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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 553: What A Wonderful World 5: Vermilion -- Review and Synopsis

Secret Path in Student Council Building leading to some Celestial Sphere thing... huzzah
It is 10/25

A-tan: Even if the stone is in the enemy's hands.

It's not that I hadn't predicted this situation for ten years

For the royal garden especially, knowledge about the king's jewels.

This should be top priority.

The enemy does not know how to open the path.

In order to use the path, you must enter this place -- basically.

This place is a fort.

You must use this the moment you try to enter the castle.

I seriously want to punch Hayate's pretty, girly face everytime he wears that expression.
Hayate: Well then... where...?

What A Wonderful World 5: Vermilion

A-tan: Of course, it's Hakuo Gakuin

Hayate: I see, then... let's prepare some weapons and ammunition to intercept them!

A-tan: Uh no... weapons and ammunition are a bit...

Sakuya: What kind of preparation is that?

Hayate: Dun worry, I once prepared with an MG 42. Other than nuclear weapons, I can bring it from the Yakuza's warehouse.

Sakuya: Did you bring it all the way from the 4th volume?

Sakuya: Anywayz, it's good to be prepared but... what do you really need from this place?

A-tan: Well, over this place, there is something I need to use.

Sakuya: Whut the fudge? This is a pretty amazing sight. There was something on top of the student council building all along?

A-tan: yeeeeees, I can monitor the royal garden from here.

A-tan: A celestial sphere

Hayate: This... Katsura sensei talked about this before, so it was true.

A-tan: Of course.

A-tan: It's still unfinished, but we're in a hurry.

A-tan: Anyway, Isumi and I will stay here.

A-tan: Hayate, you eat up and get some rest in preparation.

Hayate: Understood!

Hayate: I'm home~

Nagi: Oh, Hayate! Welcome back!

Chiharu: I'm visiting

Hayate: Oh, welcome, Chiharu-san

Nagi: You seem to be in a hurry.

Hayate: yeah, a little bit

Hayate: It's for ojou-sama's future, so I must do my best.

Nagi: You... so transparently...

Hayate: How is your manga coming along, ojou-sama?

Nagi: Ah, perfectly!!

Nagi: The manuscript is there. I'll be able to submit it soon.

(stupid butler takes a look. It's a pic of him hugging Nagi)

Nagi: Maybe I could buy Hayate's birthday present with the prize money for winning the manga contest.

Hayate: eh?

Hayate's birthday is on November 11, right?

Hayate: A-anyway, I have some errands to do.

Nagi: Understood.

Hayate: :( ......

Nagi flashback: This manga is based on real life experiences

Hayate: No, it can't be...

Sakuya; By the way, what's Himegami up to?

Isumi: Eh?

Sakuya: I mean, he suddenly quit being Nagi's butler and now he's Hisui's butler.

Sakuya: He was also on good terms with you. He's really changed.

Isumi's grandmother: Watcha talkin about?

Isumi: Ah, grandma

Isumi: We're talkin about Himegami. Ya remember? Nagi's former butler.

Great Grandma: Ah, Ah...

Great Grandma: That kid who got cursed.

Isumi and Sakuya: Ha?

Chiharu: Well then, that's it for me.

Hayate: Ah, Chiharu-san, you're going home?

Chiharu: Yeah, I think I want to sleep in my own room today.

Hayate: I see.

Hayate: Then I'll send you off to the apartment. I'll be going to Hakuo anyway.

Chiharu: Sure, thanks

Chiharu: But seriously, you're really trying your best for Nagi, huh?

Hayate: I-is that so?

Hayate: You're always helping out everyday, Chiharu-san

Chiharu: Haha, that's what friends are for.

Chiharu: I've also been a bit inspired lately to write a light novel.

Hayate: Ah, that's great.

Chiharu: I think the trend right now is traveling to a different world and becoming a butler, don't you think?

Hayate: Yes, quite likely.

Chiharu: But I heard from Nagi. About your first meeting. It was a nice story.

Hayate: Eh?

Chiharu: That Christmas eve when you confessed to Nagi.

Hayate: Eh?

Chiharu: Oh, sorry, was it a secret? But, I haven't told anyone.

Hayate: ......

Chiharu: It was a really nice story to hear.

Chiharu: Falling in love is really nice, I think.

Chiharu: It was a fated meeting, wasn't it?

Chiharu: A really envious situation

Chiharu: I want you... was it?

Chiharu: Ayasaki, you really don't look the part, don't cha?

