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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 520: You should drink Sake Sometime Too While You're Alive -- Synopsis and Review

Mai Waifu is looking beautiful as always~
Synopsis: Mikoto: Ayasaki-kun, drink some Martinee.

Hayate: No thx, I'm a minor.


Hayate: NO IT'S NOT!

Narrator: Gotta be 21 to drink, kiddies.

Hayate: Yeah, I totally heard a voice that sounded like that of a god. Totally like...


Hayate: You wanna listen or what?

Mikoto: Sowweee! But I dun wanna hear this while I'm sober. These are the words of my precious person after all.

Hayate: I seeee~

Mikoto: Orders beer... s'awright... continue~

Hayate: K... anywayz, me and oujou-sama totally made out in Shimoda see? So stuff happened~

Hayate: Anywayz, I thought I'd never see OjOU-TAMA again...but at that time, I had a daydream and after that, the my problem was immediately resolved.

Hayate: I had a dream about a strange woman in front of ojou-sama's mother's grave.

Hayate: And that person told me something

(Mikoto keeps downing DAT BEER)

Mikoto: Orders wine next

at this point, Hayate and Mikoto have another short exchange about her drinking while he's talking...

Mikoto: Dun be upset man, this is normal for adults.


Mikoto: So... what'd this person say?

Hayate: You'll really come and help me when I call for you, right? Also, send my best regards to Nagi.

Mikoto: Do you remember that person's face?

Hayate: Yup

Mikoto: (pulls out smapho! I can do japanese, me) Does she look like....

Mikoto: THIS! (shows picture of some guy with dark-rimmed glasses eating ramen)

Hayate: (I'm being trolled, aren't I?) .....

Mikoto: Eh? Wait... who is this?

Hayate: How the **** should I know?

Mikoto: eh... now where were those old photos... (fiddles with smapho a bit)

Mikoto: This is HARD!

Hayate: oh effin... you're just drunk!

Mikoto: HERE! YOU DO IT!

Hayate: Here, so where is it?

Hayate: Please don't show me somethin lewd

Mikoto: This person

Hayate: YAH YAH, it's definitely her!

Hayate: This person told me in a dream that she wants to ask me a favor again.

Hayate: But what does this have to do with Ojou-sama?

Mikoto: This is enough, right?

Mikoto: Those King's Jewels in your hand will open the door to the Royal Garden with an explosion of negative emotions.

Mikoto: God lives in this castle but that castle also houses an evil king.

Mikoto: LOOONG AGO, God met the evil king. The king saw the God's power and wanted it for himself. So he deceived the god and took the God's power for himself. That's why the royal power was sealed inside a coffin.

Mikoto: So that's why the King's Jewels shine with the light of the royal power.

Mikoto: So that's why all these things were stolen from the god by the evil king. (lol summarized it a bit)

Mikoto: And that girl (Yukariko) thought to return the power to the god.

Mikoto: But this girl ran out of time before she could return the power to the God.

Mikoto: She is Nagi's mother, Sanzenin Yukariko.

Mikoto: This is like a fairytale story, right?

Hayate: Yeah, it's strange.

Mikoto: But those stones exist. You hold God's power in your hand.

Mikoto: A greedy person will want those stones. (panel shows Mikado)

Hayate: Why are you entrusting me with such an important thing then?

Mikoto: ......

Mikoto: I thought you might be able to fulfill it. I couldn't fulfill that person's wish.

Hayate: I  get it. You want me to return God's power, to God, right?

Mikoto: Yes, because if the power is removed, the Royal Garden will be destroyed. (not sure on this)

Hayate: Destroyed?

Mikoto: Yes, but there is also a way of resisting. The power is in your hands and that person is there too.

Hayate: Who dat?

Mikoto: Nagi-chan's previous butler. Himegami Aoi.

Plot-dump and a lot of it. Well, this chapter is mostly about Mikoto and Hayate talking. Mikoto finally reveals what Yukariko looks like to Hayate since apparently, he never knew in the canon story prior to this chapter (unlike how it was implied in the season 2 anime that he knew that it was  Nagi's mother in his dream.)

Anyway, so Hayate's been tasked with participating in the Holy Grail War Royal Garden Warinadvertently and now it seems Himegami is in the mix... and he's a good guy, apparently.

Also, one thing worth noting is that Mikoto has actually revealed just about everything she knows about the Royal Garden and the King's Jewels and that she has actually also let Hayate know about how an explosion of negative emotions will trigger the path to open the way.

I think we can safely assume that the "ringleader" she's talking about in this chapter should be Hisui Hatsushiba.

