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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 531: Who the woman is inside~ Who the woman is inside~ -- Review and Synopsis

So classy... so pretty... and so tsundere in this pic.

Synopsis: Risa: Yo, Hayate... big boobs or tits? Which do ya prefer?

Hayate: What the fuck are ya asking all of a sudden?

Risa: Well, it was getting boring so...

Hayate: I understand that it's getting boring, but why ask me about my sexual preferences all of a sudden?

Risa: Coz I can't believe that Hayata-kun could keep up that gentlemanly attitude even when he's alone. You're a teenage boy after all.

Risa: Usually, you'd look at girls with perverted eyes... so c'mon, tell me all the bloody details (this translation is soo wrong, but it should be similar in spirit)

Risa: So, how about it? You're basically in a tits festival right now. Whose do ya like?

Hayate: I DUNNO!

Risa: For example, Hina over there is an AAA size who wears A cup bras all the time. She's the goddess of tits, don't ya think?


Hayate: Fudge! I don't look at girls just for the size of their breasts!

Risa: Uggh... it hurts... (scratches her head)

Hayate: WHut? You ok?

Risa: Dun worry, I'm fine

Risa: Your answer is giving me a headache, that's why...

Hayate: ...

Hayate: Well wtf do you want me to say? I'll tell you if you'll calm down.

Risa: Hayata-kun, you're interested in girls, right? So tell us!

Miki: That's right, Hayata-kun, you've seen Nagi-chan and Izumi naked, right?

Miki: Which one did you like better? I'm listening!

Hayate: There's no way I can answer that, amirite?

Miki: That's the look of a person who has already decided on his rankings, right?

Risa: Yup, I get that feeling.

Miki: Isn't that nice, Izumi? You're number 3

Miki: Wait, where's Izumi?

Hina: Eh?

Nagi: Are are?

Everyone: SHE's NOT HERE!

Hina: Come to think of it, I haven't noticed her since we went out of the tower.

Hayate: So she's lost in the tower!?

Hayate: I'll go look for her!

Hina: Wait, alone?

Hayate: Yeah, I've got the plans for the tower with me so...

Hayate: Anywayz, I'm goin

Hina: Well... it's a bit worrisome, but we've got work to do here, right?

Miki and Risa: All right, let's go.

Hina: Eh... where?

Miki: To chase after Hayata-kun. We've gotta know his sexual preferences!

Hina: Hah?

Miki: We can't leave the two of them alone in the dungeon anyway.

Risa: They're both extraordinary troublemakers

It could lead to... "ero troubles," Izumi has a nice body after all.

Besides, you guys want to know Hayata-kun's sexual preferences too, right?

Hina: b-but work!

Miki: Yo dad, we got some work to be done here. Could ya send some people over to help out ASAP?

Hayate: oi, segawa saaan!

Now where could she have gone to.... oh, these are her clothes... hm?

Crystal Ball: To proceed further, you need to answer a great question.

Crystal Ball: Are you an S or an M? Which is it?

Hayate: I really shouldn't answer this, right?

Crystal Ball: ANSWER!

Hayate: S or M huh?

Crystal Ball: You're an M aren't ya?

Hayate: (flexes fingers) Nah... you'd say I'm an S, amirite?

Crystal Ball: (sweatdrops)... question 2: Where would you take a girl out on a first date?

1: To a cafe for some Ramen?
2. To a movie
3. Holding hands
4. A sudden kiss

Hayate: There are more than 4 choices, right?

Crystal Ball: You're surprisingly the aggressive type aren't you?

Hayate: No, no... and wtf is up with this conversation?

Miki: Hayata kun is surprisingly the dominant type, isn't he?

Risa: Yup, definitely.

Oi, Hayata-kun!

Hayate: That voice... Segawa-san?

Izumi: Hayata-kun! Hayate-kun!

Hayate: Segawa-san! Damn, she's behind this door?

Crystal Ball: And now... for the last question.

Hayate: WTF!

Crystal Ball: What's the ranking of the girl beyond this door?

Hayate: I would rank this girl.

Crystal Ball: Based on breast size only?

Hayate: 4th place

Izumi: WAIT!

Hayate: Oh, Segawa-san... you're safe.

Izumi: Wait a sec, why am I in 4th place, Hayata-kun?

Miki: Izumi is 4th huh?

Risa: I wonder whose on top?

Nagi and Hina: Speechless (Nagi has a blank face on)

Suddenly, Sakuya calls Nagi.

Nagi: Hellewz? What? Really?


Review: Woo hoo! Nagi cover and she is looking damn fine in it, son!

Well, this was a pretty tame chapter considering the 2-week break. Also, I'm pretty surprise at how bold the subject matter for this chapter is -- Hayate's sexual preferences, of all things.

So anyway, while this was a seemingly innocent chapter with nothing really groundbreaking except the cliffhanger at the end, I believe there were a few different things worth noting here:

First of all, note how silent Hina and Nagi are in this chapter with their emoji faces -- especially Nagi. While it was played off for laughs, I think it actually serves to show how important this subject matter is to them. Nagi barely saida word in this chapter, while Hina only reacted to try and take charge of the situation after she was called out.

Secondly, we have a little bit of a nod to some character development by Hayate. We see that he's not that much of a pushover anymore and the Troll Crystal Ball (Who is probably Yukariko) even notes that he's actually suprisingly aggressive even though it called him an "M" initially. Also, Hayate actually gets agitated by Miki and Risa's teasing and blurts out that it's not about the breast size but about the personality -- yup, you got that right, Ayasaki!

Third, I believe that at this point, even if it's unnecessary, this chapter has subtly sunk the Izumi ship -- if there ever was one. We see that Hayate refuses to give her a rank in his heart when the Troll Crystal Ball asks him, but he has an immediate answer of "4th place" when asked to use breasts as the only measure.

Allow me to explain: it's understandable that he wouldn't want to place a rank on the safety of a good friend, but if he had any real feelings for her, he probably wouldn't rank even her body out of the blue with a 4th place if he knew the girl was listening.

I really don't think he'd say that so quickly if it was Nagi behind that door. It does serve up some intrigue as to who ranks above Izumi -- even if it's just about breast size... note that Miki's guess based on Hayate's expression wasn't that far-off.

Hmm... that about covers everything I wanna say about this chapter, so see ya next week.

Fanart Corner: Well, I've been playing around with colored pencils a lot lately, so I've got quite a few to show ya.
Burn haters~

You know you like it, Hayate-kun~

Betcha you can't guess the reference~

Always wanted to draw her with her hat on

I fooled quite a few people trying to pass this off as a preview of the next chapter.

This was inspired by the PV for "Calc" ft. Hatsune Miku for Project Diva X

Rawrr! Babeh! Raaawrr!
Pic inspired by a similar expression from Aisaka Taiga


  1. This is chapter for real? But it was fun in a way. So, Hayate is the aggressive type and a 's'. Oookay!
    Fine fanarts! I like the one best where Hayate and Nagi kiss and also the last one after reading this chapter.

    1. I was quite surprised that Hata's editors let him get away with this much, actually.

      Haha... Hayate sort of bullied the Crystal Ball into agreeing that he's an S.

      Also, I like doing manual art lately. Digital art looks nice and clean and allows me to get rid of errors, but there's just something satisfying about doing it the traditional way.


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