Chiharu: Incidentally, what part of Nagi did you like?

Hayate: I didn't...

Chiharu: Eh?

Hayate: I didn't confess to her...

Chiharu: eh?

Dun worry, my pretty little baby. You'll cry for a bit, but everything will be oook~
Hayate: I didn't confess to her... on that day...

Hayate: I intended to abduct ojou-sama... but...

Hayate: It's a misunderstanding.

Review: Ok, let's just turn this into a review while my connection is stable.

Whoo! What a chapter eh? I for one am glad that Hata is taking the direct approach here. He's finally removed all the safety nets on the relationship between Hayate and Nagi. How things go from here will determine the FUTURE!

I think it's a good thing that this is happening before the final, final battle with Hisui and company. Hayate's been fighting for Nagi for all the wrong reasons all this time. Now the misunderstanding has finally come to light and it can be addressed.

It's a mystery what Hayate will do from this stage. Will he try to spare Nagi's feelings and lead her on? Bad idea. Will he directly confront her and break her heart and thus inadvertently open the path? It could happen...

How about this, though? What if he tries to tell her and then he looks at her... he feels something... "wait... why... why can't I do it? Why can't I tell her that I never confessed?" Hoh, that would also be awesome.

Personally, I have no preferences as to what should happen -- I'm fully confident it goes favorably for my ship either way.

However things go from here, it's gonna be a rocky, tearful and absolutely thrilling ride - so don't take your eyes off of ths manga for a second!

Ok, for the boring stuff... yeah, we got that hint about Himegami from Isumi's grandmother which I dun really care about.

Also, hurray for you, King's Jewel's fanatics -- another one of your old theories proven right. Hakuo is indeed connected to the Royal Garden... and stuff.

Anywayz, this is exciting but we have a one week break, see ya next week (for my Nagi Christmas post that is) and dun forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Fanart Corner: This is for my new year's piece. I plan to make a digital version with more interesting effects. Incidentally, Kimi No Na Wa is being aired in Philippine Theaters today. Go watch it!


  1. chiharu finding out is interesting and she may advice him to tell nagi the truth but i doubt hayate will be able to do it.

    just like you i cant wait for the cat to come out of the hat and lets hope it ends with smiles like in your fanart.

    1. I am glad that we agree on that point.

      Also, I'm very happy that the rest of the internet is not using this chapter to bash mai waifu -- quite surprisingly.

  2. Nagi's art style has gotten far more better. Isn't it foolish for Athena to assume that Midas's daughter won't know how to open the path?
    Hayate normally tries to deny that someone from such high class would fall for him. He acknowledges Nagi to be immature too. It's great to see him understand the truth so easily.

    1. Hmm... you're right about Athena... then again, I might have gotten the context wrong in translation.

      As for Hayate -- really, he should have read all the clues from Nagi's manga alone, but he was still in denial until Chiharu's confrontation. That just goes to show how dense this guy is.

  3. I think nagi appears absolutely breathtaking as she looks outside the window. That just shows how she feels about hayate.
    Hayate was already suspecting nagi's feelings for him when he read her manga, that just got confirmed for him in this chapter;it looks like he was trying to escape from knowing the truth as much as possible.
    And I'm happy that we got to know where the celestial sphere is in the hakuo academy, which resulted in athena and Maria possibly knowing about each other.

    1. Definitely! Nagi looks amazing! Also, Aika did mention that girls in love look more beautiful or something to that effect.

      Yeah, Maria was shown in that fountain inside the Royal Garden before. Gotta wonder what she's planning as well. I think Hayate needs a bit of a wake-up call to get him to fully confront his real feelings for Nagi -- it might actually come from one of the other girls.

    2. Yeah. Maybe this time, when hinagiku or someone else confesses to him, he'll try to understand why he's rejecting/not accepting her feelings fully, because this time, the excuse of debt is gone. He has to think about why he is rejecting that girl and if it's because of Nagi, then what does he experience with nagi that he hasn't/or feels that he will not, with another girl. Giving lame excuses is just disrespectful to the girl who is confessing to him.

    3. We definitely want Hayate to fully confront his feelings for Nagi come what may... anywayz, DKThias just released the English chapter. They sure work fast nowadays.

  4. So Hayate has illegal access to nukes, did he get tips(hush money) for delivering those

  5. Brace yourselves. 554 is coming. No bombs going off just yet, but Hayate gets something he's had coming for a long time


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