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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 518: Ill-Known Secret Method -- Synopsis and Review

Screw the cover art for this chapter, check out Volume 47's cover art. Ad Astra Per Aspera reference from a Hayate no Gotoku! Inspired pose in Ad Astra Per Aspera... Hata's so META, man! Also, I would not mind being Hayate in that position. Nagi can order me around all she likes.
Synopsis: It's a Fumi and Sharna chapter. Fumi greets us all a happy new year and she wants to make money.

She's in the poorhouse right now because she has to take care of Armageddon (A-tan's doggy friend) and the latest leecher, Shii-chan (Why is she called Ell-chan in the translations?), the maid-robo who eats a lot.

Furthermore, her mother has taken to drinking while her father is spending all the company's money on some hostess. Sharna tells her to calm down a bit.

Shii-chan catches up with them and tells them that she'll cooperate in this matter and also uses this moment to reintroduce herself.

Ell-chan is back... err.. Shii-chan.
Fumi calls her a piece of junk and asks what she wants. Of course, she wants to help because her food will be reduced if the Hibino family goes into extreme poverty while imagining Fumi's dad getting arrested for something.

Shii-chan suggests that Fumi should get a part-time job.

Fumi is flabbergasted that her maid robo is telling her to go get a job. She tells Shii-chan to go work instead since she looks exactly like a human anyway.

Shii-chan says but there's no rice in work.

Sharna asks what kind of work Fumi can do. She tried being a maid before.

Shii-chan says there is something that Fumi can do and Fumi's all worked up as to why this piece of junk is so serious all of a sudden.

She then rants about being reduced to a hand to mouth existence.

Shii-chan gets an idea because of the rhyming in her words. She says that Fumi is talented at rapping.

Fumi, being the simpleton that she is, gets all flattered by this compliment. She asks Shii-chan if rapping is profitable. Shii-chan diverts the conversation.

Fumi is determined to go through with this rapping thing though. It's easy since you don't need an instrument and you can make money with just lip service. (Fumi-chan is totally going to make a cameo in Sore Ga Seiyuu!)

She asks Shii-chan to tell her more about rap. By the way, Shii-chan listens to rap music everyday in Tsutaya.

Anywayz, Fumi says she needs a rival and things get weird as Hatsuho (Isumi's mother) uses this moment to reintroduce herself into the manga and have a rap battle with Fumi with Shii-chan laying down the beatbox.

Hatsuho goes first and when it's Fumi's turn. Sharna tells her to wait a second, but Fumi stops her and tells her to be a good audience because Fumi will reach out to the audience's heart. Sharna thinks she heard something profound...

Fumi then raps about Sharna being an A-cup and about Sharna's dream body -- which makes Sharna give her a good uppercut.

Someone suggests a serious part-time job about being a Sagashima show? and Fumi agrees.

Review: Awright... let's get this review out of the way because I really don't have much to say. Some of the jokes were lost in translation for me, but I did find it amusing how Hata makes light of stuff with serious implications such as Fumi's seemingly dire situation with her family and money troubles.

That's always been the case with the manga, hasn't it? The broken family theme. Hata's made us laugh and cry at Hayate's family situation. Nagi lost her parents early and her grandfather is apparently not too fond of her -- furthermore, she was raised by a girl only a few years older than her. There's also Hina and Yukiji's past -- which, though not fully explored, would suggest that they only had each other for awhile before they were adopted. There's also Ruka's situation, which was very similar to Hayate's, except that she got her happy ending. 

Anyway, it was also nice to see Ell-chan again. I'm calling her Shii-chan, because that's what it says in the text. Fumi's really blunt with her words calling her a piece of junk -- which was actually kinda funny.

So... yeah, that's it for now. No break, so see you next week.

Fanart Corner: I've got a special fanart for Valentine's day, but for now, I've finished one fanart and two sketches. Check them out~

Check out her room decors... so Nagi-like~

This'll be my Valentine's fanart

Lewd! ... Don't blame me. Someone requested this.


  1. its like apples and oranges. although this chapter was not what i wanted but i am still happy to see fumi.the whole school trip was bland because of lack of fumi. hata knows his readers pretty well to put out these fillers first ayumu then wataru now fumi and el chan. dammit he is good.

    fumi is one of my favorite characters. crazy and high strung but in her head she is a mc. i wish we get to see her as student council president. hoping hakou does not burn down on the first day of her running due to her sheer awesomeness.

    1. Poor Tama though. Everyone's forgotten he exists.

    2. yes its sad, i am sure hata would not mind making a chapter about shiranui,klaus, butlers from season 1 of anime .....list just goes on but these characters are not that popular and hata is sensitive towards his manga's readers so these characters just disappear and if they are lucky enough they might get a cameo now and then.

      hina is a example due to popularity even if she has no relevance to plot she is almost always shown. kazuki was not shown in 516 but no one noticed.

  2. Hata is just torturing us plz just continue the plot for god sake and tell me what happened with nagi and hayate arggg!!!!

  3. And also you mentioned earlier about writing an article about nagi obtaining the royal power and plot from on then when is that coming gout(fingers crossed)?

    1. Did I? I'm getting a bit lazy. Anyway, I don't feel like analyzing the plot right now since I think the manga itself is proceeding at a pretty good pace -- fillers aside.


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