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Why I Love Nagi Sanzenin~!

So... why do I love Nagi?
You got THAT right, alrighty~

Here's a little heads-up. I usually write articles about why other people shouldn't hate Nagi and/or give reasons as to why YOU should love her. Well, people continue to hate her in spite of that and they probably won't listen to me anyway so... ya know what? Screw you, internet!

THis time, here's an article written entirely on the premise of why I love Nagi -- emphasis on the "I!"

That's right. I'm just going to randomly list out MY reasons (which may sometimes be redundant) off the top of my head as to why I personally love Nagi... so here we go!

Looking at her cute face makes my day

Basically, this means I really like her character design. The twin tails, the expressive eyes and her general cute appearance just puts a smile on my face. Simply looking at her cute face is enough to make my day -- and really, call me shallow if you wish, but that's a good enough reason for me to like her. Not only does she have a cute and pretty face by default, but she's also very entertaining to look at with the host of expressions she has. Just take a look at the variety of expressions she displays within the very first few minutes of her initial appearance in the first episode of Can't Take My Eyes Off You... or just read any chapter of the manga wherein she makes a prominent appearance -- fortunately, that shouldn't be too hard to do as she's the co-main character.

I can't get enough of her cutieful face.

She's sexy in her own way 

Sure she's flat-chested, but Nagi's got a nice curvy body in spite of that and really long, hot legs. Don't mind the fact that she's 13 in the manga. She was born on December 3, 1991. She's fine~

Anyway, look at how Hata himself illustrates her. She IS sexy!

Good job, Tama... wait, she's technically your MOTHER!

Hayate... you blind, blind man~

Credits to kyuubi3000 for the colors and vectors for this image. I just colored in her mouth as well in this pic.

She's a sweet girl

She really is. You just need to look past her tsundere attributes and you'll find that she is really one of the nicest among the Kugimiya big four. She might give off the impression of being distrustful and initially abrasive, but once she warms up to you, she really is a sweet and honest girl.

She's An Effin Otaku

Heck, her otaku levels put me to shame. She reads manga, watches anime, and plays video games -- and that's just the tip of the iceberg. She also apparently collects anime figures and she watches everything from Gundam to Love Live. Also, thanks to her genius level intellect, she remembers every single anime/manga she's ever read or watched. She's also got a mind of her own and will force her own interests onto you if you let her.


She's Willful and Headstrong But Not Heartless

And really, I like that part of her a lot. Like I said, she's got a mind of her own and she can impose her will upon you if you allow her to.

More importantly, she doesn't take crap from anyone. If you hate her, she hates you right back. If you try to hit on her butler even though you're a guy, she'll drop-kick you in the face even if she appears to be totally weak and unathletic. She'll also feel a bit sorry for you and give you some advice on pursuing your love even if it seems wrong after that.

If you kidnap her, she'll give you this "I don't give a ****" face while patiently and faithfully awaiting Hayate to rescue her.

Fortunately, she's also very sweet and kind to the people that she really cares for -- just asks her pets, Tama, Shiranui... and Hayate.

She Made My Art Better

Seriously, just look at my art from back when I was active in the OELVN/EVN Circles compared to my fanart nowadays!


Recent Colored Pencils Art
Recent Digital Art

I never had much motivation to improve my art back in the day and people shoving their "helpful critique" in my face didn't help, either; but my love for Nagi has inspired me to render her better whether I'm using digital or traditional media and really, look at how much my art has improved.

I got better at japanese because Of her

If having a "waifu" is such an unhealthy endeavor, then why do I see huge improvements in my Japanese reading level ever since I started reading Hayate  The Combat Butler? The delayed scanlations and the fall of Red Hawk Scans have inspired me to up my Japanese level so that I can at least read the simplistic Japanese in the manga raws and find out what happens to Nagi (and company) every week.

She motivates me

We all need a reason to go on, right? Some people have their families, some people have their girlfriend, some people do it for the common good, some people are nature lovers, some people do it for the thrill of the adventure... and some people just want to watch the world burn~ (I kinda do as well, but let's not get into that. This is a happy article.)

Youji Itami from GATE said that "I work to support my hobbies, so if I were to choose between prioritizing my work or my hobbies, I would definitely choose my hobbies."

Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's almost complete?
In other words, collecting Nagi-related merchandise has become my raison d'etre in this mundane world where the search for meaning is often a zero sum game. I may just be supporting commercialism with my efforts, but just knowing that I have an offiicial product that features Nagi is enough to spur me on and inspire me to continue despite any adversities that life may throw at me -- and isn't the power to face adversity something that we all long for in our lives?

She loves Hayate!

And the number one reason why I love Nagi so much? It's because she loves Hayate!

Don't get me wrong, though. It's not that I like Hayate as a character and that's why I support Nagi's love for him -- it really has to do with how Nagi has proven her love for Hayate time and time again.

These two pages illustrate how Nagi has nurtured and developed her love for Hayate throughout the series.

Out of everyone who loves or has loved Hayate, I believe Nagi's love for him to be the most "correct." Again, this is purely personal opinion, but I believe that love should be selfless and yet also be a little bit selfish and Nagi's feelings of love for Hayate really exemplify this.

Yes, her love was definitely built over a misunderstanding and many people would dismiss this as "wrong," but as a contemporary individual living in modern times, I don't believe in passing judgment based on a bad premise alone.

DESPITE being built upon a misunderstanding, Nagi has overcome various obstacles and her feelings for Hayate, while having seemingly wavered quite a few times, have not only survived, but they have actually been tempered and shaped by these trials so that now, I can definitely say with certainty that even if people would not consider it as "true love" just yet, I would definitely call it a very pure and honest, and most of all a very strong and enduring love -- and really, this is the kind of love that should only be reserved for couples who have spent decades together -- but here in this manga, we are witnessing it from a 13 and a half year old girl who quite honestly, simply had a girly crush on her butler just a little over 8 months ago.

So yes, I love Nagi because watching her feelings of love for Hayate gives me a little bit of hope, a little bit of something to believe in, in this decidedly mundane, cold, unforgiving world of ours.

Therefore, laugh at me (I'll laugh back at you), judge me all you like (I'll judge you too), hate on my tastes (I'll hate on yours too), call my love fake because it can't be reciprocated, but I love Nagi Sanzenin and this will not change...  -- even if Hata Kenjiroh himself does not give her the happy ending that she deserves... but don't worry, in Hata I trust!


  1. I find nagi a lot similar to chitoge from nisekoi. Hopefully chitoge and raku end up together because it'll give me greater hope for hayate and nagi to end up together. Besides, nagi and chitoge both are blondes and hayate and raku both are blue haired ( although hayate's hair colour is lighter ).

    1. Not familiar with Nisekoi. At least Chitoge's supporters are solid, though.

      Nagi's always been the underdog in her own series.

  2. Yesss! You understand Nagi in very deep. I also love her. My no.1 fav character

  3. I have to say, I am very happy I found this article, now I know there is hope in this world, because I love her too and don't understand why other people (specially Hinagiku fans) hate her or don't want Hayate to end up with her. She is the only reason I read the whole manga in the first place and I hate all those chapters where she was not present.

    1. The best part is that we won anyway, despite all the hate from the western fanbase.


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