Personally, I enjoyed Mikoto's drunk antics like showing Hayate that picture of some guy slurping ramen rather than the Royal Garden plot dump.... anyway, this is really the start of the final arc (I think) people, brace yourselves. The feels are comin your way.

With that said, I have a theory for this week's speculation corner~

Speculation Corner: Here's something that just hit me. All along we've been presuming that it'd definitely be Nagi who would have the explosion of negative emotions. In a comment, Doughnut Gunso proposed that Nagi might be fine and it might be Hayate who would have the explosion of negative emotions that opens the way to the Royal Garden...

Well, here's another thought: How about if instead of outright rejecting Nagi, she just surreptitiously finds out that Hayate has never had any romantic feelings (at least not that anyone can perceive) for her and the he has in fact been deeply in love with someone else before (Athena) and that Hayate has never seen her (Nagi) as a romantic prospect.

Anyway, knowing that Hayate could NEVER see her that way and that he would not be happy staying as her butler, Nagi makes one final decision and gives Hayate his freedom... by firing him.

So she goes all "Thank you for everything... and goodbye."

Hayate: "Eh? Ojou-sama? What's this all about."

Nagi: "I've always loved you, but you could never see me that way. You're fired, Hayate... y-you're free! Go! Be happy!"

Then she runs away in tears. At that moment, Hayate realizes the true weight of her words... that she had just confessed her love to him.


There's your explosion of negative emotions from the two main characters. Hayate at being confessed to and then subsequently rejected by the one person whom he has explicitly dedicated his life to and Nagi upon learning that the love of her life could never love her back.

Now that is some juicy drama right there... and ya gotta admit, it's definitely something that Hata-sensei could think of given his penchant for shocking plot twists.

Fanart Corner: The first one isn't really fanart, but rather, a photo of my doll that I filtered to look like fanart. Anyway, I've got three sketches waiting to be colored, but I can only color one at a time. So... here's where you come in. Go to the comments section and tell me which sketch you want me to color first! GO GO GO! Tell me nao pleaz!


  1. as always nice fanart and you may color second one fist if you like. the reviews and theories were a good read.
    so finally nagi's butler will make an appearance but i read in one of the forums that it maybe shin because nagi's butler is dead. here is the link-

    it seems bomb will go off sooner than i thought. lets hope hata sensei keeps this frequency and does not take any breaks. yozorza once said that hayate and atan will not be able to open the path again.

    1. I guess that Hayate not being able to open the path again throws a monkey wrench into my theory.

      Anyway, that's definitely Himegami. Mikoto said so and it's her flashback that's being shown. Dunno where that guy got his info from.

    2. Haha... also, I'm surprised you chose the second one. That's the one most people call "lewd" right away. :D

    3. i dont know about lewd but she looked happy in the picture that was my reason.
      anyway i am looking forward to know why himegami quit.

    4. wait! you did not count first one with doll but i did. so the first one i meant the first one. the one with her arms stretched.i am little bit embarrassed right now.

    5. Yeah... haha! I kinda figured that out when you said "she looked happy." She looks grumpy in the two other sketches. Interestingly, this Himegami is called "Aoi" while the anime version is called "Akane"

    6. Maria actually called Himegami "Himegami Akane" way back in volume 5 of the manga. Wonder what that's about. I somehow find it hard to believe Hata just decided to change the names since the names are related (aka and ao, red and blue) and the first time we saw Aoi in a flashback, Nagi commented on him not being Himegami.

    7. I wonder if this Himegami has blue hair... plot TWIST! Himegami Aoi is future Hayate! Also, he hates his past self and has come back in time to kill him.

  2. I am having real fun now
    Cant wait for nagi to find out about the magic in hayate universes, i have been dying to see hre reaction for years,

    i wish she gets some very cool power and have a duet with atheha

    1. I have to admit that a huge reason why I'm still hooked on this manga would be waiting for Nagi's reactions to various things -- including the whole explosion of negative emotions thing.

      While I want her to have the happy ending that she deserves, I also like seeing her being put to the test or as Maria would put it, "watching her struggle." This is partly because she is so stubborn, that I personally want her to keep struggling and attempting to defy the odds -- despite sometimes being ill-equipped to do so... yup, she's a real shounen hero-- er... heroine!

      She is actually the complete opposite of Hayate in this regard because Hayate is generally put through so much suffering and is all "I can deal with this... :')" that you want his misfortune to come to and end -- well... there's a simple solution for that. We all know there's one character here who has been blessed by lady luck~

    2. True In everyone way nagi completes hayate(you heard me haters),

    3. From a Japanese blogger on chapter 515: "Nagi can be the income earner while Hayate does all the housework. You have no choice but to marry her now, Hayate-kun."


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