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Hayate The Combat Butler Chapter 489: Cliches Are Important -- Review And Synopsis

Do not sexualize the... oh for... go ahead! Nagi still looks cute either way. I want that bookmark!
Synopsis: Nagi is dreaming about the times she'd spent with Hayate when Hayate wakes her up and we find that she's actually fallen asleep in the middle of the downhill race from the previous chapter because it was so cold.

Hayate remarks how dangerous the downhill race is, but Nagi assures him that New Zealand is actually the perfect place since they can be rescued immediately in case something goes wrong and that there are no dangerous animals like brown bears or grizzlies here... at that moment, Hayate points to something behind her, which turns out to be a huge pedobear.
This is actually a realistic rendition of pedobear.

They make a run for it with the pedobear chasing them down, but suddenly, an avalanche covers up and the pedobear and Hayate is forced to grab Nagi and take a leap of faith to a cliff to the side to avoid it. 
Nagi has tons of faults, but lack of devotion to Hayate sure isn't one of them.
During the lull, Nagi remembers what Maria said and she asks Hayate if he'd quit or if he'd still be her butler even with the debt paid off, but she's interrupted when the ledge they were standing on collapses and they splash into some icy waters underneath. 

Inside the bus with the Hakuo Baka Trio, the number on the completers has gone down to 47 indicating that two more have quit. The bus arrives at the hotel they're staying at and it looks rather expansive and is made to look like a prison garrison.

Back to Nagi and Hayate, Nagi gets all melodramatic and says that she's going to die, fortunately, they're just a few feet away from a cliched mountain cabin... as per Hayate's words.

Inside the mountain cabin, the pair have taken their clothes off to dry and thus, we are treated with some Nagi fanservice. They talk about how this competition seems to be a bit overboard even with 150 million yen at stake.
You a cold man, Hayate.

Nagi also remembers that they were in a similar situation with both of them being together naked quite some time ago (it's only been a few months in the manga's timeline, actually.)

Nagi wonders if Hayate is feeling a bit nervous as well, only to catch him diligently hanging her underwear out to dry. She gets agitated and asks him why he's doing that so seriously, but Hayate says that he always does that.
It's been some time since we've seen this in the manga.
Ever the efficient butler, Hayate says that there's another cabin and the heater is on, so there might be someone who can help out or even a sauna in the back, so he goes off to check it out and tells Nagi to stay and warm up. Nagi complains that his clothes are wet too, but he says that he's used to being cold.

Nagi ponders out loud what he'd do if he gets the 150 million yen, to which, Ruri Tsugumi suddenly answers that his life would be over if he gets it.

Meanwhile, Hinagiku has found a sauna... which means that Hayate will inadvertently stumble in on her while she's half-naked in the next chapter.

Review: By the way, I saw this tweet from Hata.

Which basically says that it's been a while since he's drawn Nagi naked and I was like... wait, maybe it's just my terribad Japanese... so I ran it through a machine translator and it came up with the same results and I was like... no wai... and then I read this chapter and I was like. BASED HATA! You actually did it, you!
Look at your mistress, Hayate! LOOK AT HER! ... Ain't she cutieful? Also, pretty sure that the towel shouldn't be digging into her that way.

Well, this was a rather Nagi-tastic chapter in terms of fanservice. I liked seeing Nagi with her hair down and I like the little deja vu to the time when Hayate stumbled in on her in the bath. The title of this chapter is certainly appropriate.

Also worthy of note is Hayate rescuing Nagi with a sweetheart carry, which we haven't seen for years in this manga.
Probably not a good time for that, Nagi.
More importantly, it looks like Hata's building up some sort of team dynamics with the butler and mistress pair with Nagi clearly being the brains of the operation and being quite competent at it most of the time. If anything, this is the aspect of her personality that has been retained from the now de-canonized CTMEOY (btw, Nyarth, if you're reading this... your reaction on twitter amused me more than anything.) and I like it.

Unfortunately, of course, there were no actual developments for the  Hayate x Nagi ship. Hayate's still as oblivious as ever to her real feelings for him and circumstances have temporarily split the pair apart once again. Given the order of events in the manga, we'll definitely be seeing a Hina x Hayate chapter pretty soon with Hayate wandering in on her while she's in the bath.
I wish this Hayate x Nagi moment had gone on for a little bit longer.
Also, with Ruri Tsugumi once again dropping in and saying ominous things at the end of this chapter, it looks like Hata's really making her out to be some kind of villain or anti-villain for this chapter. I have no idea what she meant by Hayate's life being over if he gets the 150 million yen... with that aside, are you guys convinced that Nagi wasn't trying to prevent him from getting the 150 million yen yet? (exasperated)

Fanart Corner: Here's a quick one of Nagi in one of her season 2 outfits. This is actually the output of my "Draw Nagi Sanzen'in With Me" tutorial series. Her face came out a bit fat, but otherwise, I'm satisfied with how this drawing came out given that I simplified my style to make it easy for others to follow along with me and draw her.


  1. So two girls and a guy stuck in a cabin while naked..... There is only one place that can lead.

    Hayate/Nagi/Hina OTT!
    Hayate/Hina/Hamster OTT.

