Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a Special Nagi Fanart and a few other things.

Here's a special fanart that I made just for Valentine's day. I made this one in the style of that Hayate TCG.

Here's a step-by-step video of her transformation from sketch to CG art:

Finally, here's a video of all of my figures of mai waifu. My collection's almost complete, but I am missing some limited editions and those nendoroid minis. I've got the GEE Limited Sanzenin Nagi on the way from Amiami. My favorites are definitely the posable doll and of course, the bikini figure from Kotobukiya -- showcasing Nagi's best assets... if you know what I mean~
Little update... senpai noticed me (Hata Kenjiroh sensei) AGAIN! Iyaaaay! Anyway, thanks a lot, Hata-sensei!

Not exactly an Earth-shaking achievement, but... it makes me happy nonetheless.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. i enjoyed article and the videos. fan art is also cute, hata sensei must be happy to see it.

    this year till now we only got I did some math. Kenjirou Hata said that, with the 30th volume, hng is 60% complete. if I follow it right manga should be 100% complete at 50 volumes. Also In one of the omakes nagi said to nadja it won’t even cross 50 volumes. And if each volume is 11 chapters and we are at 46th volume with 502 chapters then at 50th total chapter will be 546 [4x11=44; 44+502=546]. So chapters left 28 [546-518=28]. So it will end with in a year if 3 chapters are out every month. but common sense tell me it will end in 2040.

    if hata dismisses the statements he said earlier then hata was just then buckle up for a series of slice of life chapters with plot chapters here and there. It might also be that he wants to end on a particular chapter that is why he is stalling. Hata plans everything ahead so him being over worked with ad astra is hard to believe. Then again there is a lot left unresolved in manga so the manga completing at 50th volume seems unreal. i just felt like sharing it with you. also trying to kill my boredom.

  2. I see... going by my gut feeling, I was thinking it'd end within a year and a half to two years at most. Realistically though, he can keep it going for another decade or so.

    Glad to know someone's willing to do the math, because I sure ain't. Great stuff. Nice to read after learning that I stained Doll Nagi's body by using cheap play clothes on her. Good thing I managed to patch up the stains with some sanding and paint mixing.

    With that said, Hata has been known to go back on his word... sorta. He said the manga would keep going until it catches up with the anime and the new arc ended up completely replacing the anime albeit with shoutouts to stuff that happened in CTMEOY... more fuel for my ship is always nice~


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