Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 434: The See-Through Playing Cards Come With Volume 39’s Limited Edition – Synopsis and Review

We get a Hina cover for the fanservice chapter this time. Not implying anything with that. Not at all~
Synopsis: The Student Council Rangers/ Baka-Trio, Izumi  and the two others (Miki and Risa) are inside what is presumably the Hakuo Aacademy’s student council building and playing cards with a twist: half of the cards are transparent. This chapter also doubles as “blatant advertising” for the see-through playing cards that come with the limited edition of the Japanese volume 39 of Hayate The Combat Butler. Anyway, Hina eventually comes along and Miki convinces her to join in and play a game of strip poker (by egging her on like a little kid. For some reason, Izumi has to strip just in case Miki loses while Hina has to strip completely naked if she loses. Miki loses the first game so she declares that Izumi has to take off her panties. Izumi is reluctant, but does so anyway. The game goes on and Miki loses two more times to Hina until Izumi is completely naked – mostly because she got all the hax hands for some reason. Miki wants to keep playing and Hina happily obliges. Meanwhile, Izumi asks Risa if it’s ok to put her clothes back on now… and that’s the final chapter of Hayate The Combat Butler for this year. The next one will be released officially on January 8 and hopefully, it’ll continue on with the main story.

She needs to stop caving in to the other two's demands

Review: Awww… we don’t get to see Hisui’s face yet. Well, that’s to be expected since this was a filler/gag chapter of course. It wasn’t really anything special other than being blatant advertising for the transparent cards that come with the limited edition of volume 39 of this manga (I wish I could buy it myself). The characters were cute as usual and the fanservice level was pretty tame and done tastefully – even with Izumi stripping. Not much to say about this chapter except to point out that it doesn’t happen anywhere within the continuity of the main story – but that’s okay since this is a nice little break that’s been a long time coming. This is actually the first time that I’ve encountered a break like this ever since I started blogging this manga. It would have been nice to have a Christmas-themed chapter for this release, though.  In any case, Happy Holidays to all Hayate The Combat Butler fans! Let’s look forward to another great year for this manga when it resumes on January 8.
Hax... some might say the same thing about the main heroine as far as plot-related developments are concerned.

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