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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 532: That Place Definitely Exists -- Review and Synopsis

Hmm... nah, Nagi has the sexier legs and butt~

Synopsis: Time is 5/16

Yozora: Still, this cellphone is pretty convenient. As expected, things have really evolved a lot in 2700 years.

Yozora: Anywayz, small talk aside, I can't get inside the Royal Garden without a King's Jewel. But it's awright, My objective will give me access (holding a magazine of Ruka) . Still... I'm not sure where to begin.

Yozora: Anyway, the main problem is the King's Jewel. Aika dun have it.

Yozora: Probably Tennousu Athena, she has the snake

Yozora: Well, no need to worry. There's plenty of time. With a little push, Hayate Ayasaki will make contact.

Back to present time

Yozora: Not bad at all... now tell me where dat der key is.

Klaus: Har, I laugh at thee

Klaus: On my pride as a Sanzenin Butler, I shall never talk!

Yozora: I see you're well-prepared, ain't ya?

Yozora: You're not wearing anything underneath, are you?

KLaus: Eh? No no! I'm wearing pants after all.

Yozora: Ooh, stop thinking such borderline dirty thoughts~

Klaus: No no! like I told you, I have pants on!

Yozora: Oh no... it's sexual harrassment!

Doorbell rings

Hisui: It's a guest of mine. Stop playing with that bare butler.

Klaus: Like I said, that's not it.

Yozora: Guest? Who the fudge is that?


Yozora: That's Aizawa Sakuya... who the fudge is she talkin to?

Yozora: That's... (she's talking to Machina who is up a tree for some reason)

Yozora: That guy is Tennousu Athena's serpent?

Sakuya: Anywayz, chairman Tennousu told ya to keep out of sight, right?

Machina: S'awright. That's why I'm totally hidden... up this tree.

Sakuya: No no, that's just plain silly.

Yozora: I see... that serpent is with Aizawa Sakuya.

Yozora: Anywayz, the King's Jewel is there!

Sakuya: Return Klaus, will ya? Why'd you kidnap him anyway?

Hisui: For sexual harrassment?

Sakuya: That's the lowest!

Hisui: Just kidding. I'll let im go as soon as he tells me where da loto key is.

Sakuya: Loto key?

Hisui: Look, it's a necessary key for the Sanzenin Inheritance. Dun ask me... Nagi named it! Why does that family have such a stupid naming sense?

Sakuya: I get it, but won't that strain the relationship between you two?

Hisui: You haven't changed at all. Once a fool, always a fool!


Hisui: Eh, you've always been a fool to me.

Sakuya: You ain't so clever yourself, you

Sakuya: Anywayz, why do you want everything for yourself. You're not thinking of sharing, are you?

Hisui: Corz not. 0_0 I want everything for myself.

Sakuya: That's why the inheritance hasn't been handed down to you... for that matter, I don't think Nagi will get it, either.

Sakuya: Like I thought, this wasn't such a good idea.

Sakuya: You do know that you're not gonna get anything out of Klaus, amirite?

Yozora: Still, I don't think it's completely useless.

Hisui: Yozora?

Sakuya: Who dis?

Hisui: My maid, Yozora. She's been toying with Klaus-san's lower body this entire time.

Sakuya: This maid is the worst!

Hisui: Did Klaus speak up yet?

Yozora: Yes, he calls me a queen now.

Sakuya: WTF are you sayin, Klaus?

Yozora: Anywayz, making Klaus talk is difficult but...

Yozora: Something nice just appeared as a present before you.

Yozora: Evil knowing glance

Hisui: Evil knowing glances back

Hisui: Fine. Take Klaus. I'mma goin to bed.

Sakuya to Nagi: Strangely... Klaus was rescued so easily.

Nagi: Understood. Thanks.

Hayate: Klaus was rescued, right?

Nagi: Yes, strangely quite easily.

Miki: Oi Nagi-chan, the analysis of the Maze's characters is finished.

Nagi: What was written?

Miki: Well... I dun get it.





Hayate: The white sky place of love's meaning? Could it be?


Mai waifu is so cute even when she looks confused.

Review: Well, the plot is certainly plodding along at its usual snail's pace, but at least we're getting more revelations.

Don't be fooled, though. It might seem like there's a big reveal incoming given the riddle at the end of this chapter, but take note that it's Hayate who seems to know what's up... and Hayate Ayasaki is an ambiguous man~

It's also  worth noting that even Hisui was shown with a comedic face in this chaptera and she wasn't threatening at all when she was dealing with Sakuya. I suppose that's proof that she might be very greedy, but  both Sakuya and Nagi don't think that badly of her.

I have no idea wazzup with Machina and what Yozora saw in him, but I suppose it's safe to say that Machina himself might have a King's Jewel. Also, it might be a translation error on my part, but Yozora seems to imply that she's been around for over 2700 years -- if so, then is she some kinda vampire? Come to think of it, she does kinda look like the Succubus, Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers... but maybe that's just me!

Jokes about Klaus... kinda fell flat on me... and I get the feeling I understood it wrong. Yozora's troll face was amusing though. It's really strange how Hisui just let him go, but we do have those exchange of evil glances from the apparent villains of this arc so yeah... think about it, I guess.

Speculation Corner: Haven't had one of these in a while. Anyway, the way Yozora was behaving in this chapter, I kinda get the feeling that she's the real mastermind behind whatever evil schemes are being concocted in the background and that she's somehow using even Hisui because of her greed -- which was played partially for comedic effect in this chapter, by the way. Also, Sakuya didn't seem surprised at all by the extent of Hisui's greed -- so they must really know each other well. In fact, in volume 48, there's a panel with Wataru, Isumi, Sakuya and Hisui up a tree as kids and Nagi watching them from below... but you probably won't believe me so...

Isumi hangin from dat tree from Kanon like a boss!

Fanart Corner: Well, you've probably noticed that this is the new blog header. This is for a short 3-part mini-series fanfic that I'm writing. It's basically an alternate universe version of Hayate no Gotoku! with things a little bit different and the main focus being only on Hayate and Nagi. So this fic will be Hayate no Gotoku! If lordcloudx wrote it.
Because everything looks better in Japanese!

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