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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 529: POP STAR -- Review and Synopsis


Synopsis: Nagi tells a story about herself and Hisui when they were little.

Nagi was crying during a party and she went outside all alone when Hisui asked her what she was crying about from atop a tree.

Nagi calls her "Hi-chan"

Nagi: Wait, what are you doing all the way up there?

Hisui: Well... the view here is nice.

Nagi: But you'll die if you fall. It's dangerous.

Aren't these Conan's lackeys from Detective Conan?

Hisui: BUt it really is pretty -- the view.

Hisui: So... why are you crying?

Nagi: No one wanted to read my manga and I ended up looking silly.

Random Bully Kids: Oi, Nagi! Show us your stupid manga.

Nagi: N-No!

Random Bully Kids: It's ok! (forcefully takes the manga)

Random Bully Kids: Wahaha! What the heck is this? It's so disjointed!

Nagi: He-hey! That's enough, isn't it! Give it back!

Don't cry, little Nagi. I'll read your manga for you~
Random Bully Kids: Shut up! We're still reading!

(one of them pushes Nagi away)

Random Bully Kids: Go over there!

Hisui catches Nagi.

Nagi: Hi-chan?

Hisui: Hey, that's Nagi's isn't it? Give it back!

Random Bully Kids: What's with you, Hisui! You're younger than us!

Hisui snatches the manga away like a ninjer and gives it back to little Nagi.

Hisui: I didn't come here to fight. (I think one of the kids' name is Sonsuru) Neither did you, right?

Nagi: B-but!

Big Bully punches Hisui smack on the face. She falls over.

Big Bully: I remember what you did to me back then. Don't be so cocky, Hisui.

Nagi: Hi-hi-chan! Are you okay?

Hisui: I didn't come here to fight...

Nagi: B-but... such a thing...

Hisui Smiles and grabs a rock.

Hisui: Well... I suppose winning is everything (evil smile)

Narrator: She was all alone at that time, but watching her back (Hisui) as she defeated everyone, a surge of feelings rose up... it was probably "longing."

Back to present day, Sakuya is with Machina.

Sakuya: I said I'd help but... she sure is a pushover.

Machina: Who are you refering to?

Sakuya: My childhood friend Hisui.

Machina: Why is she a pushover?

Sakuya: Well, I think she's a bit like me... probably. She is very transparent.

Sakuya: But, she also has common sense. The intelligent, beautiful girl type?

Machina: I see...

Sakuya: Why did you stammer when you said that!

Sakuya: Well... if you wanna see what she's like. Just wait a bit.

Machina: If it's going to be dangerous then let's go together.

Sakuya: Eh, really?

Machina: Yeah, let's buy a hamburger along the way, ok?

Sakuya: You're pretty transparent yourself, aren't you?

Review: Well, given the way I'm reading Hata's writing style so far, I'd say this chapter was about three different things.

First of all, it's all about showing us a different side of Hisui -- sort of humanizing her in our eyes so to speak, by having her help out an obviously helpless young Nagi against some random bullies.

Of course, Hisui's murderous side was also shown to be present even at this stage, but in that panel with Nagi looking at her back, we also see a hint of loneliness in her (which I will tackle in the speculation corner). We can also see that she was very physically able as a combatant even as a kid. I think Hayate's going to have his hands full with her and her battle maid.

Still, I don't think Hisui is iredeemable nor an absolutely evil character anymore. All that build-up was a red herring as usual. We can see it in the way Sakuya talks about Hisui as her childhood friend and Nagi also referred to her as such. At the end of the day, I think we'll find out that Hisui is just a lonely, misguided kid with rather violent tendencies-- but THAT'S JUST A THEORY! A MANGA THEORY! THANKS FOR READING!

Pushing mai waifu and punching a girl... YES, HI-CHAN! DESTROY THEM ALL!

By the way, you know how she beat those bullies to within an inch of their wretched lives? I do not disagree with her methods. That's exactly what I would have done in her place! Also, I'd probably do more if I saw it was Nagi they were bullying, but that's just me!

Also, anyone else find it strange that Hisui's wearing the exact same type of clothes she's wearing now when she was a child?

Secondly, this chapter is also about developing Nagi's character even more -- because Hata loves Nagi and so do I!  In this chapter, we see that Nagi's mangaka ambitions were present from a very young age. We also see a more innocent, less jaded side of Nagi, rather than the spoiled, rich, otaku, ojou-sama that she would eventually become. 

We see that as a child, Nagi was very innocent and lonely -- and that loneliness is something that has never really left her. It is quite obvious based on her greatest fear of being left alone someday by both Hayate and Maria, but this loneliness can also be perceived in the way Hata draws the experessions in her eyes throughout the manga -- especially when she is feeling down -- but also often when she's just shown in a panel by herself. Even her smile shows a tinge of loneliness... which I must say, is something that she and Hayate have in common about their character designs. If you don't believe me, take a quick glance at any random chapter in the manga that isn't a gag chapter and wherein Nagi's eyes are drawn properly, you will see what I mean.

Finally, it establishes... HAHAHA! Sakuya x Machina! I mean, sure... you can just be dismissive about it and claim that there was no romantic spark between them at all -- BUT THE SAME COULD BE SAID OF ALL RELIGIONS! Hah! You suck if you didn't catch the reference, son.

Speculation Corner: Right... let's get back to old Hisui here for a moment. Here's an interesting plot-twist. Given what's been shown about Hisui so far, I have a feeling (about 50%) that the one to experience the explosion of negative emotions eventually might not be Nagi nor Hayate, but actually Hisui.

Ok, with that out of the way, I'd like to share an interesting theory by Lucas. What if Nagi dies inside the Royal Garden or somehow dies anyway during the course of this final arc? Hayate sees her dead body, gets a flashback montage, and then maybe reflects for a chapter or two about his life with Nagi and then he suddenly realizes that he's been in love with her all this time and now there's no way his feelings will ever reach her, so he whines like the little bitch that he is.

But... ta-dah! The royal power somehow kicks in and revives her just as Hayate is weeping at her apparent corpse! Happy ending. 10 years later = marriage! Huzzah!

Awight, that's it for now... fanart tiem!

Fanart Corner: Senpai noticed me... again! Hahahaha! Also, I have a new full color CG.

Senpai noticed me! Thank you, Hata-sensei and everyone else for all the likes, retweets and private messages asking me to sell them the bag... even though I CANNOT DO THAT!
I've since edited this to remove the stripes, actually.
No stripes on jacket version. I find this pose really sexy for some reason.. don't you?



  1. This chapter was really nice. Recently I was getting a bit bored but now I am hooked again. Nice article and theory.
    I am glad that Hisui is shown to have concern for Nagi but along with that her obsession to never lose is also shown. So somewhere along the way this caused a rift between her and Nagi. And like you said it might be that in the end she will realize her fault and make amends.

    Lastly I definitely like Nagi and your fanart.

    1. I'm starting to like Hisui already... but that's probably just me coz I really hated it when those bullies started bullying little Nagi and I loved Hisui's expression when she picked up that rock.

      Well, I think both Nagi and Sakuya don't hate Hisui, at least -- so that's a positive sign. They might be wary of her, but they didn't ever treat her address her as an enemy.

      On the fanart: Thanks!

      On liking Nagi: YAY!


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