

The only question after that is how Hata chooses to resolve it. Let's just say that if Nagi becomes the candidate to open the Royal Garden, it's going to be painful to watch for a while, but that basically seals the deal in her favor in the  "ending girl" department.

Of course, there are lots of things still to come in-between. For one, Chiharu now knows Nagi's feelings. Since she's smart and inquisitive, she might figure things out on her own -- now Maria chose to be silent about the misunderstanding, but what would Chiharu choose to do? Let's wait and see because her actions might be crucial in the future... or not.

As for Ruka, well... it just seems to me that Hata just wanted to remind us that she's still a part of this manga and that she's still a fun character. She doesn't seem all that bothered with her so-called "scandal," because like she said in the previous chapter, it's all groundless.

By the way, if Hayate goes through with his plans, he's worse than Hisui. Someone needs to slap some sense into him soon!


Fanart Corner: Funny how timely this fanart is. I just wanted to draw Nagi in this pose/face after seeing how Hayate describes her to Athena as the type who even complains to the sun when it rises in the morning. Love these colored pencils... and watercolor pencils recently. GOODBYE digital art!

She's not wrong.


  1. I get the feeling Hayate is going to focus his ridiculously evil plan on Ruka, and that's exactly why she was re-introduced just now.

    1. I hope not... Ruka doesn't deserve that... actually, no one deserves that. Wait, Hayate should have it done to him instead!

    2. Should be... Hayate is the one who deserves that. It should be done to him instead.

  2. It is really cruel to target Ruka, but that's all on Hayate, who lest we forget did not exclude Hina, Hamster, or even his own ex-girlfriend Athena from his possible target list. (Kind of the last nail in the coffin for him ever hooking up with any of them, TBH)

    Also, while Nagi confessing is an exciting future development, it reminds me that Hayate already knows, technically. It seems to be the awareness of Nagi's feelings that's driving him into pure evil mode lately.

    I think partially it's driven by guilt. He likely doesn't feel that he can (or maybe doesn't deserve to) return her feelings, and the prospect of letting down his savior to that degree makes him feel like he absolutely must do everything else he can for her no matter what.

    It's incredibly stupid, deluded, and self destructive, but that's what makes it interesting, bringing all the darker aspects of Hayate and Nagi's relationship into the open so that they can eventually be dealt with properly after everything breaks down.

    And really, I wouldn't worry about Hayate not getting what's coming to him. His inevitably breaking Nagi's heart and losing her is going to absolutely destroy him.

    1. YES! YES! Unlike other people out there, YOU TOTALLY GET IT!

      Also, that's a good assumption. He probably does know but thinks he's not worthy of her feelings. I definitely can't accept something like "he never had feelings for her."

      Still, he's definitely driving himself down a destructive path. Also yeah, breaking Nagi will definitely hurt him -- a lot more than he can prepare for.

  3. I just don't understand why hayate is thinking of using someone's unrequited love to help nagi. What those girls feel for him are genuine and what he's thinking right now is downright cruel. He's even including Athena in this regard. If he thinks he's helping nagi then he's wrong because he's doing it for his own selfish interests. No matter how much he tries to justify that he's doing it for nagi's sake, it's basically just for himself that he's going to such levels.

    1. My sentiments exactly -- and thus why I say he's actually quite selfish.

      Well, at least now we're getting some insight as to how twisted Hayate's mind can be. He needs a good reality check soon.

  4. And upon reading dkthias' translation... Maybe Hayate's thinking of doing it to himself? That'd be pretty strange but also very in-character for him. Still not sure upon re checking the raws what he means. Either way, still a bad plan. Also, he'll probably choose Hina whom he's certain will "surely" reject him or something... He's not that oblivious is he?

    1. Yeah I read the translation. So now hayate wants to turn himself into the sacrificial lamb? Even if he does that, that's still not fine. Like, suddenly deciding to love someone just because... that's really stupid. Love is not like a mood-"today I feel like loving so let's see whom I shall love for nagi's sake." It's like, "today I feel like wearing a hat so I'll wear a hat. Let's see. Now which hat shall I choose?" Also, he can't just all of a sudden fall in love with someone like that. He definitely still has feelings for Athena but can't use those feelings because they're not unrequited. And I do think he loves nagi, he just hasn't realised it himself. Rather, what is unrequited between hayate and nagi is any kind of overt response on part of hayate towards nagi which would look like he's attracted towards her. That is unrequited. But as far as love is concerned, he definitely loves nagi. The only option left is for nagi to now realise the original misunderstanding and again misunderstand, this time think that hayate doesn't love her when actually he does.

    2. Yeah, although it's still not a sure thing that he actually plans to do it to himself because it's a preposterous idea, as you said. Does he really think that "falling in love" is something you can turn on/off like a switch?

      Also, wow... I like your take on Hayate's feelings for Nagi. I've always felt that was the case, but Hata is really really reluctant to give us any kind of clue -- an overt response as you said.

      I mean just give us anything, anything at all that might signal that he has any kind of attraction towards Nagi. Let him say that her hair smells nice as he's carrying her, let him think "wow, she's pretty" while looking at her profile... any kind of clue, really and well GG everyone.

    3. I have lost hope after 500 plus chapters that hayate will show any kind of sign that will remotely indicate that he's attracted to nagi. In fact, I'll be surprised if he does show. Love has many forms and the way hayate shows his love for nagi is just different. I think the reason he hasn't shown attraction towards her is partly because she's very young but mostly because hayate feels very comfortable around her. It is with her that he shows his myriads of expressions, she gives him the incentive to work hard, she is the one who drives him beyond human boundaries. And I think he's also very possessive of Nagi. It's just that Nagi hasn't shown any interest in any guy other than hayate which is why the latter's possessive streak didn't come out. But I'm very sure if nagi showed an interest in any other guy, hayate would be jealous. Maybe he'll be surprised first but then jealousy would creep in.

    4. Personally, I haven't lost hope. It might come near the very end of the manga, but I feel that it's a necessary event that must happen in order to pave the way for a true romance between them to happen -- even if that happens outside the scope of the manga. So yeah, it might even be just a slight hint at the ending to cap things off with a bang.

  5. ZOMG! Talking with someone over FB... he should totally do it to Kotetsu!


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