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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 517: Saki-San's Tavern Visit Journal -- Review and Synopsis

She kinda looks like Ayumu's brother.

Synopsis: The doujin shop is doing well.

Wataru is grateful gives Saki a bonus and tells her to take a break and spend the money for herself.

She does so, but has no idea what to do with the money. Her bonus amounts to five hundred thousand yen. She saves 300 thousand. She goes to Ginza and is tempted to buy all sorts of items but doesn't. She feels like a real princess with so much money to spend.

She enters a sushi shop and decides to spend some money here like a real Japanese working woman.

She's all conscious about acting like a real adult woman and is doing fine until she mentions something that makes things all awkward while ordering.

Anyway, her Sake arrives and she decides to drown her embarrassment in Sake. She really likes it. Her order also arrives and it's really good.

She feels like a real adult woman now... but then she doesn't know how much everything costs. There's no menu or price tag. Anyway, she decides that it's all good since it's covered by her bonus.

Back with Wataru. It's closing time at the shop. Saki says that she has become an adult... end of chapter.

Review: Hmm... no Nagi no Likey as usual. Anyway, it's a Saki chapter... so let's see... what can I say?

Well, if you were curious about how the doujin shop was doing, it's doing very well. With that aside, it looks like Wataru and Saki have really settled into an almost, but not quite romantic relationship. Wataru cares for Saki while she definitely has feelings for him. It's slightly one-sided and I guess it's a bit of a parallel to Hayate x Nagi... ya know, just like how Wataru confessing to Isumi with "I loved you" is also a parallel to something *hints* :3

Ok... that's all I can say. On to the fanart.

Fanart Corner: Finished coloring this one. I plan to add a background and received several suggestions via social media. Do you have any?
Suggestions so far:

  • Inside a mansion with a hall of mirrors
  • Dance studio
  • Las Vegas
  • Pier where Ikusa was found
Dat lovely loli body~


  1. two fillers in row. hata must be having hard time working on more than one manga at a time. either that or he really like doing this to us. slice of life is a important part of hng but at the moment i reeally want to know about what's happening with maria,nagi and hayate.

    though the ayumu filler gave me the impression that hayate is back to normal.he has used his classic approach to avoid the situation by keeping himself busy with work and people around him. all these sentiments bottled up inside might come out at some point and hina confessing might cause it.i could have said athena but hina seems more plausible. damm all i can do is make speculations.hope next chapter will be plot related.

    your fan art looks nice. nagi's position gives me the feeling as if she is dancing on some retro number so how about disco tech for your background. i will love to it when you finish the art.

    1. oh! i have got more to say it seems that hata sensei is not going to the issues around the core trio maria,nagi and hayate. the reason may be his new manga or just how hata likes to do it i mean 9 months were covered in 11 years. besides relation maria,nagi and hayate needs to be handled with care so he may not want to rush it. either way i am not expecting much from next chapter[s].

    2. Hmm... yeah, but there's something else that feels off here... >;)

  2. Also... let me just point out a few things real bluntly so that it's clear. Als, these are all MY personal opinions/observations:

    Hayate x Nagi sibling relationship = obviously personal opinion of some people, but this opinion has been invalidated early by the Shimoda onsen arc.

    Kazuki for Nagi = Can't work. He knows her feelings are reserved for someone else and she already shot him down.

    Athena x Hayate = The entire golden week arc was about ending this relationship and relegating it to the past while not-even-subtly implying that Nagi is the future.

    1. Wataru for Nagi: If you think Hayate x Nagi have never developed their relationship... what in the actual **** do you call this? It's like a last-minute excuse thought up by some 10 year-old kid so that Hayate can live happily ever after with A-tan... (yes, I'm angry.)

    2. If you're gonna ship someone else with Hayate, it's fine... it's all good, but please STAHP making sweeping generalizations and half-baked ideas about what should happen to Nagi.

  3. Let me also just point out that people are wishing for what is basically the invalidation of everything that Nagi has been working her cute loli butt off for so far.

    Also, neither Wataru nor Kazuki have been actively doing anything within the last 9999 chapters to even deserve Nagi.

    1. Also, PLEASE PLEASE not the old "but love isn't something that you actively seek. It just happens and you know when you find THE ONE blah blah blah blah."

      There is NO romantic spark between Hayate and Nagi, but there is an effin Mt Everest full of potential for it to happen and it's all there within the manga if you'd only look past your anti-Nagi shipping lens.

  4. Please understand where the frustration comes from when you do your best to actively avoid attacking other ships and every other person relentlessly goes out of their way to attack yours in order to advance their own.

    1. the shipping wars never gets old. some people are so hung up on their ship that they will keep rooting for it even after hayaye makes his decision on his special someone. i read in one omake that hata is going for a romantic ending may be where all characters are paired. i am just glad its not left to readers imagination.

      nagi being younger than hayate and the debt where made so that their pairing will seem unlikely at least one part is checked off the list. that is how a manga of this genre are made. if these hurdles were not there nagi would have won long time ago and we wont be having these shipping wars. hata really enjoys messing with us. it has been 11 years for crying out loud.

      in terms of development nagi is fine.nagi is 13 she may have skipped grades but she cant skip the growth process.we will see that if we compare her with kayura . i feel that may be one of the reason kayura was designed in manga, she is same age as nagi and has skipped grades.

      nagi's pairing with hayate looks bit off now so i feel we may have time skip or she might have growth spurt after she turns 14 like saku. at the moment athena looks more deserving but that is the only romantic development by far and it was so touching that even i cried along side hayate. if the guy can so that then i am sure he can work nagi and hayate dynamic as well.

    2. Interesting... I don't think I've seen that omake you mentioned. As for Kayura, well... there was also Isumi to fill that role before her -- and she doubled as a pseudo-rival for Nagi as well.

      I won't disagree that Athena looks more deserving to be with Hayate, but that's only if you don't take Nagi's perspective into account -- which most people are more than willing to do.

    3. i meant atan looks deserving now because of the eotw chapters but i am positive nagi will win.the prototype manga also mentioned that it was a love story between nagi and hayate. nobody can deny that nagi has top priority in hayate's life. their fate has been sealed by hata. romantic development between will happen at some point [hata only knows]. i picked up this manga because even i liked this pair.

      i forgot isumi and saku is also around the same age but i always felt kayura was more like nagi because kayura is also otaku like nagi but point taken.

      next chapter will be out on 10th feb. why hata! is he exhausted from all the work or is he working on some big reveal. after how hata suddenly brought maria in the story he might do something like that and surprise us. that or we will get a chapter on grandpa mikado coz we all want to see him sad coz maria is in grand canyon and not with him. nooo i take that back!

    4. Yeah, it does seem like Hata has something big brewing in the background. Maybe the old "bomb between them" is really going off.

      Also, I would be honestly very surprised if someone actually cares about Mikado. :D


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