Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year 2017~!!! Hayate x Nagi fanart

To greet the new year, here is a fanart of Nagi and Hayate together. It's a tribute to Kimi no Na Wa. I chose a nighttime background because Hayate and Nagi met at night after all. The intertwining shooting stars represent their respective character development progress so far -- Hayate has a lot of catching up to do.

Enjoy this manga while you can guys. This is most likely the last year for it. Also, can we stop hating on Nagi -- please? There are still people like me who like her as a character and who want her to be with Hayate after all. If your ship has been sunk, don't wish ill on others.

Anyway, below this post are some more new year's pics. Also, I'll have changed the blog's background by the time I've uploaded this post. Anyway, even if the manga ends this year, I'll still write stuff and draw fanart of Nagi for as long as I am able to.

So to make things a bit interesting, I'd like to learn more about the active readers/commenters on my blog. What got you interested in the manga? (Hayate no Gotoku!, of course) How are you celebrating the new year? Do you buy merchandise of your favorite characters as well? Let's talk! Hope to hear from you in the comments!

Something extra for 2017. This is Nagi's limited edition heat-reveal card from Vol. 48 of the manga. I uncensored it myself. ENJOY!
Nagi wishes you joy and prosperity into 2017~ so stop the hate, please~ 


  1. I had an entrance exam the previous week, so I just couldn't get involved in anything else. As far as hayate no Gotoku is concerned, I think I first watched the anime series, then moved onto the manga. It's impossible to judge the characters just on the basis of the anime series. Nagi is my favourite, but I also love hinagiku and ayumu, and Maria as well. As for hayate, well, I think wataru is a much better man than him and for a brief time, I did ship wataru and nagi. Now of course I ship hayate and nagi, partly because that would make nagi happy and partly because that makes the most sense. No matter how the manga ends, I shall read it to its conclusion and throughout I shall stand firm in however I believe the manga should end.

    1. Hey there! Good to hear from you.

      I'm pretty much the same as you. Saw the S1 anime first, but didn't really care that much about it... I've always liked Nagi though. Then I saw S3 and the movie and while most people didn't like these, S3 in particular really did a good job of portraying Nagi as a character. This is actually the series that partially convinced me to read the manga -- the other part is curiosity as to what the big deal was all about with this A-tan character.

      I totally agree with you on Wataru. He knows how to make a firm decision like a man. His relationship with Saki also shows that age doesn't matter and that such a relationship can actually be handled tastefully in the manga. There's no need to show him being physically intimate with Saki to know that there's definitely something between them.

  2. Exactly. Even I was curious about Athena. I think she's a great character, but I found her a little bit underwhelming in comparison to what my expectations were. I might sound extremely biased towards Nagi, but still I think there are plenty of potential rivals of Nagi whom I really like, such as hinagiku. In fact, I kind of always felt that hayate and Athena would never end up together.

    1. Among Nagi's rivals, Ruka will always be my favorite. I found that her character added an element of realism to the series because apart from being a super idol, she's really just an ordinary, hardworking girl. There's nothing spectacular about her, but she knows just how to push Hayate's buttons and has a fun, quirky sense of humor. Of course, I always knew that she'd never win the harem race.

      IMO, after Athena's arc ended, Hina was the only legit rival for Nagi and she still is. I think it would be a great injustice (and a waste of potential as well as actual character development) not to give Nagi her happy ending though -- for several reasons strewn throughout this blog.

  3. I first saw the movie and was amazed how they trust each other. In each season, there was some elements describing their bonds which are too nice. I loved,the scene in CTMEOY how they had answers of each other's questions in last episode.

    I like Nagi for her passion, simplicity and wit and firmness.

    I also like Kazuki as he is so dedicated to Nagi but don't disturb her after knowing about hayate. I wish if he can have some more plotline. He can help her while in distress .


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