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Hayate The Combat Butler: Chapter 519 -- Spare The Wealth -- Review and Synopsis

Review: Ok, let's skip the part about Yukiji and Sistah coz... I can't be bothered to figure out what's goin on with them... something about the debt being cleared, I suppose... and the MIB handing them a card.

Hayate and Maria have a little talk. Nagi won a lot but it doesn't matter since the school is funded by the Sanzenin family's donations anyway.

Maria: Honestly, I've lost to that kid for the first time.

by the way, have ya noticed? Nagi's sleeping alone now. She used to be scared to sleep alone that's why she slept with me.

Maria: I think this is a good time...

Flashback to Yukariko spouting something about "hope."

Also, Hayate is now holding a king's jewel in his hand.

Maria: You've fulfilled your role, right?

Tsugumi is conspiring with Mikoto Tachiban (Wataru's mother) and Mikoto says something about returning the stones and about Hayate (Nagi's most important person) winning the level 5 competition.

Anywayz, Hayate has another Yukariko flashback and then Mikoto approaches him and introduces herself... and then proceeds to kick him from out of nowhere... coz apparently, he reminds him of a man she married once.

She says something about "blood will tell."

Then proceeds to give Hayate two King's Jewels... as apology... or a really terrible excuse to pawn him dem king's jewels.

Apparently, Tsugumi stole them from Mikado... according to Mikoto.

She then asks Hayate if he heard the person with the voice of a goddess (Yukariko) and asks him to tell her what she said.

Review: I was very lazy when I made this post... especially in reading the Japanese, therefore, I didn't even bother to check the kanji and words for correctness... anyway, I shouldn't be THAT far off.

Shoo~ cute~!!!
Okie, now we're back to the plot and it's moving on at quite a clip. Maria just basically acknowledged Nagi's character development so far and brought it to light so even Hayate has to acknowledge it. More importantly, she seems to be suggesting that Hayate's role (or maybe she was referring to herself. Lazy Japanese, me... very lazy) is now fulfilled.

Anyway, we then see Hayate holding a King's Jewel from out of nowhere. I presume Maria gave it to him.

Also, one thing bothers me about what Mikoto said (again, maybe I'm just reading it wrong), but she seems to imply that Hayate is related to her husband somehow... but we all know that Hayate's parents are good-for-nothings who'd have nothing to do with the super wealthy, right? Right? ... err... maybe not if we take Ruka's case as precedence. Also, she could have just been referring to Nagi and Yukariko both choosing a butler.... yeah, that makes more sense. Ah... I fail at this Japanese thing. Good thing I'm self-taught. :P

We also learn that Tsugumi was working for Mikoto this entire time and she's actually pretty competent at what she does... either that or old man Mikado's security is totally incompetent... or he let her steal the stones on purpose since it's ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN.

Anyway, much juiciness in the plot this week, although we'll still have to give it a few more chapters to develop, I'd bet. I'm banking on Athena playing a huge part in what could be the start of the final arc of this manga.

Fanart Corner: Got a pending request for a non-Hayate related fanart this week, so no new fanart. However... you might be interested in some of my best pics of Doll Nagi... coz she is such a little doll, I kid you not. (I stole one of the poses from a certain bikini figure... figure it out for yourself! Oh my... that was terrible, please kill me now.)



  1. maria is really sad hope hata sort things out for her soon.
    nagi getting over nyctophobia and sleeping alone was sudden but none the less i like the way plot progressing.lets hope hata does not kill it.

    you are right mikoto is hostile towards hayate because of his resemblence to nagi's father. she is unsure about him.i always felt hayate having so many similarity with nagi's father was because yukariko wished that nagi has a guy just like her father to take care of her when she is not around.then there was flashback with her talking to hayate.

    1. On Yukariko: That's probably part of it. Nagi truly falling in love with Hayate was her own decision over the course of the time they spent together though.

  2. The Yukariko flashback is from the Shimoda arc.

    "You really do come if I call for you."

    "She's spoiled, selfish, and a crybaby...But she can't stand being alone."

    "All I can do is watch over her..."

    "So please take good care of Nagi"

    From quickly glancing at the Raw I'm pretty sure it's the full flashback done piecemeal as Hayate remembers it over the course of the chapter.

    Also Hayate has the first Kings Jewel because he won it from Kananiwa, duh.

    1. Ok. Thanks for the clarification, anon. I admit I tend not to place too much importance on King's Jewels related things. Also, Yukariko didn't actually mention Nagi's name anywhere in the flashback. The 2nd one is merely a reiteration of what she said in the first panels.


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