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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 552 (transcript) (review to come... well ya know)

I see skies of blue~ and clouds of white~

Here's the chapter... judge for yourself. Now excuse me while I play a melancholic tune on my harmonica with a smile on my face~

Also, take note that I might have failed on one or two conversations, but I made sure that I translated the "important" portions accurately... :)

What Alice chan went home to her home country?

A-tan: Yes she was in a hurry and couldn't say goodbye to everyone. She was really sorry.

A-tan: I've heard many stories from that kid about your friendship.

A-tan: She told me to tellz ya that she had fun living here with ya all.

What A Wonderful World 4: Fleeting Yet Permanent Sadness

A-tan: Anywayz, she was sleeping in a place like this for months, huh?

Hina: It couldn't be helped, but it wasn't really a problem

A-tan: Plops down and sleeps on Alice's bed.

Hina: It's not that comfortable.

Hina: You really fell asleep...

Hina: Ah, but wait a minute. Alice isn't around anymore. Do I still need to be in this apartment?

A-tan: Certainly, there's no problem with leaving, but...

A-tan: Is that ok?

Hina: Eh?+

A-tan: For example, if you were alone at night and caught a cold.

A-tan: If Hayate was taking care of you, I wouldn't enter.

Hina: W-wait! WTF ARE YA SAYIN?

A-tan: Sez something that teases Hina more (too lazy to look up the kanji)


A-tan: If that is fine, then this matter is settled.

A-tan: We'll I believe that just by living together here.

A-tan: Hayate will never notice your love for him.

Hina: Wait, I ... such a thing is.

A-tan: Of course, I have heard about it.

A-tan: My former boyfriend is rather mindless, isn't he?

A-tan: ......

HIna: ......

Hayate: A-tan have you finished preparing?

A-tan: Yearh, daijobu

A-tan: Sorry, I'm rather blunt with words.

A-tan: However, I really envy the lot of you.

A-tan: When you lose something, there are things that you cannot regain.

Hamster: Ah, HIna... who is this Tennousu san?

Hina: Hayate's past lover.

Hamster: EH!?

Hina: It seems that they used to go out when they were kids but...

Hina: They cherished each other for sure.

Ayumu: Hayate-kun's girlfriend...?

A-tan stares sentimentally at the violet mansion.

Hayate: Wazzup?

A-tan: Nothing.

A-tan: It was my first time so... the personality was incompatible (just translating it literally. Take it as you will)

Hamster: Ano...

A-tan: Ayumu san...

A-tan: Hayate you go on ahead to Hakuo

A-tan: Well? What did you want from me?

Ayumu: I heard from Hina that you were Hayate's lover.

A-tan: Ee, sou ne -_-

Ayumu: Could it be that there was an incompatibility?

A-tan: Yup, there was.

A-tan: I wanted it to go on forever, those blissful days.

A-tan: If I could do it over again, I'd like to redo that encounter.

A-tan: Was our meeting really so wrong?

Hamster: If you believe that much, then why are you saying goodbye?

A-tan: When I looked into those eyes, I understood.

A-tan: In those eyes of sorrow, I saw many reflections of myself.

A-tan: I understood what it was to love.

A-tan: You really love Hayate, don't you?

Hamster: Of course!

Hamster: Since the day we met, definitely, definitely, I've been thinking of Hayate!

more than Nagi-chan, more than, Hina, even longer... than you.

A-tan: I know... I've been watching.

Hamster: Alice told me.

A-tan: Someday, when we're all adults. I want to be friends with you all.

A-tan: When that time comes, would you like Hayate to be here as well?

A-tan: I'm sure, the love story will be quite exciting.


  1. Really was hoping Ruka and Athena meet and do a funny comment when she knew about Athena

    1. I think Ruka's role in this manga is done... except for the 10 year promise with Nagi. She's happy with no loose ends -- so she has that going for her. She was actually one of my favorite characters in this series.

  2. Well after a billion years of calling Athena the ex-girlfriend, there's a small feeling of satisfaction in having interpreted the way the EOTW arc ended exactly right even though no one would agree with me back then.

    I'm actually kinda amazed everyone managed to gloss over Athena letting Hayate go because the look in his eyes when talking about Nagi, shipper stubborness not-withstanding.

    1. Yup, you definitely called it... even before I started reading this manga. (if you are who I think you are, that is)

      The devil in me is telling me that I really want to gloat more over this event -- but it doesn't seem fair somehow and I'm afraid of jinxing my ship. So... I'll just go with this old fanart:

      Also, gotta wonder how Hata is dealing with the death threats so far.


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