  2. I'm kinda blanking here, when was the last time Hayate and Nagi were naked together?

    1. Hmm... now that I think about it, it was just Nagi who was naked when Hayate came in to give her a towel as requested by Maria who was in the middle of washing her hair but had to do something else. That was like years ago and was covered in S2 of the anime. It's also happened in the Shimoda arc with Hayate rescuing a naked Nagi who passed out while in the hot bath/spring with Sakuya.

    2. Yeah, I remember the bath incident and Shimoda, but couldn't think of any instance where they were naked together. In that case though, it's actually been half a year since Nagi was last naked with Hayate.

    3. Didn't realize it's been that long in the manga's timeline. Well, I guess Nagi was justified in saying that it's been a while after all.

  3. hey can you make a post why you give the reason why you think hayate will end up with Nagi? i know you did the athena vs nagi while ago but it was when the manga was in 350 charapter i think... i would like to know your point of view once again since i see hayate so cold lately

    ps: where did Hata said nagi is his favorite character?

    1. Sure thing. Actually, that was when the manga was in chapter 413... and we all know that arc ended with Nagi's victory resulting in some character development for her, although Hayate still didn't notice her feelings. I'll do that post sometime when I've organized my thoughts a bit more, but basically, it's because Nagi is given special treatment far above and beyond just being a mistress. Hayate has sexual attraction for all of the girls in his harem except for Nagi, so it would be quite unfair for him not to finally notice Nagi at some point in this manga. The question is why Hata has dragged it out for so long -- and my observation is that it's like Hayate is searching for the sweetest wine in all other places when he'll one day discover that it was right in front of him all along.

      As for Hata mentioning Nagi as his favorite character (along with Hayate), it's in the wiki: among other sources.

    2. That's what i meant! Hayate shows no sexual attraction to Nagi at all (well he used to i think) but nothing now! that's why i want to see what you think in this matter

      also what do you think about the anime's point of view? in the last OVA in the last scene we could see Nagi and Hayate getting married (of course it wasn't real) but it gives us a lot to think about

    3. I'm not really worried. Hayate has never been explicitly shown to have any sexual attraction towards Nagi in this manga. He made a passing comment once about her being in her nightgown in the very early chapters of the manga, but that was also a time when I think Hata hadn't actually figured out his own characters yet as I can see some inconsistencies in the characterization of characters like Sakuya when compared to their current portrayal. I'll still need some time to sort out my thoughts before writing that opinion essay.

      What we can be certain of is that Nagi will eventually confess to Hayate. What is a big question mark right now (as it has always been) are Hayate's feelings. How does he feel about Nagi right now? No one knows because Hayate has never been the introspective type and he has the mind of a six-year-old when it comes to love. Therefore, anything he says about such matters should be taken with a grain of salt. On the positive side, since he has shown attraction for almost all other girls in his harem other than Nagi, it's not a bad development for Nagi at all (well, it might be right now) but the implications for the future look quite positive at this point. Hayate can't keep seeing Nagi as a little-sister figure forever... especially not when she finally makes her confession and given that the manga has been all about Nagi's growth as a person so far (even if other people seem to vehemently deny this).

      What I think needs to happen first is for Hayate himself to experience some emotional growth and let go of Athena's "pain of love" philosophy. Of course, his symbolic and actual debt to Nagi also needs to be paid off once and for all. Only then will he be able to really sort out his feelings and make a definite choice. I do think that Nagi has a very good chance of being the final girl, but I also will not deny that she might be rejected and if that happens, then Hina is the only logical choice that I would find acceptable based on the development of the plot. Of course, Hata would have a hell of a writing task ahead of him trying to justify why Nagi should not end up with Hayate. People like to use arguments like "she's too young," or "the relationship is platonic," or "he's still in love with Athena," but they're applying real world psychology (and probably projecting their personal preferences onto Hayate) to a fictional manga instead of analyzing the structure of the story.

      As for the anime, I think all the events have been effectively retconned with the current manga's development. Since Cuties is a follow-up to CTMEOY and presumably, the OVAs are as well, then let's just treat them as nothing more than fanfiction. Of course, if Hata really did have a heavy hand with those, then at least the positive implication for us Hayate x Nagi shippers is that Hayate x Nagi is also Hata's preferred pairing.

    4. The thing is... how Hata will justify that the main female character ends in sadness? Nagi is a capricious girl and i dont really see a coherent ending with nagi not ending with hayate and why is that? Easy... She's the female protagonist and too capricious to accept let hayate go like that... i can't imagine any ending with hayate ending with other girl and nagi not being destroyed... would that make sense? you cannot let your main protagonist destroyed in the end of the manga... nagi won't be happy unless she's with hayate but now people ask "what about the other girls? they dont be happy either" well you're right about that but these girls had already said that Hayate most impportant thing in the world right now is Nagi.. and they kinda accepted that "ending" but that will never happen with Nagi

      btw: what do you think what Hata wrote in the 10th aniversary when he said: "hi let me remind you what this anime is about: this a comedy-romantic manga which involves the rich Sanzening Nagi and the Butler Hayate... Love and Bloodshed fills this butler comedy...

      He's like saying this story is about Nagi and Hayate so... isn't that an obvious ending?


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