Clips of Me Playing Lawn Tennis

Some clips of me playing tennis here. I play some lawn tennis for exercise about 4 times a week and run around 5k at least once a week or whenever I have the time. Anyway, I thought I’d post some videos of me playing here.

This is a short video review of my Whizz Develop 1.0 Racket. I have actually played a few singles games with it (and actually won some), but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re into competitive play. It’s a good racket if you’re just getting into the game and are undecided on whether you want to invest in a long-term, more expensive racket yet or not. It has a nice solid, hefty feel to it and doesn’t feel very cheap. Also has a killer paint job rivaling that of my Babolat Purestorm GT as you will see in the video.

Specs (as far as I know)
Price: Around $23
Weight:  285 grams (stated on the racket)
Head size: 98 inches (stated on the racket but is actually 107 inches when measured)

This is me showing off a skill with absolutely no practical application (since it’s not allowed in actual matches): walling with two rackets – hey, it looks pretty cool though.

Me and a friend just having a light crosscourt rally. Not really trying to hit the ball hard or doing anything to actively improve.


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